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  1. Kenny Powers

    Rushing Units

    To add to what Brabus said, don't make the mistake of not talking at all. It's very frustrating to try to engage in conversation with people who are rushing/interviewing with my squadron and they just don't really talk because they are afraid of sounding stupid or something. If I can't get to know you a bit, I can't make a recommendation to the hiring board. Sit back and listen but be social when dudes are trying to have a conversation with you, don't just give a yes or no answer.
  2. Kenny Powers


    How did you know what jobs you were applying for? Or did you just put a list of jobs you wanted and locations? I haven't actually looked at the application yet, just read through the details online.
  3. Kenny Powers


    Anyone done this lately? I read up a bit on it today, seemed like I had to have all the paperwork done just to submit the application, i.e. having my CC sign off on releasing me if I got accepted. Not sure I want to jump through those hoops until I'm actually offered a position I would accept. Also, time line? I saw someone post that they were back on AD in a few months after applying. I'm probably not ready to go back for another 6-9 months, if the right job or location was offered.
  4. Not retiring, just considering flying part time for the Guard and doing something other than the airlines. This has probably been covered but, do things like LinkedIn help with networking? Are there other tools? Or has this all been from people you guys have met over your career? That's the thing about the guard, with the exception of TDY, you see the same people for 20 years haha. For example, if I wanted to work for a company like Lockheed/Boeing/Raytheon, there has to be more to it than searching their job postings hoping to find a match, right?
  5. Kenny Powers

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    True, but ideally those guys would learn solid formation and admin habits in -38s, then start fine tuning those habits in IFF, then have admin and wingman 101 type stuff down solid by the time they get to the B-course. When they dont have solid admin, they become a hindrance to the formation and tactics suffer. Not that non fighter guys can't teach the basics to a certain standard but they just lack the experience to understand how mistakes in admin can snowball into larger problems down the road, i.e. a new wingman almost hitting his flight lead on a radar assisted trail recover at night because he wasn't taught solid habit patterns.
  6. Kenny Powers

    Heavy guys instructing T-38s

    I don't pretend to know what it takes to make a good co-pilot or AC in the heavy world, so I don't understand why non fighter guys think they know what it takes to build a solid wingman in a fighter squadron.
  7. Has anyone used any recruiters/head hunters for transitioning to something other than flying? My father talks about how many job interviews these kind of companies got him and fellow officers leaving the military back in the day. Seems like it would be easier to find opportunities that might be more aligned with what you want to do vs randomly shooting resumes out to companies.
  8. Kenny Powers

    ANG Non-Airline Jobs?

    Agreed with the above comment. If it's a short enough drive/trip and you could easily see yourself making the trip a few times a month (worst case), then go for it. If it's a decent length of travel but you think you can make it work, you might be able to, but you probably wont be happy doing it. In a Fighter Squadron at least.
  9. Kenny Powers

    F-35 Lightning info

  10. Kenny Powers

    China & Chinese Shenanigans

    You can't access it.
  11. Kenny Powers

    Latest Movies

    Down range and need some movie recommendations from Netflix or Amazon.
  12. Kenny Powers

    Sanity check - Should we buy our dream home?

    It's just an investment vehicle you'll be plugging money into, whether you live there or not. If it's a good price, buy it. If not, then you're buying based on it being you're "dream house". If you can't see yourself selling it a few years after you move in and getting you're money back, or being ok with the loss, it's probably not the right decision.
  13. Kenny Powers

    Latest Movies

  14. Kenny Powers

    Sanity check - Should we buy our dream home?

    Are you familiar with the area? Have you lived there? Are you going to rent it out for 1.5 years before you move in? Is there someone there who can maintain it while your gone? A lot can change I 1.5 years but if it's a good deal and someone can maintain it for you, go for it.
  15. Searched a bit but no good info on how the process works if someone wanted to transfer from an ANG unit to AFRES. Been in the Guard a while but know almost nothing about AFRES. Location of the AFRES base and proximity to family is the motivating factor. Currently rated in a fighter and would be going to another fighter if it happened. Is the process similar to getting hired in the guard? Are there any major drawbacks going to the reserves? Part time vs. Full time work better in one vs. the other?