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  1. Don’t like 11Ms at UPT? Great, don’t take ‘em. Leave those dudes in the MAF so we have somebody left to fill all of these missions after I’m out on the street. It’s not like we have spare 11Ms for y’all to bitch about all day.
  2. For -17s: Slightly less but still busy. Somewhat fewer days away from home than in the previous decade. Still last minute, emergency scheduling which makes it hard to plan life. Many folks find out on a Wednesday that they leave on Saturday for a three-week stage. I hear life is a little more relaxed in PACAF. No SA on our tanker brethren.
  3. Once you are twice passed over for O-5 then you'll have the option to accept continuation or punch NLT 6 months from that date. DOPMA is the source law/reg; trumps ASDC. Continuation is not guaranteed but is pretty much auto-offered in this day and age.
  4. It all comes down to who gets the ATIS...
  5. AMF, this is question for your new (Reserve) unit. Are you being hired as a TR? If so, they expect you to line up full-time civilian employment. Does your reserve unit have any flexibility on FTU dates? Airlines don't take kindly to those that move their availability dates around after getting hired, especially by several months. You need to be available to start class on/shortly after the availability date on your app. The window between your gaining date of Jan '20 and your FTU date of Apr '20 is barely large enough to allow enough time for airline training (indoc, systems, sims, IOE, etc.) before dropping a large chunk of mil leave. And that scenario only works if all the dates line up perfectly. Hopefully your new unit will provide you with some flexibility on FTU dates to allow you to pursue airline employment.
  6. The Canadians are back in Wichita Falls, eh? When did they start sending students again?
  7. Opportunity did not beckon quite enough for AFPAK Hands according to MGen Mahaney: https://www.airforcetimes.com/opinion/commentary/2018/08/21/commentary-the-afpak-hands-program-was-a-retention-nightmare-its-been-transformed/
  8. Unit and/or MDS of said Reserve unit? Still an employer’s (unit’s) market for TR jobs in my neck if the woods. ARTs, well, that’s another story.
  9. Can you make the new e-mail system work on my iPad (again)? In AMC we could get the old e-mail system on our iPad. It was super convenient for the short time we had it (pre-migration).
  10. You sir are my hero. I had to bring my GTC to a recent deployment line as a required item for visual inspection. "GTC Visa - I literally could not leave home station without it."
  11. Quoted for historical context. 5x UAVs for 11X trained officers. Current drops pale in comparison. Also note that Duck has been causing trouble here since at least 2009!
  12. 6,000 per month x 12 months x 12471 pilots = $897,912,000. Also know as $900 million or just shy of $1 billion. No way in hell Congress approves this or even half this amount for more senior folks. This kind of additional pay is game changing. I had a conversation with my wife along the lines of, "I know we talked about airlines but what if I stayed in and earned $192K/year?" Granted that conversation ended with "Haha - it'll never happen!"
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