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  1. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Palace Chase info

    Can’t find it in the reg... If I have a DOS from a 7-day opt, am I eligible to apply for PC?
  2. Check out the 257 COF out of St Louis. Primary mission is to augment the 608 AOC at KBAD.
  3. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    The new airline thread

    Dumb question but need the info... My wife is an ER nurse working a fairly demanding schedule that is made a month plus ahead of time. If I jump the sinking AD ship and somehow land an airline gig how far out are the schedules posted? Just trying to figure the future out.
  4. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    CLASSIC: De Motivational Poster Contest!

    I prefer blondes.
  5. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Seven Day Option

    If I understand the 7-day option, you can opt when/if you owe less than 2 years at the time of PCS not at the time you receive your RIP. That is when the 2 year ADSC would take effect. You should be good with your current timeline and a PCS assignment for next summer.
  6. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    T-6 Air Force trainer crashes in Texas

  7. Aren’t doctors already doctors (for the most part) when they get here?
  8. FY20 is a year and a half away. Much can change between now and then. Did the VCSAF mention offering the bonus this year and next? Or is it understood to be dead with the “chance” congress will approve something well into the future?
  9. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    Is it only slavery to you if they go to prison or for any negative reprisal? A forfeiture of voting rights for non-compliance with the draft is another way without inundating the prison system. I’m not advocating for any of it, just playing Devil’s advocate. Pun intended. Also, Devil, would you recommend implementing a selective draft or mandatory service for all? Significant difference. I don’t believe someone running on that platform would win, maybe. But it could very likely get the conversation started about the issues at hand. My biggest gripe with the platform is that once taxes are raised they will likely never recede, even if the increase is slated to pay down the cost of war. A temporary tax increase coupled with a reduction in spending sounds more appealing to me. Just my $.02.
  10. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    The new airline thread

    There was a span where they were DAV64 coding dudes which essentially shielded them from deployments. It was a quarterly process and went up the chain, I believe AETC/CC, for approval. HAF/A3 got smart/pissed and stated the DAV64 no longer protected individuals if mission failure was on the line. Obviously, mission failure for Deid PowerPoint deployments is a debatable topic but General W won and got his white jet deployers back.
  11. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Dream...I wish that your experience was more of the norm. Unfortunately, in my experience leadership has typically passed the buck on making the call on many under-performers. I am not talking about individuals who force commanders to take action after a DUI/e-ticket/etc, but rather those who just aren't performing in the top 85% but do just enough to get by, legally. Does the CSAF still want those individuals promoted? To me it is obvious not to promote those with a UIF (though I know not all UIFs are equal) but it's not obvious what the Chief's expectations are in his latest comments. My original comment was tongue-in-cheek...I've worked for some great commander's, many that I consider close confidantes a decade plus after I worked for them. One of which is lauded by many in this forum for his AF viral blog. The weakness I witnessed by each of them was to nip poor performance in the bud. Maybe I am a bit jaded, but I have a gut feeling that going forward without any regulated accountability, commanders will not "be a f$&king man" and choose the path of least resistance. How long was fire-wall fives a known problem? Everyone knew the right thing was to mark individuals down to truly depict many individuals records but the top 85% were firewalled! I expect the negative connotation to "be a man" and have an individual without a UIF or any obvious negative discriminators passed over, even if it's the right thing to do, will outweigh their decision to speak up. Just my .02, not how I would handle it, nor is is how I want it done.
  12. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Promotion and PRF Information

    So at what point prior to the next board is the AF going to provide CC's the spine to truly mentor and state an individuals worth in the squadron to their face? This is a novel concept by the Secretary, but I posit that it will not happen in the next 4 years. CC's typically let someone else do their dirty work or have become all too accustomed to utilizing PRF subtleties to eliminate an individual.
  13. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Goldfein advocating FAA 1500 hour rule change???

    Dude...you sound like you want to speak precisely but offer broad generalizations. WTF does "in the ballpark of millions" mean? Come on now. Further, your example of the quarter mil made as a senior captain is flawed unless the individual is not earning retirement, a paycheck, or any other compensation elsewhere. Then I'd buy it. What does a retired O-6 make in retirement? What will they likely bring in in their second career (airlines or other)? How short of the "senior captain" pay will they be at that stage in their life? Not likely as short as you seem to think. If you want to quote the RAND study then do so, but your statement is flawed at best.
  14. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Goldfein advocating FAA 1500 hour rule change???

    You're on to something here. There is a "baseline" pay/compensation that the AF is failing to meet for the job required of its pilots. This "baseline" is currently set by the airlines. The bonus is nothing more than an extrinsic motivator. Typically individuals solely motivated by a carrot in front of their nose do not perform to a high standard. Many have thrown around the idea of a flight pay increase, THIS will help meet the baseline. The biggest issue, and the most difficult for the AF to fix is getting peoples hearts back in the game. I'm not sure we are anywhere near getting the masses to the level of intrinsic motivation to remain to fix the problem. That said, the bonus (current) is icing on the cake for those who were already motivated to remain. Daniel Pink's book "Drive" covers the psychology of all of this. It's a great read, that believe it or not, was recommended by 2 GO's that spoke at ACSC this year. They're reading the right stuff, the big AF is just unable to figure it out. But like you said, the bonus money is nice, but it is not everything.
  15. AlphaMikeFoxtrot

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Possibly, but wouldn't it also increase the rush to get a PRF written on a brand new dude fresh from school? The school MLR is pretty successful. DPs are still given (to some, same allocation % as big AF) with great success to P's. 100% IPZ promotion this year at ACSC anyway.