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  1. I am APZ, but had a retirement in the system as well, but I’m assuming a non-select. Should I have heard something from my CC either way? Non-select paperwork to sign? I’ve been on terminal leave since March and my retirement date is 1 Aug.
  2. 100%. Everyone defines a successful career differently. My leadership never could comprehend that flying and making myself marketable for the airlines was how I defined success for me. I achieved that goal and completely happy with the outcome. Almost 7500 hours in 13 years of flying is what kept me happy, and I’d still do it in a heartbeat. Rank was never part of my happiness factor. Take my happiness away, it’s time to leave. All-in-all the AF has given me opportunities I never could have created on my own, and that I’m thankful for. Hey, someone has to be the bottom feeder, in the AF eyes. I gladly accepted that role
  3. Nope. I posted it elsewhere but applied for personal hardship and was denied, but AFPC came back with 9 months for 11M manning (best interest of the AF)
  4. I feel like this is my story being re-told, Atleast my bottom line said “elite aviator”. 😂. Never had a job outside the squadron, never wanted it. Hired in 2020, COVID…. Just got 9 months off bonus ADSC, and start terminal next week.
  5. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you. I submitted for personal hardship with a lengthy explanation of the hardship, and it was denied. I wrote one line about C-17s being overmanned and it’d help the AF balance manning and it was approved
  6. Got a weird one. I applied for a ADSC waiver (personal hardship) for retirement. The request was denied, however, due to manning (11M), the request was changed to “best interest of the AF” and the waiver was approved for 9 months off ADSC. My question, if it’s Best interest of the AF, does that still qualify me to keep the final bonus payment? TIA
  7. It can be a great program. You will complete all out processing before starting the program. A guy in our squadron just did 4 months regular leave,returned for a week to out process, then 6 month SB. You receive full military pay, but can’t be paid by the company
  8. Yep. SB is UP TO the last 180 days, can be shorter. You do all your outprocessing/retirement ceremony before starting the program. The requirements got a little more difficult because people were doing bogus internships. Now it has to be a company on the approved list. You can add a program to the list but it takes a while to get approved. You can apply a year out once you have an approved retirement/separation date the last 180 includes all: SB, terminal, PTDY, etc. some guys have games it a bit by burning 99% of their leave (to include to you will earn while in the program), before starting it. Come back for a week, the start there is a PSD guide on myPers that answers a lot of questions. Facebook/Linkdn group as well
  9. You are correct, with a small caveat. I just spoke with the office. Her response: “If you are twice passed over, and have already received your annual payment, there will be no recoupment of the unearned portion IF you separate on the MSD established by the board. Her understanding is if I elect to retire 1ish month after the board results, I would require a SAF waiver
  10. For clarification, if you’re twice passed over, do you get to get payments that were already distributed? thanks!
  11. Any chance you have a good contact number/email?
  12. No pawnman, you’re not missing anything. I appreciate the input/questioning. I want to make sure I’m not missing anything. I was already in the retirement process and with a major airline when COVID hit. If I decline promotion (before the board), I believe I have to repay unearned portion of bonus. If not selected, I would keep the final payment as it would be “involuntary” retirement (not certain about this logic), but I can be out 1 Aug 22’ish. If promoted, or decline promotion AFTER the board: 1). My ADSC would still be 1 May 2023, 2). I’d never pin on because I’d already be retired. I’m a bottom feeder with no PME, and happily worked at the squadron level my whole career
  13. Question for the masses. I have my 2nd look in March. From previous boards I have about 1.7% chance of being promoted. I know there are differing opinions on writing letters to the board or not. However, I have no intentions of staying in. I have 22+ years AD (prior E), and a job already lined up. 1). If I was non-selected would I keep the final payment of my bonus, because it pays out prior to board results? Obviously if I write a DNP, that would be considered voluntary, thus would have to repay 2). If I allow the board to play out, magically get promoted, but decline promotion,would I be forced out? This para in the AFI makes me think if I decline promotion AFTER the board results, I would not be forced out NLT 1st day of 7th month, and my ADSCs would still be intact. “4.1.3. Officers who decline a promotion remain on the promotion list for which they were selected”. TIA
  14. %of mild condition cases hasn’t budged, even before the vax was available.
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