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  1. So I've read this thread but I am not at all familiar with the process of how invol IA stuff works (if that's even the correct wording). I am all for going downrange to rain hate with the bros in my SQ. However, I'm not so sure I'd be cool with getting tasked to deploy individually and do some non-flying related job. Again, I am pretty ignorant on what kind of jobs people are getting tasked for. My main question is, does it differ from AFRC/AD/ANG. I thought this wasn't a thing in the ANG but, after reading this thread, it sounds like that is not 100% true.
  2. Kenny Powers

    Join Spouse for UPT Studs

    It's the only way to actually give any advice backed by science...
  3. Kenny Powers

    Guard to Active Duty help (seriously)

    I agree with this. My game plan would be consecutive VLPAD tours. Each tour is your negotiation, accepted by you, eligible for the bonus, and only 3 years long. Do that until you get your active duty retirement. I dont see the AF solving the pilot crisis anytime soon, so I think VLPAD is here to stay for the foreseeable future.
  4. Kenny Powers

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Maybe not the best choice of words but it certainly sounds worse when you clip the sentence immediately following it, where I mention using lessons learned to become better and safer, out of your quote. Point was that guys should not be blindly applying someone else's technique to their jet without putting some thought into it. Teaching techniques to a young guy in the B-course is a slippery slope and, for the most part, they should just be teaching from the books. Techniques are for people with experience to understand the assumptions behind them.
  5. Kenny Powers

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    WTF are you talking about? I read all I needed to read to know what happened. Please, enlighten me about your prestigious comment.
  6. Kenny Powers

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    To follow up; if, as a fighter pilot, you say "well someone told me this and I dont know/remember why", then you're full of shit and lack credibility. Everything we need to do to execute well /safely is written in our pubs. Everything else is technique
  7. Kenny Powers

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    I didn't read the whole thing but, what I will say, is that as a single seat fighter pilot you're the Mayor of Cockpit City. I do what I want in my jet. I am more than happy to take lessons learned from others and apply them to my jet to make me better/safer. This is just a dumbass mistake, nothing more. We all make mistakes at some point, this dude made an expensive one.
  8. Kenny Powers

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Copy, guy cant read the TOLD on his line up card, even though it was wrong. I do this crazy thing in the jet where, I circle the important TOLD data on the line up card in the brief, then I takeoff IAW my TOLD data and feel out what the jet wants to do. I also wait to put the gear up until I'm comfortably climbing away from the ground...
  9. Kenny Powers

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    That's f-ucking bullshit that some ass clown wannabe ruined such a sacred tradition and a significant moment for a stud who has earned the right to be there. I don't know the details, but it sounds like it's also bullshit that some dudes lost their careers over it. Seriously, what kind of idiot would ever think that is ok? A naming ceremony is about welcoming a new fighter pilot into the pack. It's about having fun and giving them a proper name which they've earned. It's not about letting someone, who has no idea what they're doing, berate subordinates.
  10. Kenny Powers

    Hurricane Michael

    Not sure if serious or...
  11. Kenny Powers

    Car loans and interest rates

    Any cash I use to buy anything is money I cannot put into the market. If I can borrow your money for damn near nothing and invest all mine, I will.
  12. Kenny Powers

    Car loans and interest rates

    Why? Because you wouldn't spend your money on it? I bet most people spend more every month on Starbucks and fast food than I do on a car payment. The math is simple. If you cant understand it or if you aren't the type of person that is ok with debt, then fine. But you're crazy if you think I should use my money to buy a car vs borrowing money for super cheap, when my investments can out perform the interest of the loan by a significant amount. Regardless of the price of the car, the math doesnt change. Even if I was buying a car for $5k, I'm still better off borrowing that money.
  13. Kenny Powers

    Car loans and interest rates

    Explain. Define "money you dont have." As in, are you suggesting I should pull money out of investments or emergency funds when it's time to buy a new car?
  14. Kenny Powers

    Car loans and interest rates

    You're now arguing that people are dumb because they choose to spend their money differently than you? Should I save every dollar until retirement? Should I always just drive an old car that I maintain? Hell, let's grow our own food and make our own clothes. It's entirely possible to be financially savvy and have a $60k car. Just because I may choose to spend my money on different things than you, doesnt make it wrong. Especially when interest rates are so cheap. I'm a car guy, so I like spending money on cars. You might like to fish, hunt, fly, travel, etc.. should I argue that you're "comical" for spending money on those things? Or that it obviously makes you not financially savvy?
  15. Kenny Powers

    Car loans and interest rates

    That's a good point. People do what's comfortable for them, the "good feeling of not owing anyone anything", which is totally valid for the group of people who like that. Same for the guy who borrows $60k for a car @ 3% while leaving $60k in his investments averaging returns higher than that. I think the borrow vs not borrow mentality was a much different arguement 30 years ago when interest rates were much higher. But when I'm looking for a new car and the dealer is offering incentives plus 0.9% interest, that's difficult to argue. I spend more on alcohol every month than that 0.9% interest would cost me