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  1. There's a guy in my class who asked the question, but he would've had to drop his tanker unit and get picked up by a fighter/bomber unit during T-6s in order to fly 38s. ARC didn't want to pay for a 38 slot if they didn't have to.
  2. Apparently some of the T-1 studs who recently tracked were told that they should expect bombers in their drop. Has anyone else heard anything similar?
  3. How does Gen Carlisle feel about 15 year UPT commitments? What are his views on the pilot shortage and retention? What does he think about new squadrons being infused with a bunch of new, inexperienced Lts while the experienced members of the SQ leave for what they view as better opportunities, and is ACC (or any other MAJCOMs facing the same issues) doing anything to lead turn issues that might arise from this overall lack of experience?
  4. Question for the security pros of Baseops: I recently commissioned, and got a job with a contractor until I go on active duty and go to UPT (on inactive status until next year). I have a completed and adjudicated TS background investigation, but my clearance is "inactive"(correct term?) since, according to the AF, I don't have a need to use it and haven't been given the proper security training. Activating my clearance (at least the Secret part, that's all I need) would open up a lot of doors for me at this job in the meantime, but the guys here are super worried that taking control of my clearance and activating it would raise lots of red flags and problems for me down the road. Can't say I blame them. Has anyone been through this process before and can shed light on how to proceed? Is there anyone in particular I/the company should contact about this, or am I SOL? I already tried discussing with my ROTC Detachment personnel (who still have all my paperwork), but they are pretty in the dark about the DoD security clearance apparatus. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Question from a new Lt (flame suit on) who won't graduate UPT for another 2 years or so: If the ADSC is increased to 15 years, would those of us who have already signed the 10 year ADSC paperwork (before commissioning) be grandfathered in or would we have our ADSCs pushed out to 15 years as well? Research indicates that shorter ADSCs were grandfathered in at least once in the past. If this belongs somewhere else, let the public humiliation begin and I'll change course.
  6. Yes, In College Scholarships (ICSP) are available. The majority of them that I have seen have been awarded to freshmen in their second semester and 250s in their second semester as well. Both tech and nontech, I know at least 4 in my det alone who were given nontech scholarships last Spring. There's also the Commander's Scholarship, given out by the Det Commander to a high performing person that they think is deserving.
  7. Has anyone heard anything back from the 193d SOS in Harrisburg?
  8. I spoke to my Colonel a few weeks ago and he said that he was only aware of the opportunity being available for those graduating in FY15. Natehanibal- reading through your post on what you were briefed, you said you'd be sent to UPT with a "recommendation". Are you basically unsponsored like other ARC applicants and need to get a unit to hire you? But you also said that you'd get to choose your unit, so I'm a little confused. Could you please expand on this?
  9. Wasn't this program discontinued late last year? Is it actually still around? I'm going into my 400 year and would be very interested in doing it. if it is.
  10. Thank you everyone for your insightful replies. You all have really helped me out with figuring out what I need to do and I will definitely be coming back to this thread occasionally to review the advice given. Earle P- I've been lurking around here for a while and I've seen way too many people come on here asking for advice, only to come off as master douche######s, to not learn from their mistakes. Good luck to you as well.
  11. Starting this semester, I'm going to be enrolling in AFROTC and competing for a scholarship/to get contracted. I am looking for any advice from those who have "been there done that" on what to do in order to stand out to the cadre and help my chances of getting a scholarship- and ultimately a pilot slot. If it makes any difference, I will be entering this semester as a sophomore with a 3.88 GPA, my major is Political Science, and I have a Private Pilot’s License. I did a search but didn't find a complete answer to my question, so if this information has been posted somewhere please flame me and I will look harder.
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