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  1. I can confirm. Wouldn’t trust some people with wings as SIC in a 172. on the other hand, some people are shit at taking tests but end up having the hands and attitude.
  2. Go to Laughlin’s website, and there should be a newcomers guide for UPT. It’s pretty dated, but should still be somewhat accurate. At any rate, it should have the SDO extension; give that a call and they’ll help you with what you need
  3. Nah. I had about 50 flight hours and a PCSM of 60 ish. I would have needed a bunch to raise my PCSM just 10 pts, not worth it to me. With that said, the increase was solely due to AFOQT score, not an increase of flight hours
  4. I don't know what magic they do to compute PCSM scores, but I raised my AFOQT pilot by 8 points (89-97), which corresponded to an almost 20 pt PCSM jump (mid 80s).
  5. Depends on what the PSDM says, and how bad they're hurting for pilots. Anecdotally, some claim that turning down URT/ABM/CSO made them less competitive for UPT. Personally, I was offered RPA my 2nd time applying and turned it down. Got picked up my 3rd time for UPT. YMMV
  6. Agreed. Not sure how much ROTC has changed, but I was an AS 250 as well and did just fine. Got a pilot slot with a 2.5 GPA (solely due to CC ranking) With regards to studying the FTM, I'd say not required at this time (again, I went to FT in 2009, so might be dated). FTP (Field Training Prep) will be plenty. Like all else if you want to go rated, work hard and be a good dude/dudette; The APAS/CC will notice. Good luck, and Pm if you want more info
  7. It appears the board selected you for RPA because you "didn't need an ETP for RPA's."
  8. Alternative is to call up the respective STUS trans flight and ask them to look you up, or have a buddy swing by the office and take a picture of the class listings
  9. That’s the list of what’s actually dropping...all three bases get the same list, save the base specific FAIP slots/prank slots
  10. So I wasn’t in a financial position/have good enough grades to take the most “optimal” route to getting myself set for pilot training. Wasn’t able to start training for my PPL until I started AD, and even then, it was slow. I will say that I shelled out 12K for a PPL over 2.5 years, got picked up for a pilot slot (while on AD), and after UPT, received my instrument, multi-engine, commercial (saved a ton of money by having the AF train me) while having the time of my life flying higher performing planes than I did on the civilian side. bottom line, every situation is different. My honest advice (again not knowing you at all)? If you really want to fly for the military, apply for ROTC/Academy and see where it goes from there. If you don’t get picked up, or the Air Force doesn’t work out, you’ll be 22-23 when you graduate. Plenty of time to work on your ratings to jump towards regionals/airlines, with insurance in the form of a degree available. UPT isn’t super hard, it’s all the other little things that’ll get you (medical DQ, a bad flying week, timing, needs of the AF, etc.) Again, I applaud you for thinking about things this early. Like you, I wanted to be a pilot since I could remember, But things came up. I ended up getting wings, but 5 years after my “original” timeline. And you know what? Everything worked out how it was supposed to. Just continue working hard, keep that same work ethic (e.g. 4.5 GPA) in your “adult” life, and you’ll be fine.
  11. Good on you for trying to plan out your future. Without knowing you at all, there's no crystal ball that exists that shows what the "best" option for you is to become a fighter pilot. Finish high school strong, apply/get into good schools, and then come back to ask advice. Hard to say if USAFA is the best choice if you don't even get in, although if what you say is true about grades/etc. I'm sure you'll have no problem. And also realize that life happens. It's a long road to wings, with a ton of obstacles (self-inflicted or life inflicted) along the way. Have a good plan in place in case the fighter pilot thing doesn't work out.
  12. I was a part of the "what can i do best to prep for UPT," and like everyone else said, if you have ANY skill at time management, you'll have plenty of time to figure it out once you get here. Enjoy life and enjoy phase 1. Hang out with your bros and get to know them, because they'll be the ones that get you through UPT (from both a sanity and assistance standpoint). With that said, if you have money and time to burn, go enjoy flying just for the sake of it. Go upside down a couple of times to see how you handle it ( I didn't handle it well, and have many a ride in the chair to show for it.)
  13. I found out I got picked up on 13 Feb last year while driving home from work. The rest of the timeline checks, and I had a RIP within 2 weeks for both MFS and UPT Good luck to all of you that applied
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