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  1. Never gave it much thought before but what is considered twice passed over? 1 IPZ + 1 APZ? Or 1 IPZ + 2 APZ? someone mentioned a couple years ago, it was the latter and got me thinking TIA
  2. I’m an AD 11M at CHS. I have a troop that is interested in applying for OTS. They cancelled the rated boards thru 2023 from what he’s heard. He’s now exploring the Reserves. Is the AFOQT required for Reserves and if hired, how long should he expect full time orders? TIA
  3. I’m currently “deployed” with a COVID vax team. I’m an 11M so I have no idea what I’m talking about. However we’ve administered just over 100k shots, mostly Pfizer, and I’d say there were about 20 people that have had issues during the 15-30 minute post-vax window. VAERS website has good info. About 5 have required ambulatory transport. Our vax rates dropped tremendously once we announced our J&J push. Quite a few people even left the building without getting it after talking to our medical providers. Godspeed!
  4. This! The matrix doesn’t have 11x, however there is a note on the matrix that states PC incurs a 1:1 commitment, even if you’re AFSC isn’t included in the program. However it may be to late for that option as they moved the close-out date to May 27ish.
  5. Good day all, looking into next years O-5 board, I fully expect to be passed over. I know the AFI says you must separate/retire NLT the first day of the seventh month. However I don’t recall seeing the minimum timeline. Assuming I pregamed as much as I could, is it possible to start terminal a week (for instance) after board results? Or is the expectation that you still give the 4 month notice? TIA
  6. Yeah I believe you’re right. I haven’t looked in the regs in a bit. I wouldn’t accept continuation if offered.
  7. Thanks for posting this for me to see. But it brings up some questions. My situation: Prior-E, 21 years of military service, over 10 years commissioned, ADSC 30 Apr 2023 I signed the 3 year bonus last year, knowing I have a high probability of being passed over. My first board, met this March and expecting 2nd non select next March-May’ish. Assuming the AF doesn’t go to a 5 year eligibility window next year, would I be able to keep the bonus payment that pays next April? since I’m already over 20, there is no “offering of continuation”, and would keep the payment since I’m not declining continuation. Does that passed the sanity check? TIA
  8. Exhibit A: I signed a 3 year bonus last year. I know stupid me. But I already have a line number with a major air line, so I got that going for me. 6,000+ hour, prior EP in the -17. Requal’d at LTS, then did 2 local flights at CHS. And here I sit with ~80 hours since Altus, that was from April 2020 til now. I’m now tagged to do a 6-month ground deployment supporting COVID vaccine distribution. How’s that not FWA? 3 CBTs later I’m a vaccine expert! We need pilots!
  9. Good afternoon, anyone have a good ADSC waiver template for retirement? I submitted my application in myPers but the request was returned because I didn’t provide justification in a separate MFR. however the Retirement PSD clearly states separate memorandum OR add justification in the comments section. Anyone else run into this problem? TIA
  10. That mostly answers my question. Time as an O is a non-factor. The AFI never specifically states if passed over the first time, the member could decide to separate/retire. Just the 2nd board that matters from putting the ball in the AF court. Now I just gotta find out if the twice passed over will change when we go to a 5 year window. Even if for some odd reason I made it, pin-on would be in the last promotion increments, the same time I plan on being in SkillsBridge/terminal thanks
  11. Ive been browsing this forum for years and thank all of you for the useful knowledge provided. So, here's another question: I will be meeting P0521 this year. This is my IPZ. From reading previous posts others have mentioned that the new 5-year eligibility window isn't in effect yet. The only shot I have of being promoted is if all of my competition leaves first. With that said, when im passed over this year, if Im passed over next board, would I be able to retire under the old rule (twice passed over) if the new system comes into effect after P0521 board? Or would I fall under the new system? TIA
  12. I was just tagged (phone call) for a 179 stateside COVID vax distribution deployment. I was in the process of working a different 179 or 365 PCS. Would the 365 trump the 179 tasking? Im an 11M TIA
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