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  1. I should add that I spoke with an O-5 in the A1 office who deals with this program last week. That individual told me that, if you have an app in already and it has been hung up in this whole delay, it should be meeting the VRB mentioned above. After the VRB, which hopefully happens at the end of the month, AFPC will update you with a Go/No Go decision.
  2. An email I received from AFPC today, just sharing the info. BLUF - they don't have enough money allocated to the program, so they are going to be extremely selective about which apps get approved. The following is to inform you of the updated ROEs for VLPAD: Based on the remaining balance in the FY20 MILPERS budget and the current plan for the FY21 Budget Estimate Submission, VLPAD will be offered on an exceptionally limited basis for the remainder of this year and future years. HAF is standing up a VLPAD Review Board (VRB) comprising of members from the Components, AFPC, and Air Staff functionals to validate the operational requirements and prioritize the current submission. The VRB will determine the criteria and rubric for approval with the highest priority given to support operational units reporting readiness and missions directly tied to the National Defense Strategy. In short, HAF requested additional funds for VLPAD but was informed the program must live within current funding, thus very few applications may be approved after meeting the VRB criteria. The VRB is expected to meet at the end of January. I have no idea what/how they are going to select who gets approved. I'm hoping they still realize they need Fighter Pilots but, from what I hear, HAF thinks the pilot shortage problem is solved. I searched for a "Critical Skills List" on MYPERS but found nothing for FY20, anyone have SA on that?
  3. Thread bump! Where do people live off base nowadays? I've hear some people live as far as 30-45 minutes away. Is Tucson really that bad of a city for a family?
  4. So if I currently have a VA loan and say, wanted to buy a home in another state before selling, which county limit do I use?
  5. What I imagine is happening, though it's just a guess, is that the VLPAD program as a whole is being reviewed, because other AFSCs that were included might have met their goals or other AFSCs may need to be added. So they stopped the whole damn thing until they can figure it out. Meanwhile, you have guard dudes willing to go, literally a win/win, and the AF is fucking it up. Again, other options out there and obviously the air force cant get their shit together, so they'll miss out on recruiting the talent.
  6. Same exact situation I'm in. Sept is also when I heard that the program is paused. For what it's worth, I've been told they aren't working the apps because AF/A1 is reviewing retention amd accessions programs and the people in that office at AFPC are expecting it to start back up, just unknown when. Did we magically solve this pilot problem and I've just been living under a rock? I'm getting ready to just give up on the program and move on to other opportunities.
  7. Does anybody know what's going on with the VLPAD program? All I've heard is AFPC saying it's currently paused.
  8. Absolutely not. I've seen this in 2 different squadrons and it's a culture problem in my opinion. Is a Capt above taking out the garbage? No. Should a Capt take out the garbage when they see it needs to be done? Sure, lead by example. Should a CGO listen to the suggestions or mentoring of a Senior NCO? Absolutely. Should a Senior NCO ever undermine the rank of an Officer appointed above them? No. It set's the tone of the squadron and everyone is watching. Shortly after you have 2 stripers complaining that the corn isn't made yet... Agreed with the above though, asking is way different than telling.
  9. Agree with all of the above, minus the advice to not buy it when you're an LT. Make stupid choices and have fun while you're young, you'll have plenty of time to recover from it and there are not many times in your life where you have that much money and no responsibility. Or you could play by the rules, follow the book to the T and always make the smart, yet boring as fuck, decision... Bottom line - go buy a sports car if that's what you're into. Why dont we have a car thread, btw?
  10. Beware, this whole thing is a royal clusterfuck! I'm not smart on the details but a bunch of our pilots who signed are not going to get it (eligible) and a few have received it and are being forced to pay it back (also eligibles). Apparently NGB or whomever realized how this bonus made zero sense and now they are literally going back on signed contracts that have paid out.
  11. We wear them at my squadron. Pretty sure all we did was have new nametags made with rank on them (Lt Col Joe "Bagga" Dicks kinds thing). Dont know what the reg says but that's how we operate.
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