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  1. That's why it won't work it. But seriously to your point if they are smart / use the money strategically then it might be beneficial but I would argue only in the short term. Essentially we are nationalizing the personal debt and obligations of those who use the money to meet their immediate needs. It would be better to tax the upper echelons of our society versus indebting all to fund increased welfare state benefits. I make no argument for that just that if we have decided thru the election of politicians who support that and will enact those policies, we pay for it rather than borr
  2. No doubt at 81k lbs of thrust per motor if the pylons could take that. With that it would have another 25k lbs of thrust to deliver freedom with no telling how much lower fuel burn. Avgeek page on re-engine stuff on ye old BUFF: https://theaviationgeekclub.com/usaf-materiel-command-history-office-releases-graphics-of-historical-efforts-to-re-engine-the-b-52-strategic-bomber/
  3. Just adding this to the thread for more context with the difference of opinions aired on the Tornado https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4Hs0Jm1ACY Good listen if you've got an hour.
  4. More build up of Russian forces, more fighting with separatists in the Donbass region. https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2021/04/07/russia-continues-massing-military-hardware-ukrainian-border/
  5. Goodbye US led world order then, hello whatever comes next. I dislike free riding allies who talk us down and are ungrateful (at least publicly) but I doubt the world order that comes in the wake of Pax Americana is one we would be ok with. Unless we are willing to ditch globalization to the max extent possible re-industrializing our economy, eschewing owing debt to unfriendly countries, severely limiting migration/engagement (foreign residents, students, etc...) for some period of time (likely 20 years) for economic and security reasons and only carefully choosing any further foreign entang
  6. Yup, if yours truly were king for a day and still had to live in the realm of finite resources I would fix the Heavy Track Phase 3 problem thusly: Outsource to All ATPs or another contractor a ME program to get 25 hours of ME training. Get the bounces in the contractor's aircrafts and some more experience for Stanley. Return to your home base for T-1 training in a refurbished Nextant 400Ti. As you did your ME training and have your Instruments done in already in T-6s, you would have a short Instrument / Qual phase (no phase check) and fly this updated T-1 with avionics to get experi
  7. This. Not saying that having a different trainer for studs tracking to the heavy / crew track is better but having a real advanced trainer for them is a must. Never flew the T-6 but if back in the day if they had just given the deplorables an extended T-37 course vs another more complex trainer it would not have been the same. Having to quickly learn another aircraft, more complex systems and get more cross country, simulated mobility missions and planning was good. Not perfect but worthwhile training, my opinion only. Everything is worth what you paid for it, min run training
  8. Notice the operative verb used over and over was feel, I felt this I felt that. He had no specific instances of racial discrimination, intimidation or reprisal to cite. He referenced his feedback received at different moments in his career and his interpretation of them as more evidence than the AF and the people in it in his community were aligned mostly against him based on his race, but he moved up. If the institution / some of the people in it are so bad/racist/unfair, how the hell did he get where he is in the AF? When you look around you think everyone or most are X derogato
  9. As to a return to the OPs original question on going back to UPT vs SUPT, UPT would be IMO better for the AF overall and would make a less bifurcated and cohesive Rated cadre If SUPT were not already atrophied and going to get worse I would at least keep it versus SUPT 2 point whatever where everyone not tracking fighters gets fornicated with a rusty pipe An idea, why not contract out Phase 3 completely like IFT with AF evaluating the final product? Pay for it thru O&M and only rent not buy. Figure $100k per stud to a contractor for 75 flight hours and 15 simulator hours, classroom instr
  10. K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70s weekend Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Just high on life at the moment Gimme the Shat anytime to make it swanky One more to nerd out on: Remember drunkenness is required to really appreciate these fine selections Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Add these to the list: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Legit point The mention of their interest in the Gripen E was interesting, surprised we haven’t heard (yet) a PLAAF fighter with an OMS for rapid integration/modification of systems I bagged on the techno novel 2034 but the authors did have one threat right, Chinese cyber capes via embedded malware (hardware & software) delivered or activated by a nondirect broadcast As they make a shit ton of chips, boards, drives, etc... I’m sure they (CCP) haven’t thought of this... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Yeah but I’ve got hope buried under a lot a cynicism that you, me and most others are not the only ones realizing that blathering away about immutable or irrelevant differences is not in the long run worth it Still holding out hope for a non straight white male heterosexual GO to say to whatever SJW / PC politician or political appointee trying to make them a poster boy for X cause “ f you Im not your toy” As to the original subject of this thread, either this is a moment of uncharacteristic honest assessment from the PLAAF on its performance that slipped out or disinformation https://www.
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