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    Finally a number divisible by 12 or 24! Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    You will never buy flight gear; it's issued to you forever. I have a 31 Jul RNLTD for vance!
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    I got an email a couple of days ago saying my assignment was canceled. Showing blank in vMPF and old assignment still loaded in AMS. I havent heard anything yet, but I imagine it will be soon...fingers crossed.
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    If you're good enough to get a BPZ DP, you're good enough to talk directly to your Senior Rater or look it up yourself.
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    Or we could buy the scorpion that actually had the legs and loiter time to operate from better maintained airfields and still reach out and touch the bad guys (STS), but what the fuck to I know...let’s develop something clean sheet that will take 6-9 years to field, that’s wicked fast and maneuverable, but that also has no legs and requires tanker support to operate effectively. 🤦‍♂️
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    Is it also scheduled to go into the hangar for repairs/fixes/upgrades the same day?
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    It wasn't a thing in the ANG till last year. They are doing it on "a limited basis" (which I don't believe for a hot minute). It's new enough that I'm not sure there is a "standard" job guys are getting tasked for. As I said earlier, my unit hasn't gotten any for pilots, just enlisted folks that are going for their primary AFSC - so far it's been shop chiefs, mx shift leads, etc.
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    Yep. It is fixable. https://www.thebalance.com/what-to-do-if-you-contributed-too-much-to-your-roth-ira-3192888 If in doubt go ugly early for the Backdoor right away.
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    Sounds like someone spiked your drink without you knowing. It's a single variable on a very long and complex application process. Many disqualifying items stipulate "having a history of....". A one off event, to me, does not indicate you having a history of an underlying medical condition or even a behavioral issue. But it's subjective, I'm not a flt doc, and in my experience most flight docs wouldn't care. However, there's a chance you face a bad flight doc on a bad day. What are you going to do? Not apply? Go for it. Don't divulge. Don't lie.
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    Yeah man, I just don’t see how they will get this info unless you disclose it to them. If you do, I could see them raising some sort of stink about it because it seems like that’s what they do best. Just remember these aren’t YOUR doctors, they aren’t there to treat you or diagnose you. It’s an interrogation, the less said the better. Just my advice. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    Are these medical records something you have to turn over? The reason I ask is because I know a guy who didn’t disclose that he had a concussion snowboarding once and also had PRK laser correction surgery. I’m not advocating dishonesty, I’m also not advocating you telling them every time you had a drunken rager and hooked up with the ugly chick while in college. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
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    I am honestly not sure exactly when my packet went to the NGB. I made sure I had everything tied up on my end ASAP after I got the nod. I rode the recruiter and training pretty good this summer to try to get things moving quickly. Sorry I couldn't be more help there!
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