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  1. I'll lead in with this: welcome to Baseops my sweet summer child...oh wait... WELCOME TO THUNDERDOME In general: in AMC, you remain in the airframe you were assigned initially. C-130 slick bubbas stay in C-130 slicks. (common misconception: C-130 slick dudes do not easily slide into the AC or MC-130 unless selected). C-17 guys stay in C-17s. 25% of that C-17 force is airdrop qual'd and you'll have to ask an airdrop guy what that's all about...not my world. In honesty, there a lot of sincerely and deeply experienced dudes on this board. The question you've asked has been addressed many...many...many...many.......maaaaany times, HOWEVER it may or may not have been addressed recently. The environment is changing rapidly with each UPT graduation. The short answer to your core question: "if I track C-X am I stuck in C-X" the answer is unknown. The real answer is that that the cross-flow program is highly active and highly political...and HIGHLY TIME SENSATIVE. If you fly transport (C-5/C-130), then the tradition crossflow wants to put you into a tanker (KC-135/KC-10/KC46)...and vs versa. That transfer is 100% dependent on luck and timing. I can't say anything at all about fighter to fighter transfers. I ain't gay, but those tubby bitches love the cock. Be the best you can at your job. When you're given a job (reads.airframe.you.didn't.want) continue to be the best at your job and you will have options. Succeed and you may find that you're airframe is actually what you wanted (often happens), or that it steppingstone you to where you needed to be.
  2. Post the name. That pronoun is a cuntfart and should be treated as such. I haven't slapped something in a while and I'm due. If you're a 2-star, you are no longer shielded by the "military official" BS. Who is it?
  3. Bitch please. Obviously staged...we all know that telsa owners don't have beards without manbuns. Asshat.
  4. So, how much avgas can you put in the silos of a converted ballistic missile sub? Maybe couple that with an amphib tanker, or just airfields with dock access? Just saying, it's hard to blow up a fuel depot that you can't find...
  5. Definitely one of the coolest layovers. You gotta check out Connie.
  6. Wait...are ya'll arguing about the amenities of a new tube of shame, yet no one's going to deal with the fact that someone said "combat" and "tanker" in the same sentence?
  7. What's that? A millennial version of a 1911?
  8. *spoiler alert* 1000 sweaty germans in one tent, each drinking at least 5 liters of beer each, all wearing leather pants that have never been washed.
  9. I heard Putin is only drafting "non-cisgender men" though...to make sure proper diversity...so there's that...
  10. Correct. You are now discriminated against based on your gender. If you are white, you are now discriminated against based on your skin color. Obviously, the only way to get rid of racism and bigotry is more racism and bigotry. In other news, I highly recommend "Undaunted Life" a podcast for men, about men, by a man who is unapologetically a Christian man. No stones are left unturned. Not for the faint of heart.
  11. All kept I hearing was the drone operator thinking: "don't crash don't crash don't crash don't crash"
  12. ...which I doubt. Considering the lack of consistent funding and support they've had over the past decade, they'd be lucky to have HUMINT resources in place to give appropriate reporting. CIA has been getting crapped on since Clinton, and it can take decades to develop reliable and well placed sources. That said, with the rapid deterioration of Russia in...well...everything, it's entirely plausible they've had walk-ins with good intel.
  13. I don't care what Penny Benjamin you knocked up...that story has to be amazing! ....but did you die?
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