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  1. 4 hours ago, Danger41 said:

    Regardless of your political feelings, I wish we could stop this stupid heckling from the crowd. JFC it’s so embarrassing.

    Agreed. Don’t heckle like a little baby bitch, cowboy up and throw a chair at somebody’s face.


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  2. based on your comments, I think you would be disappointed, bored, and under-whelmed by the 146.  If you’re set on mobility, go MC-J, a lot of cool things happening there and it’s where the command is focused right now.

    If you’re not set on mobility (and you shouldn’t be), gunships & Draco both enable opportunities to work with amazing people who will inspire constant improvement by providing specific feedback on your many deficiencies as a combat aviator.  Happy to help via PM.


  3. 2 hours ago, Prozac said:

    Well, Johns Hopkins says it’s safe, as does CDC, as does Mayo Clinic, as does the UK NIH, as do the Aussies, the Japanese, and so on. 

    Do Denmark, Norway, Austria, Estonia, Latvia also agree?  Does Florida agree?  

    it’s tough to say what views “most in her profession” share given the well documented government endorsed censorship.  It looks to me like the C19 risk/reward decision matrix is far more nuanced than CDC has acknowledged.  Which means we shouldn’t have mandated it.

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  4. 16 hours ago, Pooter said:

    Totally off topic but I spent 9 hours writing 1206's for annual awards today for people who don't event want them. That is more hours than I have flight time in the last two months, and I am (supposedly) a CMR instructor pilot in the CAF.

    We are going to lose the next war. 

    We lost the last one, but GOs weren’t  fired so the organization already forgot. 

    To me the worst part of 1206s is lack of feedback.  I spent hundreds of hours trying to get folks recognized and never received feedback on why they were or were not the chosen one.  Our processes can’t work with shitty/toxic GOs running them, and we’ll never convince inspiring officers to stay unless we treat them better.  Which we can’t do because we’re managed by shitty/toxic GOs…. The downward spiral is tragic.  

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  5. 1 hour ago, Prozac said:

    Evidence seems to suggest that Delta had pushed up the power and was rolling at a good clip before American entered the runway (positions are always approximate with apps like flightradar24). They may well have initiated the reject before, or just as tower was canceling their clearance. Tower was right on top of it though so good on them for vigilance. 

    That makes sense, thank you.

  6. 19 minutes ago, HuggyU2 said:

    The plot thickens...

    Maybe the company could occasionally listen to the union inputs on safety.  Having a stellar safety record for many years doesn't happen without cost and effort.  


    Great article, provides a lot of amplifying detail.  Thanks for posting.

    Why might the Delta pilots not have seen the aircraft crossing in front of them?  Not throwing spears at anyone, and I’ve never been to JFK; just curious what I’m missing.

  7. 1 hour ago, pawnman said:

    Ah. So covid is not, in fact, a power grab to make the rich richer. 

    Glad we agree. 

    COVID is an actual thing, cooked in a Chinese military bio weapons lab (partially funded by Fauci), released on the world (maybe by accident), which then killed tons of people.  I do not think it originated as a way for rich people to get richer, nor do I think anyone is saying that.  

    However, it is undeniable that one of many side effects has been some rich people exploiting the situation to make themselves richer (Bill Gates).  And the government also turned this into a power grab (they’re still fighting in the courts for the right to forcibly mask you on airplanes).  Additionally, there was a massive conspiracy to suppress information and free speech in order to perpetuate this power grab; evidence of government collusion is now overwhelming.  You are a victim of this effort, and I wish you the best as you struggle to regain autonomy from truly evil people who have lied to you and turned you on your fellow countrymen to increase their profit margins and political power.  The moment dudes like you & Nsplayr & Negatory realize you were hit with a deliberate psyop to benefit people/corporations that hate you and would rather your children be physically poisoned than lose their grasp on your mind… I will celebrate  🥃

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  8. 1 hour ago, brabus said:

    It’s financially non-sensical by a long shot to stay in and bypass years of seniority. You have to value certain intrinsic/non-monetary things far more.

    Totally agree.  When I was a captain the idea of flying airlines for $$ while my bros remained in the fight was unpalatable. Getting out in 2012 was the logical financial choice, but was not what I valued.  So I stayed, got to overload on war stuff, etc.  Right call for me.

    Now war’s over and there’s not a single O6 job remotely appealing, but I’m very excited about the airline world!  It’s been eye-opening to see all the other aviation paths out there as I meet folks with radically different backgrounds.  It has validated my decision to stay AF when I did: I’d have been miserable watching the team collect scalps while I fretted about 401k options.  But now door A is closed so I’m moving on.

