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  1. Great job by that crew for sure! What the fuck was that ATC dude thinking? "Hey dudes, I know you just had a mid-air and you're a few engines down, looking for a the nearest suitable field but...do you have time to copy down a phone number?"
  2. I used NBKC for a purchase and Trident for a Refi, both were great to work with and had great rates. DFRESH, I have seen 2.5% and less with no points. Recommend shopping around and see where you end up. Id start by contacting Jon and/or Amy and see what they can do for you.
  3. Kenny Powers


    So I'm paying ~$330/mo. for full coverage on 2 cars (pretty new, nothing exotic) and homeowners insurance on a $350k home. I was previously paying ~ $180/mo before the move but the old home value was around $280k. Does that check or are you guys seeing way better rates? Good driving records with no accidents/tickets in the past 15 years or so and great credit.
  4. Kenny Powers


    Is USAA not the go to insurannce company anymore? Ha e others here found better rates with another company? To be honest, I havent shopped rates in probably 15 years.
  5. My personal opinion, as a fighter guy, is that I could never go back to engineering. Two reasons: first, I would be terrible at it (those penguins fell off the iceberg long ago), second reason is the pay. Once you become a senior Captain or Major your engineering gig will be significantly less pay than just being on orders. Not to mention airline pay when the Kung Flu disappears.
  6. Exactly. The real threat is our inability to treat everyone if we had a large spike in new cases in the high risk groups.
  7. For fucks' sake (yes, all the fucks), it's called the Kung Flu.
  8. Unless you are currently a qualified fighter pilot, your AFSC does not start with 11F.
  9. Copy, thanks! Looks like we are doing it the old way still.
  10. I dont know what the exact method is supposed to be but, my unit does NOT use AROWS for #17-24, only #1-16. I believe it has something to do with AROWS only being designed to process 16 per quarter. We fill out paper 105s and turn them into someone on our CSS or whatever it's called, then they fill out another form and send it all over to Finance for processing. The Finance opens the CMS case with DFAS. You may want to double check just to make sure you dont screw yourself even more by logging the extra FTPs in AROWS.
  11. This is why units hire alternates. You'll all go to Wright Patt. If you, as a primary, fail the physical or can't get a waiver, the alternate will go. I would worsen your chances by telling them you "think" you'll need a waiver. Unless you happen to be a doc in the USAF that does this for a living.
  12. Bonus in reference to what? Retention? Accession? Pretty sure there has always been a $10k accession bonus for pilots in MOST states. I think it's a state by state thing but I got one 8 years ago when I started flying. I also knew people who never heard of it and did not receive one.
  13. Who also turned down my application to go AD with an assignment to an FTU that is seriously undermanned. Guess they dont really need 11Fs.
  14. My flight doc also said probably no more than 2 week DNIF, max. I havent had it done yet, but that was his recommendation for a fighter type. I dont think there is an actual textbook DNIF period for the procedure, according to him.
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