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  1. Moose...I’m following along too. When I left for vacay last week mine had been sitting with AFPC PC Separations (after O-6) for 5 days. Nothing added from the O-6 to the form on my voluntary sep app. I tried to care but could only think about cold drinks and Cabo beaches at the time. Hopefully when I get in tomorrow it’ll have moved. Likely not though. Edited to add: I applied mid-Jan ‘19 for a mid-Jan ‘20 sep. No rush yet. Hopefully AFPC doesn’t push it out much further though.
  2. Ugh. Sorry your DOS is getting effed with. That sucks. My date was 22 Apr not March. My bad. Thanks for reaching out and passing the words.
  3. It seems like they’re moving a stack together. My app has been sitting since 22 Mar with PC as well.
  4. Copy all, thanks. Not trying to game it. Just have a short window of opportunity, that if called, interviewed, and offered I could slip my FTU date. If that window closes just looking to move my availability date to FTU grad date plus about 6 months.
  5. I’m in the same boat. That’s where my app is sitting. Been there since early Feb. They did upload a document last week that resembles an eSSS that shows the different stops within AFPC. I can’t tell if it’s current and accurate data or just a canned document waiting to be updated at each stop. Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to your question. I do believe it has at least one more stop at SAF/PC for final approval or denial.
  6. Appreciate the words. I should've been a little more clear. The unit CC is urging me to apply sooner than later to the airlines and will shift FTU around accordingly. I think the most important question that I have is if I do not get an interview/offer between Jan '20 less terminal and Apr '20 is it frowned upon or even possible to shift my date of availability? I'd likely move it to the end of my seasoning then. I don't think it would be an issue but there's so many nuances to this process you never know. Thanks again.
  7. Anyone with recent PC luck remember how long their app sat with SAF/PC? Mines been there a few weeks now after getting slow rolled through the wing. Just curious.
  8. I need some advice... If palace chase approved my sep date is mid-Jan ‘20. I’ve been offered a flying position with the reserves at my current location. This requires 8-10 months at the FTU, also here. My FTU start date is in Apr ‘20. I’ve got some things to tidy up over the next year but should have all major boxes checked for the airlines. When should I set my availability date for the airlines? Jan ‘20? Or after IQT and subsequent seasoning? Thanks for the help. Edit: Once an availability date is set can it easily be changed? Basically, if I try for the airlines for the few months leading up to the FTU and do not get hired can I adjust then?
  9. I’m dumb. Can you please explain what this means? Heard this in a similar convo and was just as clueless. Thanks for the help.
  10. Anyone PC’d from staff? My app went through my CC last Friday. She referred it to AFPC then they sent it to “Wing Commander.” That’s where it still resides in the system. Had my CSS look at the CMS case and it does not give detail to who it actually resides with. Basically, I’m not in any Wg/CC’s chain. It’s not with my senior rater. The Wg/CC at my base does not have it. Anyone dealt with this before?
  11. UPT. Was late rated. Contemplated PC when I was a young nav. Got picked up for UPT then had to deal with a new 10 year commitment. I’m actually only asking for a month off UPT adsc and 5 months off pcs/ACSC.
  12. Welp, I’ve got nothing to add to educate anyone here. Just wanted to share that I submitted my PC app today. No shit I’ve been contemplating this since sometime like 2005 when I learned about PC here. Bit surreal but feels good.
  13. Can’t find it in the reg... If I have a DOS from a 7-day opt, am I eligible to apply for PC?
  14. Check out the 257 COF out of St Louis. Primary mission is to augment the 608 AOC at KBAD.
  15. Dumb question but need the info... My wife is an ER nurse working a fairly demanding schedule that is made a month plus ahead of time. If I jump the sinking AD ship and somehow land an airline gig how far out are the schedules posted? Just trying to figure the future out.
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