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  1. It's been a while, but McGuire used to have an aeroclub., but it closed around 2001... I was just working on getting my PPL (I was a 135 Nav at the time) and looked into using the aeroclub, but instead chose a GA airport that was about 2 miles from my house. I remember there were 3 separate incidents at the McGuire aeroclub and soon after it closed. One of them involved a pilot who rented an airplane and ran out of fuel on a x-country (I heard he was a 141 nav. He was not injured when landing in a field, but obviously that didn't go over well). The second I don't remember, but involved CA
  2. I'm a little late replying to the original poster, but as a reservist (ANG and AFR) who is now collecting an active duty ("Regular") retirement and wasn't an AGR, I can shed some light on the process. It takes 7305 total active duty points to qualify for an active duty retirement. As such, at some point many years ago, I made it a point to take every day of active duty whenever possible, including MPA, RPA, ADSW, and some AGR tours. All of that counted towards my 20 years (including 4 years of active duty in the Army) as well as my time in UNT. I went over 20 years of active duty while
  3. This is strictly for those who retired with a regular (i.e. "Active Duty") retirement, whether that be from 20 years of RegAF service, a combination of RegAF and AGR service, or even bums who cobble together an active duty retirement. If you didn't retire or you retired from the ARC with a "reserve retirement", you're not eligible. As far as the USERRA information, this is straight from the AFPC VRRAD website: . In my case, I'm a non-flying GS-13 working for the Gov't with a regular retirement. No matter what, I need to work b/c it's impossible to live in my area on $65K/ye
  4. Greta on Fox just reported 12 deaths associated with the crash: 5 crew, 5 US Contractors and 2 Afghan civilians.
  5. So, he's still lurking around... I went through nav school with him back in '96-'98. I knew I'd either run into him again somewhere or hear his name again..
  6. Sounds like a good idea, but here a few things to consider... For one thing, current laws allow us to collect our Law Enforcement retirement at age 50, after completing 20 years of covered service. If one does 25 years, then the retirement can be collected at any age. If this were to apply to the military, there would be, in essence, no retirement benefit unless one completes 25 years of service, or at a minimum 20 years and can wait until age 50 to collect. So really, all it would do is make everyone serve 25 years for retirement, as there's really no incentive to get out before that.
  7. I'm not a finance expert at all, but happened to have previously worked for the Deputy of DoD Agency in which the Director sat on the Military Retirement Fund's board, and I'd see firsthand the minutes of the meetings before they went to my boss. From what I remember, the military retirement fund was actually in very good shape and there were no problems with it at all. I was always impressed that it was managed so well. So, when I saw what this USN O-4 wrote, I had to do some searching. I happened to see the 2012 USD (Comptroller) report on the Military Retirment Fund. While there is a p
  8. Sorry to hear of his death. I was an enlisted observer in the Army flying OH-58C's during DESERT SHIELD/STORM with the 11th Avn Bde. I remember seeing the pictures/stories in Stars and Stripes and other newspapers/magazines about Gen Schwarzkopf, as well as occassionaly hearing his voice on AFN from time to time (no TV in the desert back then, not to mention the Internet). As a lowly Army E-5, I felt that we (collectively) were in good hands, and we were. I never got to meet the General, but did march with him (and about 20K others) in the NYC/DC Welcome Home Parades in Jun 1991. He led t
  9. Do you know of any units looking for MSO's? I'm a reservist looking to get back into the ANG. Would like to try an AOC (AOG, AMOS, etc) type unit (like Syracuse or State College) and then attach and fly the RC-26 (I looked into doing this at SYR years ago but wound up on an active duty tour for a couple of years).
  10. According to the news today, the NDAA that Congress has agreed on and will vote on later (and which Sen Levin said the Pres will sign) has restored 32 Mobility aircraft and spared 3300 airmen, while cutting the A-10's from Barksdale, Ft Smith and the F-16's at Iowa. It also says the MC-12's would remain in the active duty force. I thought part of Schwartz's plan was to retire the 12 or 13 ANG RC-26B's and replace them with the MC-12's? Anyone know what's in the legislation pertaining to the future of the ANG RC-26's? Did they get spared as well, and if not, what's going to replace them?
  11. Can you enlighten us? Any specifics? ANG? AFRC? please feel free to share...
  12. I had to look up the article on the AFRC newsite, b/c I literally couldn't believe it. Thought it might be another article from the Onion, kind of like the recent one that declared Kim Jun Un sexiest man of 2012. Who manages these things at the AF and AFRC? I'll take the bonus, if I qualify, but really -- forcing ART's out at minimum retirement eligible age, taking airframes away from units, not letting rated AFRC crewmembers in non-flying units fly with other AFRC units (b/c "there's no travel moneyt"), etc, and now there's a shortage of rated people? What next? Big blue going to re-open
  13. I'm not the authority on this by any means, but pretty much once you're in the ARC, you're there permanently. To go on active duty requires pretty much a rated recall program to open up. The last one was in 2009 and offered 2-3 year tours. I was accepted into a Limited Period Recall program back in 2002 and spent almost 3 years on active duty, before they ended the program. While I was on my LPRP tour there was also a permanent recall program that was opened up as well. Right now, given the current Administration and fiscal health of the country, I don't see any of the recall programs ope
  14. Loach

    C-130 help

    "Emergency Takeoff"?? No way man! We're going to start engines, and after the Before Taxi checkiist is complete turn 90 degrees and do an enhanced for the SCNS (4 minutes)! Then we can plan on an "emergency takeoff"! - A Nav
  15. Reminds me of the old joke: "What's the difference between a second lieutenant and an A1C?". A second lieutenant is a second lieutenant no matter where he or she is commissioned. As far as this discussion, I'm not an academy grad (unless we count the "Academy of Military Science"), so I don't know what it's like, but I did do 2 1/2 years of Army ROTC, so I can talk about that. I will say that ROTC was difficult, not because it in itself is difficult, but because of the challenges of scheduling ROTC training around a 15 or 18 credit semester of classes, while working part time and doin
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