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  1. Very strange story. All of the German & French military officers I still correspond with think the US did this. Seems extremely unlikely to me, but it also seems dumb for Russia to do this as it degrades their leverage over Western Europe. I have no idea what’s happening.

  2. 8 hours ago, LumberjackAxe said:

    The thing we should be arguing about is what should happen to repair the damage done not just by the virus but by the bungled response? Reparations? Reinstatement of servicemembers? More government spending? I really don't know.

    I sympathize with your plight, and applaud your honest self-analysis.  To answer your questions:

    step one: cancel existing mandates

    step two: accountability from those in power who lied to us

    step three: determine origin and respond with wrath 

    Reconciliation is impossible without accountability, and it starts with Fauci.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Hugo Stiglitz said:

    I don’t know, some of y’all’s ability to get triggered by a random CBT slide is impressive. I can personally attest to a career’s-worth of completing CBTs and having no idea what was in them, but maybe I’m the weird one. Still I’d wager that 99% of cadets would’ve already forgotten about it too other than now their great uncle who fought in ‘Nam is emailing them demanding to know why the hell they’ve gone woke.
    I get that Tucker keeps bringing this stuff up to get us all in a froth but oof, it’s gotta just be exhausting repeatedly taking that bait.

    If the CBT is forgettable, let’s not do it.  If it’s genuine, our elected leaders have a duty to debate the content before new ideology is mandated upon the force.  Either way, how am I “taking the bait?”  Your commentary is logically incoherent.

    And nice dig at a past generation of war fighters who answered the nations call.  Nothing makes your point more convincing than disparaging those who went before us🙄

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  4. 8 hours ago, FLEA said:

    Having just separated and attended like 30 networking events ill say this..... if it bothers you.... don't get out. Because its like 100X worse in the civilian world. Seriously just sat in a meeting with CHRO's from dozens of large companies and DE&I is the new hot sauce. 

    That said, in your benefit, veterans and their families (specifically children and spouses) are now coming under the umbrella of DE&I as an oppressed class. 

    In the civilian world I am free to not participate in deluded sexual fantasies of the insane.  And men pretending to be women are insane.  Women who cut off their tits and main line testosterone to live out severe mental health problems should be pitied not celebrated.  

    The military is fundamentally different in that I took an oath to follow orders and we are not free to walk away.  Ordering the military to follow radical social philosophies wrecks unit cohesion and degrades lethality.  The DEI argument that inclusion increases unity because everyone feels valued might be true if they focused on tolerance. However, they are totalitarian not tolerant.  By forcing the language of their own worldview they deny equal dignity to my own which is antithetical to unit cohesion.



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  5. 4 hours ago, HeloDude said:

    Progressives:  “You mean you don’t trust the FBI?”

    “Main Steele Dossier Source Was on FBI Payroll as Confidential Informant, Durham Reveals“


    Subversion of democracy. Truly shocking and disgusting collusion between our government and political progressives.  We need to vote for people who can clean house!

    Would love to see the FBI confidential informant receipts from January 6th… 

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  6. 7 minutes ago, HuggyU2 said:

    My comment was not designed to be insensitive. It was food for thought for those weighing their kids' resiliency in a move versus dealing with a career of airline commuting and the inevitable toll it will take on your time away from those kids  

    100% valid!

    PM sent.

  7. 6 hours ago, HuggyU2 said:


    As someone who went to 4 high schools in 4 years, I don't have much understanding… 

    If little Billy drives the fight, then so be it.  Enjoy your commute for the next 30 years.  

     Huggy, I now care for my elderly widowed mother who would struggle with relocation. 

     I have 20 years of flying left, definitely don’t want to commute that whole time, but will happily do so if required to achieve larger life objectives.  Cheers.

  8. Very illuminating posts on commuting, thank you!

    Archer, I’ve recently met several folks in similar situations you describe.  They’ve mostly executed your COA2 successfully and transitioned into larger carriers quickly (6 months).  This is a great hiring environment.  Good luck!

    ETA: in your shoes I’d turn down school & bounce— wars over.  Lol, I just turned down SDE myself.

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  9. Pardon my ignorance on airline commuting, but is travel by jump seat the most common way for you guys to get to/from your domicile?  It looks like some companies buy their employees a ticket which seems more convenient.

    It’s likely I’ll be a commuter for yeas if not forever; ergo it seems factoring ease of commute into my selection criteria would be smart.

  10. 6 hours ago, BashiChuni said:

    uh there was a giant conspiracy. look at the emails that were sent internal to the CDC and the memos sent to big tech to censor opposing ideas. that's factual my man.

    the fact is the CDC and federal government conspired with twitter specifically (and big tech in general) to censor and ban private citizens and doctors dissenting opinions. 


