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    "Jul. 4 1989 was a hell of an Independence Day for the 32nd TFS (Tactical Fighter Squadron) “Wolfhounds”, a unit of the USAFE based at Soesterberg AB (Air Base), in Netherlands. In fact when Captains J.D. “JD” Martin and Bill “Turf” Murphy were scrambled with their F-15C Eagle fighter jets, they could not imagine that their mission was to intercept a very strange MiG." With audio from the F-15s https://theaviationist.com/2012/10/03/mig23-belgium/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_Belgian_MiG-23_crash
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    Conditionally approved yesterday. 11m asking 5 months 13 days off, submitted for the second time in February. Gotta find a job in 60 days.
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    Do you have the option? I don't know the details of who is eligible to opt out. Anyways, here is something you need to consider - things change. Some day you may not want to do this job anymore, regardless of how you feel about it now (pre-UPT?). That's a difficult concept to wrap your mind around, but just trust me. As you get older, your priorities change too and maybe you'll decide to leave the military for some reason (i.e. Family) even if you enjoy it still. That being said, BRS is a great option if you want flexibility. I don't know the math because I'm over 15 years in but, if I was a new guy, I would totally jump on BRS so I had options instead of opting for the traditional all or nothing retirement.
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    1. AFAIK we already have fences/walls/rivers in every urban area. The unfenced areas tend to be incredibly rough, desolate terrain. If a fifty mile walk through the Chihuahuan Desert doesn't deter a border crossing, a small fence probably isn't going to, either. 2. What are military patrols going to accomplish that 20,000 sworn Border Patrol agents aren't doing already? Illegal border crossings are at a 50 year low as it is. Seems like a good way to degrade military readiness. 3. Expedited how? And, sure, that makes sense, but seems extremely expensive. 4. We sort of already have this with E-verify (varies state to state), but absent a massive increase in enforcement apparatus you aren't going to see much of a change. All E-verify did was ensure that illegal immigrants got a fake identity before going to work. It's going to take a rare US Attorney who wants to waste his time proving that an employer knew his employees weren't legal. 5. Seems expensive, and again, you're hurting military readiness to accomplish a law enforcement goal. 6. Just seems like nativism. We allowed about the same number of legal immigrants in last year as we did in 1907, when the population was less than a third what it is now. And somehow we managed to assimilate them. Reducing legal immigration is just about the one surefire way to increase illegal immigration. Basically, most of the things you mentioned might reduce illegal immigration somewhat, but at a huge cost. What's the point? Illegal immigrants only come here because people want to hire them. If you want drastically more expensive housing and food, and pay for it with higher taxes to boot, go for it, I guess.
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    I didn’t put FAIP high and I’m glad I didn’t get it, but I think anyone who gives 10 good years to the Cause is one of the good guys even if he isn’t a spec ops fighter pilot. All of us choose our assignments on differing criteria, and being good officer/pilot/powepoint god while maitaining a cognizance of outside opportunities are surely not mutually exclusive. But then again, as an FNG, my millennial might be showing.
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    Going active duty instead of direct to the guard/reserve.

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