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    We don't have enough in squadron funds here in the Texas ANG to buy new J's. We are trying to sell some heritage patches to make up the difference but that is taking longer than we expected.
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    I have 950 hours in the F-4 pit, mostly E and G. That was hard physical work, but I liked the G a whole lot because its EW system was 30 years ahead of its time.
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    Yeah we can’t allow a “flying boat gap” to develop. Probably need to prioritize this right after F-35, KC-46, B-21, new ICBM, Light Attack, 6th gen Air Dominance, hypersonics, nuclear cruise missile, fixing hurricane damaged F-22s, stopping the invasion of Central Americans, Space Force, maintaining the Afghan live fire training range........
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    Lancer is surprisingly busy: 90% Bones, the rest from BUFFs (KBAD), Vipers (NFW), C-130s, and the occasional F-35 (Lockheed plant, DFW). IR-128, while flat and soul-less, starts and ends in Lancer for a hip-pocket LOWAT rehack. Snyder is a pretty good EA site, used and abused by all 5 squadrons at Dyess. Adding some AETC traffic is possible, but not ideal.
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