    That’s exactly right. Go back and read this thread from 18 months ago, people here were claiming there was a scientific consensus when in fact there was a conspiracy to paint a scientific consensus and drown out opposing voices.  And those opposing voices turned out to be correct.  Now revisionist history is taking place right in front of our eyes: Democrats are claiming they did not want schools closed, Trump pushed the shot, and it was just a wild time and nobody really knew what the right answer was so they defaulted towards safety.  All of that completely false.

    As I look at the many failures compounding within our society, from skyrocketing urban crime to a foolish Covid response, to a humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, runaway inflation, etc. there is a single thread which connects them all: lack of accountability.  People in senior leadership positions made deliberate decisions with disastrous results, and they are never held accountable. All of our problems will continue to worsen until people are fired & thrown in jail when they deserve it.  And given the severe damage to children he perpetrated, I would like to start with Fauci.


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  11. 6 hours ago, Sim said:

    Anybody with half a brain knew that would be the case.  Of course a decision this momentous has to come from the president.  But the current president looked right in the camera and lied about it, and some people here on this board are actually OK with that.  

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  12. 11 hours ago, nsplayr said:

    I'm confused by this, can you explain what you mean? What does someone look like who got hired out of merit? I kinda thought the idea was that merit was unrelated to what you looked like…

    In this case, somebody hired off of merit would not look like they were reading statements from a book. They would look like somebody professional enough to think on their feet and talk extemporaneously with honesty about the questions that are asked, not somebody who spends 80% of every briefing reading pre-written notes that may or may not answer the actual question.  Count the number of “umms” and “ahhhs” and tell me the average undergrad communications major couldn’t do better. Psaki was a liar but at least she looked competent at speaking in public.

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  13. 50 minutes ago, nsplayr said:


    So if you wanted an officer corps that was broadly representative of the US population, a worthy goal IMHO….

    Let’s just make sure we have an equivalent officer core of fatties and handicapped, we wouldn’t want to be fat phobic or ablest. Let’s ensure we retain those with severe psychological problems as well because #Fairness

    or we could focus on attracting people who value victory and know how to fight.  

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  14. 9 hours ago, CaptainMorgan said:

    It’s a little more than sexual harassment when there were probably any number of minors on the plane who could have received the images.

    Spot on.

    public service announcement: don’t accept these either, it might be from a minor.

  15. 30 minutes ago, Boomer6 said:

    Turns out the political threads are a waste of time. Liberals and Conservatives disagree on everything..

    I think the vast majority of readers on this site agree with you.  We have a lot in common here and I wager 99% of us could fly missions together, do well, and like each other afterwards. I like everybody I work with.  
    Which is why I am interested in these threads: I’m not talking to Internet trolls (we do a good job identifying those types), I’m talking to people with a shared background and reasoning abilities.  I’m morbidly curious to understand how somebody like nsplayr, who is a warrior I know, could willingly embrace cognitive dissonance. He’s probably wondering the same about me!

    Despite disagreeing with each other, we have to find a way to live together. The alternative is shitty governments and corruption and tribalism like all of the places we deploy to.  Or civil war.  This is a hyper polarized time, and there are real consequences to our nation if half of them simply cannot stand to live with the other half. And I don’t want that, I love our country.  So despite frustrating comms, which I frequently tap out of early, I do think there’s value in the discussion.  And why censorship is anti-American and those who censor must be rejected.

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  16. 45 minutes ago, Pooter said:

    You got me! I'm actually a mask mandate-loving cuck, and this cartoonist's subtle, biting political commentary doesn't have a homoerotic trump fixation at all.  

    Lotta unnecessary dick talk in there, very odd.

    2 hours ago, ClearedHot said:

    POTUS wife who is double vaccinated and double boosted just tested positive AGAIN for COVID in a rebound case.

    Clearly there is a correlation between getting multiple shots and contracting COVID. It is plain as day that public health authorities have misled the public: Lockdowns did not work, masking hurt kids, virus was man-made from a Chinese bio-lab, NIH conducted illegal gain-of-function research, the shots do not stop the spread… all trending towards true despite the best effort of big tech and government to censor it. Unbelievable, never something I thought I would see in my lifetime.

    Next “conspiracy” that will be proven true is the harmful effects of these disgusting experimental shots that were forced on us all.  

    I want accountability.

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  17. On 8/18/2022 at 1:38 PM, Danger41 said:

    I know financially it makes sense to get to the airlines ASAFP and never look back. I unfortunately suffer from delusions of grandeur and Stockholm Syndrome and don't really want to leave the job that I wanted to get for my entire life. I'm also not totally selfish and know that my family could really benefit from the extra $$ in an airline career. In my current and future job I will absolutely be gone from home more as an airline guy than an AF pilot. YMMV on that one, big time. It's a no brainer to me that (in my own situation) the only extenuating variable is money. Why not pay up?

