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  1. Yeah but.... I prattle on this thread as there is a need as I see it for a manned platform that essentially brings the capes of 4th gen pointy nose without the cost or need for AR for a decent vul time - Bronco 2 and the other t-props are good but limited in speed, range and altitude along with potential for growth, except Bronco 2 as it has an adaptive structure for different mission loads This is the A-7 of our time, an unsexy but very innovative no nonsense attack design we are unfortunately resisting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You make your point well and while I don’t agree with everything I agree we (on the right) carry political biases like those in the left Concur on Constitutional fixes required as what we have now no longer functions well enough or is ultimately sustainable, I like the idea of a Brexit party for America - formed for one reason to call a Constitutional Convention or pass Amendments Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah but it can be done, MiG 29 has intake doors and upper intake louvres and Scorpion to my knowledge is not offered with that or other devices that can block/prevent FOD but it’s still in development and the design is inherently flexible Protecting the balls (gigitty) is not a problem as they are retractable and the wing is high with the fat fuselage blocking FOD from impacting the stores during to/land This is the right plane for the mission as it was designed from the gear up for this mission, if the AF will get behind this concept they will get a great aircraft that provides the support a door kicker wants Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Not sure, I have not seen the requirements but that would check with the interest expressed in the Air Tractor Not sure if Scorpion has rough field capes, doubt it but I think there’s room for more than one type of light attack Scorpion geared towards Hybrid Warfare where conventional military capes are used intermixed with SOF & Stability Ops, a likely prop based platform used in austere, SOF focused ops Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I hope so. I probably came across earlier in the thread the wrong way. I've got zero problem with confronting the legacy of stupid problems made by people that screwed over other people for no good reason and as unfortunately mistakes are built to last, we are still dealing with them. My issue is that I personally did not do them, my skin color does not make me inclined to do them or perpetuate them and I dislike prejudice as much as the next person, evidence my visceral reaction to being told that I am by default in this country unjustly privileged and biased by those who don't know me (not on this forum) but others, a prejudiced attitude and judgement. Race is factor unfortunately in our society but I will echo an idea that Carlson has mentioned several that race as it is being used now is really a stand in for Economic Class and there is an unholy cabal of interests in this country and others that co-opted it, using it to obfuscate and distract what they were doing with their economic policies, decimating the working and middle classes thru irresponsible globalism and "free trade". Off shore manufacturing, import compliant cheaper foreign labor while crowing about systemic racism to distract the youth that their future was being eroded underneath them. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/06/05/tucker_carlson_what_were_watching_is_a_class_war_disguised_as_a_race_war.html Tell the kids only racists would stop people coming to your country while you import a new illegal blue collar working class and a legal white collar class that works for less, will not unionize or complain as they are either illegal or legally only allowed to work at one job at one specific company. No job, no future, heavy student debt, indoctrinated and fed an information diet from a media owned and barking the propaganda of global corporations who are hell bent on paying everyone not in a corner office as little as possible, the secondary effects to the countries where these companies and execs hail from be damned. They are pissed at the wrong white people, not the working class white guy with a Trump bumper sticker but the one with 6.9 billion dollars and will fuck over 50 million of his own countrymen to get another billion. Anyway, it's the 4th, America is imperfect but awesome and I think this has been one of the best threads I've participated in.
  6. From the article: it’s time to build a platform that meets the needs of our SOF operators from scratch. New aircraft with the right tools to provide just what the operator needs on the ground, wherever they find themselves. If we don’t do it now, we will have to react aggressively later to meet the need and likely come up with something less capable and more expensive. Buy the Scorpion.
  7. No argument with specific proposals you mentioned and agree that personal connections begin to make an undue contribution to selection at certain ranks and I would even say at Lt to Capt with reference to school / program selections then setting up said O for the fast track to the top. I would qualify the type of meritocracy the AF and America is, an imperfect meritocracy that gets it about 80% right. The 20% remaining is the tradespace where the two sides can and should meet to figure how to shrink, it will never completely go away but that is one of our life tasks to constantly try to shrink it.
  8. Then let's leave tomorrow. I hope the neo-cons are completely alone in Congress for this, I don't see anyone in their right mind supporting this and no matter how severe the case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, the D's won't support this. If we pay them off to keep them for overrunning Kabul for 6 to 9 months after leave, worth every penny. If we can keep the ANA and recognized gov together with money, duct tape and twine for a few years, worth every penny.
  9. The Forever War has Congressional support: Liz Cheney Joins Democrats Opposing Trump’s Afghanistan Withdrawal
  10. It's not a conversation now but a relentless propaganda stream that is only acceptable to one side if the other side is in receive only mode. Douglas Murray has it down, once it was about equality before the law but now it's some are better than others, some are have greater moral worth than others. 4 legs good, 2 legs better... the right didn't screw this up, the left did when they decided they would fix past racism with a type of caste system in the West designed according to their paradigm of history, race relations and biases that would "fix" everything. #reallyreallybadidea As to your question on the discussion of immutable characteristics on leadership, I would disagree with your premise completely, immutable characteristics have nothing to do with military leadership in this case. Everyone brings different perspectives, experiences and opinions to the table combined with their natural talents, knowledge and skills acquired and personal drive. Those things are influenced by our immutable characteristics but that are not solely determined by immutable characteristics, we have agency. If we are X majority percentage the result of our immutable characteristics then we should just drop the pretense of saying we are a egalitarian meritocracy and admit we are a formulaic caste system where based on mainly who you are and not what you can or have done will be used to assign, award and allow opportunities. To hell with that. No race, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity has a better or worse mix of that, attempting to ascribe value to that which we did not earn or produce but were merely assigned by the accident of our birth is a recipe for continual inter-group strife and likely poor leadership selection in the case of military leadership. That idea of using something not related to strategic insight, tactical skill and adaptive thinking is what the enemies we historically fight and defeat do. Party loyalty, ethnic heritage, etc... that's what they use often, to support typically corrupt and authoritarian societies. Is us using something that is like that but with a gentler facade on it and smooth language attached to it better? That is not a Pollyanna denial of the reality that some people are racists and use their power and position in life to be dicks to others and cause harm to them sometimes, it is just a statement saying that replacing one corrupt racial value assignment system with another is not a good idea. You don't fix one cut on a person by causing another, you stitch the wound, treat it and wait for it heal, albeit maddeningly slowly.
  11. Around 2008 https://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/news-desk/2008/03/21/obama-typical-white-person-comment-delights-clinton-aides
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_commissar#:~:text=In the military%2C a political,ideology) and organization of the
  13. Sage advice from someone who saw their country devolve: I just hope her name is not Cassandra.
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