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  1. Gross. Even grosser quote “my job as president is to protect the citizens”. No it’s f***ing not dumb s***t, it’s to protect our rights. Read the Dec. of Ind. for Christ’s sake. “…that to secure these rights….” Someone has their hand so far up Biden’s a** I’m surprised we don’t see their fingers when he opens his mouth. Honestly, Declaration of Independence 2.0 is in order.
  2. Holy shit man. When does this stop? We are on a train with no brakes.
  3. @pawnman defend Kentucky's honor. Or do you not stand with science? Crickets on Israel study as well...
  4. me: “Take your medicine so mine works lol” response: “it’s not so simple, your choice is unvaccinated persons are the ones spreading the disease, you can infect me. ” me: “ I already had the disease so I am protected. Aren’t all vaccines based off of natural immunity? Can’t vaccinated people spread Cv19 as well? ” response: “but in Kentucky they did a study, look here: https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2021/s0806-vaccination-protection.html” me: “there were no patient outcomes in the study, also there was no tracking of total PCR tests given to the two patient populations. Aren’t those important numbers to know? Also they are revoking the PCR test in December. https://www.cdc.gov/csels/dls/locs/2021/07-21-2021-lab-alert-Changes_CDC_RT-PCR_SARS-CoV-2_Testing_1.html why? Also significant data from Israel suggests that natural immunity is better than uninfected vaccinated persons. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.24.21262415v1.full.pdf” response: “ but there was an increase in immunity after 1 dose of the Pfizer vaccine in the Israel study.” me: “ yes there was but the mandate is for two shot of Pfizer. Where is the data showing that two doses of Pfizer grants increased immunity?” response: “ … but the hospitals will be overrun. The only risk factor that matters right now is vaccination status. We should even consider not treating the unvaccinated. Just take the vaccine man. Plus they did a study with a 72 people and 1/3 of those previously infected did not meet the threshold they established to indicated immunity https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/27/9/21-1042_article” me: “ 72 people is 72 people…. Not the biggest study eh? Aren’t other risk factors like physical fitness, diet, sun exposure, life style etc? shouldn't there be a burden of proof that the vaccine benefits the previously infected before we mandate it for those people? What about VAERS data? https://openvaers.com/ Isn’t there is risk associated with every medical intervention”. response: “ trust the science man. All VAERS data is unverified. “ me: “ what? 6k Americans have reportedly died soon after the vaccine. Isn’t that worth investigating? Is there a report that outlines the FDAs findings to these cases? response: “Anyone can fill those reports out, it could be Alex Jones and big, umm, big, ah, Quanon people that are filling those out. Im sure you believe in that stuff.” me: “ no I don’t believe in that stuff. Just trying to get to the bottom of natural immunity and vaccine safety. Aren’t those important aspects of CV19? What about personal autonomy and liberty? ” Response: “ trust the science. Vaccines are seatbelts but they inject the seatbelt into your body and you can’t remove the seatbelt. Also, This isn’t about personal liberty.” me: “ the rest of my posts will add nothing to the conversation so I will be communicating in memes only…
  5. Correct me if I am wrong but, I believe diversity is an old old wooden ship used in the civil war era.
  6. Jesus Christ… that is insane. Hope no one trusts their life to you ever. How can you be so convinced that this vax is for everyone?
  7. 1/3 of 72 people is pretty limited data…. so if I understand correctly, a PCR is good enough to count as a “case” but not natural immunity…? Why is a test result any more difficult to provide than a vax card?
  8. Why did they not include any patient outcomes? We want to avoid hospitalization and death- that is the important thing, not total “cases”. I thought the purpose of the vaccine now was to reduce symptoms? PCR is not to be used as a stand alone diagnostic tool, yet it was: “* Case-patients were eligible for inclusion if initial infection occurred during March–December 2020, and a subsequent positive nucleic acid amplification or antigen test result was received during May–June 2021 (using date of specimen collection). Cases for analyses were restricted to persons aged ≥18 years at time of reinfection.” Placed have been forcing testing upon unvaccinated people much more than those vaccinated, so the total pool of positive PCR tests is likely much larger for the Unvaccinated group than the Vaccinated group. Maybe almost “2.58” times more, I don’t know, they forgot to put that in the study. Why is the CDC revoking approval of PCR in December? Notice that it did not mention the cycle threshold of the PCRs used in the study. also isn’t the vaccine aiming to achieve what survived natural infection would do, but with less risk?
  9. Fair point, fair point DosXX! Though a lot of arguments for the vaccine have not been strictly health related (think “ I am doing my part to make sure the hospitals aren’t overrun”, “I want life to be back to normal, so I got the jab”), we will stick to only health related arguments for now. if someone has natural immunity for CV19 how does that person affect the health of others? If you don’t take your medicine mine won’t work? I genuinely don’t understand not trying to do a “got ya”.
