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2022 Active Duty Flying Training Board

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The new PSDM just dropped today with a 5 October 2021 deadline and the board meets 16-18 November. Best of luck for everyone applying!


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I have to admit I am very new to this forum. I have a bit of a predicament and I was hoping you could help me outline the process from start to finish from a civ applicant. 

I just contacted a USAF recruiter but basically I was picked up by the Navy for a pilot, got through to OCS and at the end of OCS after getting my flight physical signed off on, they advised they think I have mild eye issue but the USN has no waivers for people in the pipeline. Long story short there was only one option for me and it wasn't flying, or even aviation, so I separated administratively as my goal is to fly in the service. As of 12/2020, the USAF has a waiver process. I passed all other flight requirements, and am working on getting my eye issue verbally cleared before jumping after this and wasting time, but I was curious as to the process. Do the boards meet quarterly like the Navy? Is the flight contract guarantee pending medical clearance? Do you get a flight physical in Dayton BEFORE you go to OTS? I apologize for asking here, but I couldn't post a new thread and this seemed like the most relevant one? Mind you this all happened in the last 6 months. 

Thank you,

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Hey @Tstark0816 this is the forum for those currently in active duty USAF looking for information on the active duty UFT board. I do know that there is no active duty UPT board for civilians trying to join the Air Force this year. I don't think I can answer any of your other questions.

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On 6/28/2021 at 1:31 PM, cm592 said:

Does anyone have tips for the personal letter? I'm struggling to find the right tone and content for this portion of the application. 

Ive got years to think about mine, and I think about this a lot. I think the key is to be genuine, demonstrate why and how’ve you’ve been an asset that the Air Force should continue to invest in.

If that’s not enough, and the AF dosent value you or I, at least we don’t have a ~12 years ADSC. 

Personally if I’ve given it everything I had an I’m a non-select, I’ll work on my aviation aspirations on the outside. Just like the majority of the manned folks do anyway. 

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