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  1. To a meet and greet? I'd say no uniform but it probably doesn't really matter. I've also never seen anyone wear their uniform to one of ours. For the interview, I would wear your blues and look sharp.
  2. I thought all you had to do was put on some special goggles. You're telling me you actually have to fly airplanes to learn how to fly airplanes?
  3. During UPT, I'd recommend focusing your training on recovering from continous strikes to your nutsack and ego. The recommended techniques are hard work and study Sun-Fri, then copious amounts of alcohol Friday and Saturday night.
  4. Not a Strike Eagle guy but my assumption is they are at a relatively high gross weight and tanking at a higher altitude than they'd prefer. Probably in and out of AB with one engine to stay on the boom.
  5. Maybe I'm missing the point of your question but that is a KC-10 boom.
  6. Little known fact but, you also have to be in the Guard to say Fuck.
  7. Another recommendation for Amy at NBKC. She did a great job expediting a VA loan in a very short amount of time, which allowed my family to move out of our old home and into our new home with no delays. My realtor and her team were very impressed with Amy and her work as well. Amy was always around to take a call and explain everything to me and she was very responsive to emails/texts, which made the process painless and stress free. NBKC had a great rate and even a lender credit at the rate I selected, coming in about~ $3500 cheaper than other lenders I shopped to get the same rate. All around great experience! * Full disclosure, I was unable to shop with Jon and Trident because they are not yet licensed in the state I purchased in, so the above comment does not apply to them.
  8. Confirm that VLPAD eligibility itself isnt changing as far as who AFPC is accepting, just who AFRC is willing to release to VLPAD is changing?
  9. I have not heard of it, but I also have not heard of many VLPAD stories in general. Most, however, seem to be experienced pilots going this route because that is really what AD needs the most. I would still ask the question but first I would consider looking for a new Guard/Reserve unit that has the air frame you are rated/training in. Not uncommon for dudes to get into the B-course, have their unit switch air frames, and those dudes get picked up by other units. Realize, the appeal to VLPAD for most experienced Guard/Reserve bubbas is that we hold all the cards in the negotiation. AFPC needs to place pilots in specific positions that MOSTLY require you to be an experienced 4FL or IP (some do not however), so an experienced pilot gets to apply and then negotiate for a good deal. If the good deal happens, great. If the good deal doesn't happen, you just walk away from the table.
  10. It took less than 2 weeks for my TAG to sign the MFR. Just keep in mind your SQ/CC and WG/CC need to sign before the TAG. I did not grease the skids with NGB. They provided a MFR stating their concurrence for me to go AD within maybe 2 weeks of the VLPAD app being submitted. The VLPAD team told me that NGB is typically pretty easy to work with and has quick turn around times.
  11. I have know idea what APZ, BTZ, IPZ, Triple double DP IPZ means, but this all seems fucked up.
  12. Where did this 3.0 requirement come from? I've never heard, nor can I find in a quick search of a few regs, a GPA requirement for UPT. There is one for becoming an officer I believe, but I know plenty of dudes flying with less than 3.0 GPAs.
  13. That would make me use it x 69. I bet you dont park in the WG/CC parking spot either.
  14. What are the rules regarding VA loans and how you deconflict them when selling a home financed with a VA loan and purchasing a new home with a VA loan, like during a PCS? Does the 1st loan have to be paid in full before you have full entitlement for the 2nd loan?
  15. I'll chime in since we're talking Suunto. I've had 3, 2 of which were cores. I replace the band ($50 from Suunto) close to once per year, they go through batteries pretty fast in my opinion (a few per year), and they dont keep time very well. Highlights are that they are relatively cheap, look good, and easy to read with aviation related functions.
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