  10. sad thing is the force isn’t really hurt by the Kung flu with a IFR of %0.01 and that assuming you get it…. Assuming 1.3million troops total, your chances of death over the past 18 months from covid are approximately %0.00038. next year: mandatory bubble wrap during PT. Yehaw!
  11. The same could be said in reverse. There are a lot of fat folks in the US. Also maybe you just “see” what you want to see in the world? Bottom line is fat people shouldn’t rely 100% on a leaky vaccine, nor a cloth mask to save them when the rona hits. Can we agree on that? Cloth masks may help, they might not. I have a difficult time believing the actually work since the holes are so large in a cloth mask including the gaping holes around your nose — Non-one way N95’s are a different story. Outcomes with all sickness including covid are not random- despite what the MSM would have you believe. Everyone can help themselves. Everyone can reduce their risks. CV19 and the last 2 years of media coverage (overblown imo, but if it bleeds it leads) should be wake up call to everyone of all ages to eat real food, mix in some weight lifting and/or aerobic exercise, supplement if needed and go outside. Then you happen to covid instead of the other way around. That I am against mandating that anyone to reduce their risk. Although it would help you be healthier, Would you be in favor of the government forcing you to eat real food? Forcing you to take particular supplements? (insert “Floride” argument- I got a well so go f yourself), Forced exercise? All of which could arguably reduce your risk of death from covid greater than a vaccine could. I wouldn’t want to live in that world. The arm of the federal government is going captain insano- and captain insano shows no mercy.
  12. Stop spreading information- I mean misinformation. Those are 700,000 liars. Every. Last. One. Of. Em.
  13. I’d like to see where a 10 month old vaccine was mandated by the federal government, or one that had almost no effect in children, or one that is not a sterilizing vaccine (sterilizing from the disease)…. I have plenty of friends who weren’t vaccinated and were able to attend public school. National vaccine mandates are the idea I am against and a free society would not have them. It’s all too heavy handed and denies natural immunity. If the vaccine is so great why wouldn’t people voluntarily take? Why would the government even have to force it on people? Or are they all too dumb and can’t interpret the data like the experts can?
  14. I forgot that teachers, healthcare workers, airline travelers and the “couple” million of people you are missing are not “general population”. So you are for a sort-of mandate, which is totally different than a full mandate. What’s the difference between a nation wide mandate and requiring vaccination to travel? To go to school? To go to work? Less people will travel on airlines I guess? More vaccine fraud? More people will homeschool their kids? People will leave their jobs? The fact that you admittedly are “missing a couple” groups where the vaccine mandate “makes sense” is proof that your threshold is gray and if implemented will likely be determined by some person in an office building that doesn’t care about the individuals health nearly as much as that individual cares about theirs (or at least the individual ought to care). Bottom line is free countries don’t entertain this types of ideas. for the record, also against blow darts- though the blow dart scene from get smart comes to mind.
  15. Pawn, you are a proving to be a beacon of hope this morning…..you are at the five yard line— now just use the same logic with COVID vaccines mandates.
  16. 2020 has given me a PhD in tyrannyspeak, I will translate: “the CV19 vaccine is like a seatbelt, but for your immune system. There ARE NO SAFTEY CONCERNS! Every case in VAERS is a lie. isn’t that great news? Do YoU uNeRstanD my nuanced analogy? plus, Our lord and savior, Boe Jiden, even said ”this is not about liberty”. The job of our government is to protect the citizens, not protect its citizens rights. In order for my shot to work— everyone needs to get one. Just give up your rights to bodily autonomy- I promise we won’t take any more of your rights away. Praise be to Fauci, praise be to Pfizer, help us clean the unvaxxed with our immune system seatbelts!” …or at least that’s what I’d imagine it would sound like…
  17. Jesus help us— I mean Fauci help us. There is only one truth— the CV19 Vaccine. It is for EVERYONE. There are only two groups in this world, the vaccinated (pure) and the unaxxed (unclean). There is only one way to save lives!
  18. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html where you getting your nearly 6-9 R0? I seeing 2-4 from the site above, but that might be old info.
  19. Lest we forget the summary of all 105 pages in one paragraph. @busdriver Here is to another 105🍻 lol
  20. Are there only two groups in the discussion? Unvaxed vs vaxed? How about children? How about previously infected people? How about people sub 40 who are healthy?Isn’t it weird how every issue boils down to one group vs the other— almost like the media is fueling division… The infection fatality ratio for children under 12 is 3500X less than those 65 plus according to CDCs best estimates https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html it just seems a little simplistic to boil it down to two group. Also we know the long term risk of smoking, do we know the long term risk of covid or the vaccine? No.
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