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  1. Dream Sheet Advice

    They're all great. Except Eagles, they're gay. Now we're back.
  2. Trends in Air to Air Combat

    1. Both 2. No 3. That picture is only 180 deg of a high aspect engagement showing your shots of opportunity. Anyone who quits turning there to run away is getting killed.
  3. I saw some extra cash on an LES too for the same time period but it seemed it was logged as something else. We've been directed to just standby as our finance is working it.
  4. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    I thought it said CFI was a requirement but looks like desired. So a degree from a 141 school, instrument and multi engine ratings.
  5. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    With all the requirements documented in that email for those guinea pigs, it doesn't sound like a bad idea. A non T-1 guys opinion though, interested to here what others think.
  6. Keep in mind that most civilian employers don't offer a pension anymore either. So 10% auto-contribution takes place of that. So 5% plus some kind of pension isn't terrible compared to most retirement plans. No idea about the airlines though. They probably give you a billion dollars and a private island.
  7. What's keeping me from a job?

    Also, it could be that 99 Verbal score. How the f#ck does that happen? Weirdo.
  8. What's keeping me from a job?

    You're probably just an asshole and haven't figured it out yet. Seriously though, everyone at the interviews should have similar scores/resume. Even if you're a good fit, maybe someone was a better fit. Maybe they're hiring dudes from within the unit. Maybe they hired a dude who has been rushing the unit for a long time. You never know. Don't worry about it, just keep working towards it and if it works out great. If not, you're probably just an asshole...
  9. Future T-38 replacement?

    Everyone is shouting about which jet is better when we really need to be talking about what the requirements are. Find the jets that meet those requirements, buy the cheapest one.
  10. Future T-38 replacement?

    I don't disagree with you. In fact, in a few posts back I even said "Maybe you don't need one" and gave a few reasons why you would want one. I don't know what it does to the cost of an engine to design it with the performance characteristics of an AB without actually having an AB but my guess is costs goes up.
  11. Future T-38 replacement?

    Copy. That's unacceptable for at least the Viper community. But we don't carry a ton of gas...
  12. Future T-38 replacement?

    I've had a few drinks so, with all due respect, I'm calling bullshit. It's a natural f#cking phenomenon that happens when young dudes fly something with AB.
  13. Future T-38 replacement?

    It has nothing to do with ops checks. Not to be a dick but it seems you've never flown anything that burns fuel like a 4th gen fighter (or earlier) in AB in a tactical sortie. Ops checks tell you when to KIO and go home. Learning how to not use AB to stay in position is what allows your 4 ship to cover the entire Vul. Honestly though, if the T-38 wasn't so old, this conversation wouldn't be happening. It's happening because our current trainer is 60+ years old, not because it's systems are inadequate for training future fighter pilots.