    I have a unique perspective on all this stuff though as my dad was an airline pilot that went through not getting hired for awhile, mergers, furloughs, and 9/11. He punched early after 9/11 to try to get back in the AF as a 59 year old retired O-5 but they didn't want him to fly tankers so he just retired. Even I tried to jump right to the airlines in mid-2020 and that wasn't exactly good timing. All that to say is that I know more about the airlines than the average Joe that never experienced any of that stuff and has just been living the good life the last few years.

    Honestly the hardest part for me is thinking back on some missions where my crew and the team writ large was able to make a big difference and bring Americans home from some pretty hairy situations. I know that's stupid and you've got to move on but that type of feeling is nagging me more than I thought it would. 


    Great post; I understand your sentiments exactly and I wish you the best with your decision. The Air Force and nation are better with people like you in it.  I fear our service is unable to intelligently manage our most precious resource: you and others similarly motivated to fly fight win.  I salute you for remaining, empathize with your addiction to combat, and genuinely hope the aforementioned pay increases are codified into law. 

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  18. 11 minutes ago, Prozac said:

    Dude, there is a receipt from the FBI for items removed from Mar-a-Lago…….  In fact, Trump has tacitly admitted to having classified documents in his possession by making the absurd claim that he had a standing order to declassify them. 

    Whether the documents were or were not declassified is the point of contention.  You say his standing order to declassify what he brings home is absurd, but as the ultimate declassification authority, no it isn’t, that’s the whole point of this.  I understand you disagree with that viewpoint, and apparently so does the FBI and justice department. TBD in court I guess.  Regardless the precedent of cops raiding your political enemies over something so minor and murky is extremely dangerous.

    This will amount to as much of a nothing burger as the Russia gate hoax.  But since gambling is more fun than arguing, I’m happy to wager a bottle of booze on my assertions. Be warned, I have a flawless predictive track record on disagreements where booze is gambled.


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  19. 2 hours ago, nsplayr said:

    Trump has TS/SCI at his house in Florida 18 months into being a private citizen! 

    Do you know this as a fact or are you regurgitating accusations?  You bought into the Russia collusion hoax hook line and sinker; recommend learn from that embarrassment.

    TDS is real. 

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  20. 35 minutes ago, busdriver said:

    It isn't a moral matter of China, or Africa, or India.  They don't have a choice.  Industrial development and modernization requires the use of fossil fuels.  At least right now.

    Saying the developing world needs to cut CO2 emissions is functionally no different than saying you want them to not modernize (and lose out on all of the quality of life improvements).

    Obviously false.  Just because we experienced the industrial revolution doesn’t mean they must progress sequentially through our same phases of development.  

    I went through college with a dude who developed telecommunications for Mongolia.  He skipped landlines and went straight to cell; he got the whole country connected and never phased through our stages.  Because technology.  They skipped steam engines too.  They also don’t need radial prop motors, turns out jet engines work fine.  Illogical.

    If EVs and solar and wind are ready for prime time here in the US where our electrical needs are massive, then they should easily cover the far smaller electrical needs of Lagos or Gao.  In fact it would be easier to incorporate green technology into a location lacking pre-existing wiring and with lower energy needs compared to Texas.

    You provided the standard environmentalist talking point but it doesn’t withstand common sense.

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  21. 5 hours ago, Sua Sponte said:

    Until China stops using coal (read: never) and producing the most amount of green house gases, you’re right, climate change is here to stay.

    You’re right, and don’t forget India and all of Africa.

    I find climate change activists disingenuous not just for their personal hypocrisy (which is substantial) but also their laser focus on policies which impact the US middle class while leaving international mega-polluters unscathed.


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  22. 3 hours ago, dream big said:

    Then why are installation commanders still enforcing mask mandates across the military? 

    Because they are on the tail end of the policy whip…. And have no brains themselves.  Do you think those people became wing commanders by a proven track record of bold leadership? Or by dogmatic compliance?  

    I expect many of those policies to quietly change, but some will remain. People are not rational beings, pride will factor into this.  And then one day a new wing commander will be asked publicly why he still requires masking and he will reply “that’s not my policy” and, just like blues Monday, we will slowly stop doing something everybody hates that has no benefit.

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  23. 37 minutes ago, ClearedHot said:

    Absolutely STUNNING news that is being ignored.  I think we are at three studies now that show lasting changes to you DNA if you received the MRNA vaccine, including the ability to pass those changes on to offspring.  But Faucci and the government doesn't lie...

    I passed on the booster after my wife and I had out anti-bodies tested and discovered our protein spike numbers were still over 2500.  How will manifest in our bodies over the next 10-20 years...

    Agreed, this is stunning.  I’m curious how it will manifest in infants who received the shots.  

    Too big to wrap our minds around at the moment, but I support any journalist who continues to follow this story through the years to come.

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