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  1. Isn't innovation in the AF an oxymoron? Oh, back when I was waiting to go on AD...remember to discuss the politicization of innovation.
  2. because the trade-off would be less $$$...fighters or not, this will be an AF-funded line item (my guess). Shwartz is owned by others.
  3. beat the wife with a stick. Her cries fill my heart
  4. I'm gonna go out on a limb here, seeing that everyone else is being responsible and stuff... You want the Super-D man...screw it, if you can die tomorrow in a freak electrocution accident, or have that really nice stripper slit your throat and wipe herself clean with the 1's you just threw at her, by golly you can face plant that Super-D into Terra-Firma after 14 barrel rolls and an uncontrollable, shit-inducing inverted flat spin. Time waits for no man my friend. Seize the moment.
  5. Jesus H...I am going to destroy the wife later
  6. Well, as far as the Bomber community goes, I can say that we raise some serious hell at the Barkatraz every friday, at least the red tag fellas. Deployments get out of control...fist fights, wrestling matches in the street, stealing base vehicles, loosing base vehicles for a week or so. At home, we also add stories to the book, piss people off, fist fight, and sing songs that would make a shoeclerk go mad. The new catholic father on base had the great idea of visiting each squadron at their roll calls (our Friday SQ bar push, others may call it different) to get to know people, and of course, we were extra double-tity vulgar and that did the trick. Apparently he had not heard of our roll calls. ...The S&M man, the S&M man, the S&M man makes the hurt feel good makes the hurt feel good... Tradition is alive at KBAD, shoeclerks can suck it
  7. Not likely... The Buff is currently at 50% airframe life right now...2040 is the projected retirement solely on the airframe. None of the aircraft have had/needed major airframe upgrades/replqacements inclduing spars and wing structure-there is a reason why they call it the Superfortress, it's built like a freaking tank. The wing carries 4 fuel tanks per side and about 50% of our fuel...the rest resides in the midde fueselage. As we use fuel form the wings, we encounter airspeed limitations associated with wing flutter due to the low fuel state. This occurs because Boeing designed the plane as a wet-wing jet, meaning that the wing gains it's strength from the fuel it caries. Instead of loading our wings with extra crap, they simplifed the fuel tank system and intregrated it into the aircraft structure. Therefore, the load we apply to the wings under stress is far less than if we had said extra crap in it. Goes back to the whole Force=mass*accel....the less mass, the less force, the less strain.
  8. The best thing that could have happenned to the B-1 (what's left of them of course), the B-2, and the BUFF is the Global Strike. From what I have heard lately, it looks like Barksdale was selcted...good food and hot semi-cajun women work for me. Global Strike aka SAC v2.0 will get us the MAJCOM representation bombers need. We aren't fighters and ACC can't understand that or the big-picture strategic use of a single aircraft vs the tactical use of a a shit-ton of pointy-nosers. They mean well, there is just no culture for it in ACC, hence global strike. Flying in Red Flag this week, it's blaringly obvious.
  9. No shit...can you say 100+years of service? Don't worry, the bomber UCAV is right around the corner
  10. Porkins had a waiver...he was also in finance before he went Undergraduate Space Pilot Training (USPT)
  11. BULLSHIT on luke skywalker being a Fiter Peelot... I want to say he was a bomber pilot, but not everybody can lead their head out of their ass... Luke employed A-Sfc ordinance, had a back seater, and had to use the "force" to find his targets.
  12. ShamPOW!..Right in the kissa!
  13. As a scheduler and an IE in management, I can tell you that there is no process to anything in scheduling. It is human hand-phucked every 2 seconds by an ADO who thinks he knows scheduling, the OG who has no idea how line squadrons schedule, and a wing commander that wants some left-field procedure from TAC/SAC days implemented because he thinks it can help the line squadrons out. But since the OG doesn't know, we get ass-raped in scheduling. Then you have MX who doesn't want to buy the late takeoff/CNX because that affects his production numbers, likewise with the OG, since the wing commander is going to drop a ton of shit on whoever is the worst that week. Then MUNS does not want to CNX because they just uploaded a ton of shit. You can't evaluate a process with the amount of human finger-screwing that goes on in scheduling.
  14. Look, you really need a second opinion on this one...how bad could it be?
  15. MAG-phukin'-NIFICENT Capitan! To those who came before us!
  16. Jesus-H AMF!!! Dude I am going to be busy for a WHILE! I'd still tap the Asian girl though, give her a little Neosporin for her bear-trapped face. It would heal overnight.
  17. The first 24 secs of your 15:24 run say it all:
  18. My overweight track and field coach gave me the best advice of my semi-amateur running career: "Run fast and turn left" pay it forward, pay it forward....
  19. No, but they will against more asymmetric threats. The question is balance. How much do you trade air superiority assets for force enabler/enhance assets like PC-12's/AT-6B's/UAV's/etc. At what point does one threat become more prevalent causing a transition to meet it? As a bomber dude, the best thing to happen to us in the nuclear business is all the crazy crap that went down in the last year. It showed that we were underfunded for YEARS and finally getting some TLC. Obviously, not good for A-A platforms. Fight's/priorities are changing...we were just hard-broke for it. FYI I will say that the safest place to be right now are the crit-manned aviation fields like bombers and SOC. With a new Stratofort Sq standing up you may see more B-52 slots than fighters in 38 drops in the near future "oh dread" UPT studs...FTU allocations went up by 2-3 crew slots (including pilots) each class, so that is about 15-20 more pilots per FY than usual. On the folks complaining about fighter slots...my 2 cents is that people outside of the American Electric Toy Company (AETC) having 'been there done that' as part of the CAF understand the big picture when everybody checks in with Darkstar. Every asset has a place in the fight shooter or not. AETC and your commissioning source don't give the big picture
  20. Disney is basically becoming light porn....you gotta love it. < 18? it's the new 23!!
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