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  1. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I have found a lot of believers have a real problem understanding where their religious freedom ends and where the rights of others begin. Given teh amount of lies they're fed from those seeking to control them, it's not much of a surprise. Here's the Cliff Notes version: We're a secular democracy, not a theocracy. The Constitution does not have the word God in it. The men that founded this country wrote extensively about the separation. Jefferson went so far as discuss building up a wall between the church and state. Your beliefs are for you. Our laws and our public institutions are for everybody. Christians, Jews, Atheists, Muslims, Cargo cults, etc. You may not hold up your belief system as an excuse to not abide by the law or deprive others of their due process or equal access. If you could, then these "church of no taxes" would be the most wildly successful new religion ever, and their members wouldn't be in jail or on the losing end of a huge tax bill and lien form the IRS.
  2. Airline hiring prep, gouge, advice

    I've been at United for eleven years this month. Currently a 737 Captain at LAX. Held the left seat at nine years and currently am sitting reserve at home in SoCal. I flew the 737, 757, 767 and very briefly, the 787. I have loved every minute of this job. Great coworkers, generous pay and benefits, more time off than anybody I can think of that actually has a job. My former 787 FO peeps on reserve have all grown Grizzly Adams beards. I flew with plenty of prior service folks when I was in the right seat, but it's been a real pleasure to work with a younger generation who are a little bit closer to my age, fresh off their military careers and not yet bitter and angry with the industry. And with the leadership we currently have, I am cautiously optimistic they never will! I have been very fortunate to fly with consistently high quality folks from all aviation backgrounds. I am grateful I upgraded as soon as I could. Even with the temporary commute I did to SFO and the vagrancies of life on reserve, it's been a total pleasure to be in command again and set the tone at work. I can highly recommend the ECIC prep, it really took the stress off and allowed me to just concentrate on communicating. Spend the time and money, it's worth the peace of mind and there's way too much money at stake to leave things to chance and not to come loaded for bear. Checked and Set is an excellent resource too, Charlie Venema is just as sharp as Aaron. Anybody who's got a question about UAL they'd like answered should feel free to drop me a PM. If you're in LA, let me know, we'll get together and I'll give you the fifty cent tour of the flight office. I'm immensely proud of our company and our relationship with veterans. In addition to former military pilots, I've flown with former NAVs, FEs, controllers, tank company commanders, Delta force, black-shoe navy submarine commanders, grunts and even shoe clerks. Haven't had a bad day yet.
  3. Texas Church Shooting

    You're right. The time before that, we got Skeletor. Emotional over reactions on my part aside, I'm still not going to be surprised if there turns out to be a systemic pattern of failure to report these felonies. Still, if you're the leader of an organization that sends a convicted felon on down the road without properly managing his punishment, and then said asshole is able to shoot up a church because of your organization's negligence, maybe it's time for somebody else to get a turn at the plate. Tricky stuff. We as a country ned to do a whole lot better.
  4. Texas Church Shooting

    So agree. More than career-ending paperwork is needed. Accountability. They had a responsibility to protect their fellow citizens. As far as I'm concerned, they pulled the trigger themselves. Anybody want to take odds on how many other felony convictions weren't properly reported?
  5. Texas Church Shooting

    If I was the President, I'd publicly fire the SAF and CSAF. Whoever didn't do their job with this one should be charged with criminal offenses. And forget all of the hand wringing over mental illness. This turd hit his wife, cracked his child's skull, and left his dog outside all day and kicked it in the head. He's not mentally ill, he was just an asshole. I love the second amendment, but it's high time we figured out a way to prevent the assholes from arming themselves. I have had it with this mass shooting crap.
  6. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    This is pretty moving.
  7. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Huggy is right. If you're not getting hired at the majors, flying for the regionals is not wasting your time.
  8. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Sounds like a belt-fed weapon to me. Low cyclic rate and a whole lot more than thirty rounds.
  9. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    I hear there are even enlisted shoe clerks in the left seat at the legacy carriers.
  10. Commercial Aviation air refueling

    The vast majority of airline pilots have NEVER flown formation. Ever. And when I used to push off the gate in the 787 headed to Australia, we had over 200,000 pounds of fuel on board, or twenty hours of duration. Commercial AR will never happen.
  11. TPS Contractor-Leased Platforms

    Yeah, a good part of the checkout is going to be getting comfortable with the sight picture in back. Day/VMC, and the student has plenty of swept-wing jet experience. Everyone I've talked to about it has said the -21 is a very straightforward airplane with only a few quirky characteristics. And not a whole lot of fuel.
  12. TPS Contractor-Leased Platforms

    Cool. The resolution wasn't good enough for me to count the stall fences. I'm thinking about abandoning my financial sanity and purchasing a MIG-21UM. The only way I could justify the cost were if I was able to secure a contract or two. Just starting to do the research. Thanks for the info.
  13. TPS Contractor-Leased Platforms

    Wow, they get to solo the MIG-17. Not too shabby. The brakes on that jet will eat your lunch.
  14. Just a question for those of you in the know. How often does the USAF still lease training platforms for the flying qualities portion of the curriculum? I know the Calspan Lear 24 makes a living there, but was wondering: what other type of aircraft are used in this role?