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  1. CSAR to AFSOC? What do the customers think?

    Has the AF considered going in with the Army on their Future Vertical Lift program to get a SOF / CSAR variant V-280 or Raider?
  2. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Yup If I were king for a day, put them also near established ranges, ideally with GCI and not too far from tankers, off the top of the cranium, LAX-LAS-SLC-DFW-MIA, fit some of those nice to have features. Dreaming probably but all they can say is hell no, propose it and give'em a reason(s) for military aggressors vice contracted red air.
  3. Concept aircraft

    Naval Typhoon concept: http://defense-update.com/20110210_naval_typhoon.html Pitched to India which went with the MiG 29K and Boeing is making a pitch for Super Hornets.
  4. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Maybe but either way the time to sh*t or get off the pot is well past. The inability to get an aircraft for this mission is a symptom of the larger problem, the lack of desire/interest/recognition by the DoD/Congress that if the US is going to continue to prosecute COIN/LIC & FID/Stability/Advise & Assist missions then we probably need a new UCC from the parts of the existing ones to plan/advocate/execute these missions. I am thinking that if this is ever going to happen, a Joint Force capable of effectively and sustainably executing these missions, it is going to take a new construct, formal commitments from the existing branches and resources reprogrammed (if required) from existing capabilities.
  5. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Not exactly on the topic of air to air but a possible encore career for the 15/18 in the German AF: Germany asks for Boeing fighter data as weighs order options Kinda surprised they haven't come up with a Strike Typhoon version yet in lieu of an RFP from Boeing
  6. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Gotcha - I should have clarified my point or idea would be for an ARC unit solely focused on the aggressor mission, owning the iron also. I could see the ARC leery of converting a Wing over to this mission only so I would see it more as a squadron/detachment of an established wing, geo separated. Put this in the not gonna happen column and probably not that much cheaper than flying an aggressor modified F-15s but with the divestment of operational F-4s that would probably not need that much mod, buying F-4s from Greece, Germany, Turkey, Japan, etc... might be useful for an aggressor.
  7. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Not to be negative but how much more testing/experimenting do we need to do? It just appears to be the same rope a dope then delay then nada. Imminent Fury, Combat Dragon, Afghani Air Force A-29 ops with the A-29, Columbian AF ops with the A-29, AT-802 use by XE, etc... how much more data do we need?
  8. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    No doubt but this could be a good mission for the Joint Force, NATO, Aussies/Japan/SK burden sharing arrangement, not holding my breath for something like that, but a robust aggressor capability and training is a universal requirement for all the allies. On the AF keeping an organic aggressor mission... seems like a good fit for the ARC: depth of experience in units focusing on that mission, scalable at will for training cycles / deployments / new threats, etc... was it ever discussed to send that mission in whole or part to the ARC? Put the units at or near domiciles and you would build and retain a high experience aggressor pilot cadre.
  9. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Copy that. I thought the F-15 might be the preference (disregarding cost) for the performance, radar capability and size/capability for pods.
  10. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Copy all. Continuing on Aggressor Aircraft and just seeing how the other side did it sts, found a bit on the FSU's aggressor aircraft and program: https://thelexicans.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/soviet-aggressor-program/ Unsurprisingly, not much openly available but grist for the mill. Question for 11Fs, if you could save one of the teen series fighters slated to be retired by the 35 as a "standard" aggressor for military provided training (in some specialized training configuration/mod), which do you think could give better training over the range of Air to Air threat simulation? F-15, 16 or 18? Not phishing from Moscow or Beijing, and if OPSEC allows, informed opinions are appreciated.
  11. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Gotcha. One other question, are they talking about aggressor simulators for linked sim mission training or is this already happening in Virtual Flag?
  12. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Copy that. On the idea of a T-X Aggressor, article from 2015 but as we are approaching FY18, I wonder if the $220 million that was referenced to be spent 2018 is still there for T-X aggressor kit development? Did a quick pass on the SAF/FM page but no joy.
  13. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    Purpose built aggressor from a 4th gen fighter: SAAB PRESENTS GRIPEN AGGRESSOR https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/gripen-aggressor-targets-uk-us-requirements-441052/ Doubtful it could/will happen but looking at their proposal (just the mock up and the articles linked above), I was wondering why they didn't offer this in a two crew configuration? It would seem for a training aircraft, having a family model would be beneficial for a new dude to sit back and watch the fight, are ADAIR 38's usually flown single seat or do they usually fly with a second pilot or WSO to observe the scenario?
  14. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Thread bump. Article is from 2016 but looks like the Scorpion might get an Air to Air capable radar and used in ASDOT (UK aggressor): Scorpion Selected for ASDOT Proposal The article mentions the Thales RDY-3 multi-mode radar, does any know or can say (if OPSEC / Non-Disclosure allows) if the Scorpion in the USAF AFE is military radar equipped? Link to the Thales page on the RDY.
  15. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Dog, what were you going to do if you caught it?