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  1. Lord Ratner

    The Next President is...

    Right. So after what, a decade of practically no major hurricane activity during the period models predicted would be hardest hit, the first big storm is evidence of GW? This is the type of shit I'm talking about. Absolutely anything that counters the theory is ignored, or scientifically-explained away after the models were wrong, while any otherwise normal or slightly abnormal occurrences are proof. https://www.thegwpf.org/as-polar-bear-numbers-increase-gwpf-calls-for-re-assessment-of-endangered-species-status/ The downside is that diverting resources to projects that fail to deliver the promised gains are keeping us from other projects more likely to deliver results that benefit humanity. It matters because there are many, many real threats to the environment that aren't getting the attention or money they deserve because some dipshits want to control the air. And it's astounding how little climate scientists talk about the biggest threat to global warming, the sun. Much in the same way people complain about military spending or welfare, national wealth is not finite, but neither is it infinite. I'd rather clean the oceans, or protect the rain forests, or the white rhinos, than burn it on a theory with more gaping holes in it than BQZip's family reunion, and a bunch of artists, actors, and politicians as it's biggest proponents.
  2. Lord Ratner

    The Next President is...

    Lol, I have read the data, and analysis. Using ship data was insane. Look at it this way. Don't you think it's odd that the adjustments to imperfect instruments always seem to work in the direction of the proposed theory? If you look at the adjustments made to weather stations, old temps get revised down and newer readings go up, even for stations that have had no surrounding infrastructure changes or equipment modifications. Similar to how satellite data, by far the most accurate measure of global temps, doesn't paint the nightmare scenario the true believers would have you believe. Where's the flooding? Super storms? Extinct polar bears? Hell, where's the predicted temperature increases? How many forecasts have to fail before you doubt the premise? How many scientists need to get caught bending the established rules of science? You should never trust a theory that demands the end of debate. Ask Judith Curry, she's a much better source than I am. I could be wrong. But the difference is that you trust the experts. I choose to read their literature, and it is lacking.
  3. Lord Ratner

    The Next President is...

    Funny thing though, if all of the instruments rely on one single sensor to function, a systemic failure is more likely. The thousands of scientists that form the consensus on climate change rely on temperature data from only three sources. Data that has been heavily and repeatedly revised over the years, and always towards supporting the popular theory. For example, using ship bilge temperature data instead of more accurate bouy data. Or how a well documented temperature spike in the middle of the 20th century had been slowly disappearing from the data sets despite no new data from that time. I could go into more examples of illogical temperature station changes that have been exposed, but it's not my job to do the research for you. When a global warming model successfully predicts the future climate, maybe I'll give it a fresh consideration. Until then, I'll file it with the "guaranteed" catastrophes of global cooling and overpopulation that enjoyed "scientific consensus" in their day.
  4. Lord Ratner

    The Next President is...

    You have to believe the threat, which I do not.
  5. Lord Ratner

    The Next President is...

    Lighten up, Francis. Here's the problem, and I'm going to lump everyone into the two primary political groups because it's simpler for the conversation. Also realize that many people who support the correct option often do so for the wrong reasons (e.g. "I am more valuable to society"). Liberals are very concerned with now, and when you look at their solutions, they often lack any consideration for long-term or second- and third-order effects. They also like to take for granted the incredible advancing power of the free market. But they care, and they very genuinely want to make the world better. Conservatives on the other hand deal with the future. What's better for tomorrow. Yes, they lose sight of empathy and compassion, which is why niether side can function without the other. But they are also accepting of the reality today for the promise of a better reality tomorrow. If Americans treated healthcare the way you would like it to back in the 50's, we would not have the incredible system we have today. And it is incredible. Any idiot can see how wildly healthy Americans are compared to the past. The free market did that, not government. I want a free market system because I'd rather my kids and grandkids have a cheap cure for cancer than having expensive dialysis provided for me today. And if you think that's a false choice, take a closer look at some of the systems out there run by governments. I heard about the steady decline of the NHS for three years on BBC as I drove to work. And my British neighbors would gasp at the idea of paying for healthcare in one conversation, then brag about their private insurance and how it got them such better treatment, and faster. How's that for the rich getting all the perks?
  6. Lord Ratner

    Promotion and PRF Information

    But in an awkward, PYB way...
  7. Lord Ratner

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    If you had been paying attention, you would understand that Bashi would have preferred the installer commit ritual seppuku as a demonstration of gratitude for your service. You would then pay full price, but still use a dial-up modem. This way everyone bleeds for Lady Liberty!
  8. Lord Ratner

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    At least that's a logical reason!
  9. Lord Ratner

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    It sounds like you're looking for virtuous opportunities where none exist. This isn't a loophole. The state government of Texas has decided that people who have the aforementioned medals do not pay various state taxes and fees. Do you ask the cashier at the grocery store to charge you sales tax on produce? Do you stay out of the carpool lane with three passengers because you have enough time to just sit in traffic? Do you calculate your income taxes using only the top bracket because you make enough and can afford it? There's a huge difference between using a benefit as intended (free registration for military medal recipients) and taking advantage of a program that was not designed with our unique circumstances in mind (getting food stamps because your entire income was tax-free from combat zones). If you're feeling generous, take the money you save on license fees and donate it to a good charity. The money will be used far more efficiently to benefit people on a local level.
  10. Lord Ratner

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Annoyed by being thanked for your service? First class customers upset by young military volunteers boarding first? Having anything military affiliated on your car is unseemly bragging? In a country where a significant portion of the population worships celebrities, you guys are concerned about people and companies doing some surface-level things to appreciate the troops?
  11. Lord Ratner

    Bose A20 U174 converter - $100

    I used this to make my Bose A20 headset compatible with the KC-135 (or any other plane that uses the same type of plug). It is non-bluetooth, but does have the aux cable input cord for music. Cya!
  12. Lord Ratner

    What is right with the Air Force

    I went to sos after my majors board. As long as you go before the earliest pin-on date, you're good.
  13. Lord Ratner

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    You repeated one 1. Timing is everything 2. It's better to be lucky than good 3. There is no justice
  14. Lord Ratner

    VA Loans

    Awesome, thanks. I'll be in touch one I'm a bit closer to build time
  15. Lord Ratner

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    You missed the joke