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  1. I would like to be a pilot in the military. I will be starting at a university in a few months and I am trying to weigh my options. I am quite interested in AFROTC, but, I don't like the uncertainty of getting a pilot slot. A few weeks ago I found out about the Guaranteed pilot slot through USMC PLC. Which of these paths would you guys advise? Additionally, I am not too concerned about the airframe. I'd love to get a fighter, however, i'd be happy flying any manned aircraft of each of the branches. Thanks
  2. Any current AFROTC cadets on here at the U of A?
  3. I am going into my senior year so I don't think the USAFA is gonna work out. Plus, I have very little extra curriculars because I have devoted myself to work and school. I suppose I can try for the academy once in ROTC?
  4. Then what do you recommend doing? Just not doing AFROTC and rushing units after college?
  5. Okay, I was not really aware that you could still rush guard units while in ROTC, that's a total game changer. That seems like a great plan! Is it usually more competitive to get a pilot slot in the guard or in AFROTC in general?
  6. So I have considered afrotc in order to get a pilot slot. But, the thing I don't really like about it is that you can end up not getting a pilot slot and be stuck with another job for years. Whereas, if you apply to the guard or the reserves after college and you don't get selected for a pilot slot, then there are no strings attached. However, if it possible to drop afrotc if you do not get a pilot slot, then would it be a good idea to try afrotc and drop it if it does not work out and pursue the guard/reserves? What I am really asking is which avenue to UPT starting from high school is the most assured and leaves the most options open?
  7. This is surprising since so many regional pilots get their degrees online specifically for the majors.
  8. I am one year away from high school graduation and I am dead set on going to my local college which has an associates degree program in aviation. Reason being, if I don't get picked up by an ANG unit then I would already have my civilian ratings done and there to fall back on. Plus finances aren't an issue because my parents are completely willing to pay for it all, so I felt it was my best option. Though, it is only an associates degree program, so I would transfer to Utah Valley University to finish my degree online as many others from the program have. My question is, would getting an online degree hold me back from getting selected for an ANG pilot slot?
  9. Not really sure where to put this, but... I recently visited the ANG unit (fighter unit) in my hometown. The pilot who I talked to strongly recommended enlisting in the ANG after I graduate high school in one year. This would be the only way to get a pilot slot in this unit specifically because they only hire from within. Though, is it truly worth it to enlist when many units take guys off the street after they graduate college? Would love to hear your opinions! Thanks
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