    All that to say: military pilots are a special breed and I salute each of you.  Do AGR if that works (wouldn’t have for my niche world) or get out at initial ADSC if that’s your jam, or stay if you still love it despite the warts.  Regardless of the path you choose, I recommend enough self-reflection to have no regrets.  My only regret is taking the bonus.  The money seems appealing but it’s insignificant in the grand scheme of life; when you are ready to go you want the ability to go immediately.  

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  9. Never should have been a mandate.  I will never forget all the COVID psychos within our ranks and the massive damage they caused; they were pushing a mandatory booster so hard but thank God that didn’t become policy.  What a tragic episode in DOD.  There must be accountability or we’ll never recover legitimacy.

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  10. 2 hours ago, brabus said:

    Remember the good old days when a paper slicer to the header/footer and some sharpie solved a lot of problems…

    Nooo, I have no idea what you could possibly mean.  

    when we bugged out for the Iranian TBMs 3 years ago, we had a CSO find a secret kneeboard accidentally stashed in his go bag.  His first reaction— he ate it.

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  11. That’s exactly right.  There’s no connection between our system’s desired pedigree for career success and actually winning wars.  And until our nation holds accountable for failure “leaders” like Miley and Austin, this practice will continue.

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  12. good post Chuck.

    I have 3 MAs on the USAF dollar.  I enjoyed ACSC and the chance to publish more than I expected.  I didn’t realize what a bad writer I was until attending.  The ability to concisely articulate accurate thoughts directly correlates to command success.  

    There is no Pilot crisis in the AF.  Regardless of appearances at the SQ level, there’s no crisis until the Bobs prioritize & change policy accordingly.  This new emphasis on worthless online masters is a loud and clear message about organizational priorities.

  13. 5 hours ago, nsplayr said:

    For MQ-9 there's still plenty of "war" to be had. Nothing like the heyday of strikes and ops every day/night but still enough to stay busy.

    I don’t know if “plenty of war to be had” is a fair characterization, but maybe I’m a war junkie.  It’s like a 99% decrease from 2001-2021 levels.  TEA for kinetic or DA is GCC level with CJCS briefings.  

  14. 54 minutes ago, ClearedHot said:

    The latest Twitter file dump should concern every American regardless of political party.  It shows the FBI and the Justice Department in association with the Intelligence community, having possession of and knowing the contents of the Hunter Biden Laptop was real, tried (and successfully), discredited the authenticity of that information in order to sway a Presidential Election. 

    On track to be the greatest scandal in US history.  Implications are astounding.

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  15. 32 minutes ago, brabus said:

    I have to wonder how much of things like this are weighted towards he’s a lying POS and weighted towards his mental deterioration/constant level of confusion. Obviously neither is a good thing for a president. 


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  16. 1 hour ago, pawnman said:

    Would you push back against other mandates? Like... is it a terrible blow to your freedom that you can't smoke in the hospital waiting room? 

    No, I could smoke outside which still allows my freedom without inhibiting your freedom from second hand smoke.

    Requiring an action is fundamentally different than not allowing an action.

    Any of these statements can be taken to a logical absurdity, which is not my intent or yours.  I’m guessing you thought it was unreasonable for people walking alone on a deserted beach to be arrested for not wearing a mask; unfortunately that outcome is the inevitable result of mandates by unaccountable parties.  

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  17. 19 hours ago, FLEA said:

    TBH I think wearing mask in a clinic actually makes since and probably should stick. Not just COVID, but really healthcare facilities are places sick people conjugate. Mask are effective with some types of illness. 


    16 hours ago, nsplayr said:

    Yes, 100% agree with this. Masks help stop the spread of a lot of respiratory illnesses…it’s partly why they’ve been worn in medical settings for decades!

    Everything @FLEA said above is totally reasonable.

    The problem isn’t masks, it’s mandates.  We are incapable of intelligent mask mandate enforcement.  The nature of a mandate is brute, unreasonable enforcement focusing on compliance regardless of circumstances. This leaves no room for nuance, a core aspect of real life.

    Also noteworthy that two non-doctors are arguing we force doctors to dress a certain way in their own hospitals.  Here in FL I do not see the majority of doctors voluntarily wearing masks all day in the hospital.  Shouldn’t their opinion carry some weight?  The majority of Americans and doctors are sick of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats imposing rules that defy common sense.  

    Like you I don’t want to sit next to an obviously contagious hospital patron in a waiting room, but if C19 taught me anything it’s the value of freedom.  You take the good with the bad, it’s worth it. You are free to wear as many masks as you’d like; please stop pretending there’s a movement to restrict your decision to wear a mask.  So bizarre to place demands on others while simultaneously acting like a victim… no one cares about your choice to mask yourself.

    TLDR:  freedom good, mandate bad.  But freedom hard, mandate easy.  Still, freedom better.

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