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  1. Current graduation rates have to be less than 1 washout per class doesn’t it? Making this about graduation rates seem to be beyond ridiculous.
  2. To all those people that defend him with “it’s not about the flag”. This totally undermined that argument. Directly from the guy that started it...
  3. What state and how difficult was it to get tested? Glad you are doing alright. Hope the GF gets back on her feet soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. If anybody wants a synopsis of Maj Gen Wills briefing today at Vance.... - UPT is great work. (I don’t disagree, I happen to like it) - Retention is his problem, not ours. So we should do the best we can do teaching students. - He acted as if he had never heard of considering pro pay for pilots., when compared to doctors and how they get paid. He half serious asked how many of us new how to perform medical procedures as if they are on another level. I wanted to ask how many of them know how to fly but I’ll admit I don’t have the stones to do something like that. - He said that $35k was really good for the bonus. - He said they couldn’t compete with airlines. (I don’t disagree but they could at least try... somewhat) - He said if someone wants to get out that they should and he’s fine with that and wouldn’t try to get them to stay. Basically stating what’s done is done and not seeing if anything could be done to keep them in. - He said the way they can make things better is to get rid of the queepy stuff and gave an example of how many regs have been gotten rid of. I don’t know what I expected him to say. My opinion to how he discussed retention was that we shouldn’t worry about it and honestly that he doesn’t care that much. He, again in my opinion, said that we should be doing this for service and if we wanted more than that, we should seek greener pastures. Honestly pretty disheartening to hear how he discussed it thinking about future pilots. We can produce all the pilots in the world but if we don’t have any older/experienced guys around, we can never produce the the seasoned ACs/Flight Leads/IPs that the Air Force needs.
  5. Down $108 0-4 w/dep in Enid. Sure glad PIT is backed up. Gonna be under the new rate getting there now. Housing is surprisingly expensive in Enid, can’t believe it’s down that much.
  6. Hey everyone! I also want to briefly share how great of an experience it was to deal with Trident! I don't spend a lot of time on these forums but I did get into this thread just prior to looking at houses for my new assignment and decided to give them a call. I got in touch with Jon and honestly it was all smooth skies from there. I talked to Jon just a few days before we decided to go house hunting and we hadn't planned on necessarily putting any offers on houses but we found one that we didn't want to wait on. Jon got a pre approval letter done in minutes. The process was painless. They locked me into an interest rate that was far lower than anything I had previously found and probably anything I could have found. Far lower than the bigger banks thats for sure. The closing process, again. absolutely flawless. I am currently out of the state where we purchased and they helped facilitate the closing at a local title company due to me not being able to be present. I cannot share enough good words about this company and the mortgage process. Absolutely fantastic and definitely would use them again and again if the professionalism and service remain anywhere close to what I received this time. If you are looking to buy a house and need a lender. Give them a call. You won't regret it.
  7. Thanks for the info. Not bringing the family really isn’t an option for me. I did speak with Alamo. $2550 was the starting price for their two bedroom apartments. Trying not to spend $700+/month out of pocket though. I got a little time so I’ll keep looking.
  8. Yeah they don’t have any single family homes but I did email to ask. They are however sending me some information on other potential options.
  9. Hey guys. I’m off to PIT in August and plan on taking the fam with me (4 of us). Anybody have the latest and greatest info on furnished apartments in the area or anywhere that people may have stayed that is somewhat in the range of lodging per diem ~1800 month. Edit: I checked with Alamo and a two bedroom is $2550+
  10. O-4 BAH in my location went down but O-3 stayed the same. That sounds about right...
  11. Figured I would dig up an old thread rather than start a new one. Does anybody know if Rocky boots (I assume the S2V) is authorized to wear for flight? Is there some kind of documentation stating that you can or is there some type of waiver? Perhaps MAJCOM specific? Anybody have anything stating you can wear them in ACC?
  12. Tell me how this works. BAH for my area went down $87 for O-2. O-3... increase of $102. Edit for additional info: If you read the faq on the BAH site it says that there is BAH rate protection as long as you 1. don't PCS 2. don't get demoted and 3. don't change your dependency status.
  13. No responses and still couldn't find anything searching around. I thought I would ask one more time in case the thread was pushed off of page one before people had a chance to see the question. Does anybody know whether or not you can take the SOS tests at Kandahar? Thanks!!
  14. anybody know if you can take SOS tests in Kandahar?
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