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  1. Mr. Lincoln in the C-130E sim on the graveyard shift at Little Rock. That dude was there for the patriotism, not the paycheck. If you know, you know...and that man was on bride 1.0...amazing.
  2. Sadly, there are more than few old-as-dirt-5-times-divorced captains I met over at 5Y who "had to keep working until 65" who would probably jump at the chance to stay until 68. Retirement money counts. Have they sorted out the LOA's to that contract yet? I'm hoping you guys get a good retirement deal out of it.
  3. …two years ago. Right? Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  4. Way to take a very nuanced topic and expose your (non?)-binary colors. Both you and Sim are welcome to take your inflammatory hyperbolic crap over to some other forum. What you're saying is BS and you know it. Stop.
  5. This is kinda the crux of the matter though. The supreme court does not (ok...should not...) strip rights, or grant rights. They interpret law. In the case of Roe, they CREATED a law completely outside the purview of the legislative process, where elected officials debate, deliberate, then vote on laws. That's the key. Each state has the right to listen to it's constituents and create laws in accordance with the will of those people. Roe completely bypassed that process. Reading the first 9 pages of the thorough 98 page decision makes that obvious. Unless legislation around those other rights you mentioned was put into place in an equally sloppy manner, there should be no problem. The only precedent I see being set is that the Court is willing to be thorough and examine it's own former mistakes. Roe stripped states of the right to legislate this topic in accordance with the will of the people, and gave voice to only one side of the debate. It's honestly more about correcting civics than it is about abortion.
  6. Yes you can have a similar schedule living in base...by bidding domestic equipment (A300, 757/767) and living in base. The domestic hub-turn critters typically have week-on/week-off types of schedules, but I've also heard of dudes rolling with 5 on/2-3 off as well. One guy I know consistantly does sort runs Mon-Thur/Fri, home on the weekends. We've got all kinds of schedules. The MD-11s live somewhere in between international and domestic (sounds like they're going more domestic these days though). We find a niche and get happy.
  7. Live in base out of Philadelphia on the AB. That's the real reason you can have the awesome life you have. Living in base for ANY airline, regardless of what's in the back, trumps all if you want a good home life. That's coming from a box-hauler currently sitting in my Domicile that is WAY far away from my home.
  8. Except at 5Y. Sounds like contract thoughts at Atlas are interesting...now that they have a 'new' contract that required immediate LOAs... Now that I've been able to observe the rest of the industry, I'm very glad I was able to depart that outfit quickly.
  9. This is why I so dearly my cargo gig. I land at ICN, and they say “follow the greens.” Wait…scratch that, cuz then I go to anywhere in China, which is like O’Hare…in mandarin.
  10. Kid, you need to go back to strategy and international relations class. At a most basic level, it can't be a lawful military strike unless the strike originates from, and is entirely conducted by Ukrainians. If they do it, I'm all for it. However, if a nuclear power assassinates (that's the word we use when discussing the intentional targeting a nation's leader by another non-belligerent nation) the leader of another nuclear power, all rational and reasoned arguments concerning the likely response are out the window. Beyond that, such a strike, regardless of it's success, by any of the non-belligerents in this event would only serve to validate all of Putin's propaganda. That then gives him (if he survives) or his replacement all the more validation for expanding what they would see as defensive and necessary combat operations...perhaps, though unlikely, with nuclear weapons. No possible win with an overt decapitation strike in this case. Chess, not checkers.
  11. Not a big one, but a lot of smaller ones. We use 8-10(ish) G-11s for something that size if memory serves me right. Simple math. Airdropping tanks is the most inefficient way deploying that kind of combat power though. More initial shock-troop value than anything else. Especially when you're dropping something that a simple RPG can take out after it lands. It also really messes up the tank when you drop it, especially the way the Russians do it with their airbag system. ...that'll be irrelevant after the the Patriot or the Stinger impacts though...
  12. holyfuckballs I deeply admire your honesty and trust. Welcome to the Thunderdome. We have some expectations to readjust. I've recently gone through it, so I'll gladly help. PM me, we can sort this out for you. Short answer: Yes you need a Flying Class 1 (FC1) and a FCC radio operators permit. Schedule a flying class one with a civilian AME in your local area ASAP to find out if you've got any hang-ups. If you have major medical issues such as PTSD, Heart murmer, etc...I don't recommend trying to hide...other opinions may differ. If you're comfortable and it's major, bring it up with the AME. If it requires a waiver, expect 8-12 months to get an waivered FAA FC1...so extra time is good. The FCC permit can be completely done online. Google it. Longer answer: Congratulations, you are a USAF pilot. That entitles you to be...a USAF pilot. If you're a Colonel or higher, I highly recommend re-learning how to do things for yourself again. I say that only half-joking, as I've seen how those ranks get treated. In the civilian world: no-one cares who you were. FAA has a COMPLETELY different grid of evaluating pilots. Respect that fact, as they are the ones who issue the license. Example: My instructor for the next week had over 10,000 flying hours BEFORE he was 26 and then hired by my current employer. Think about that for a minute. You're in a whole new world. You are now a UPT graduate again who needs to figure out all the new rules of the road. At core, yes, you've got what it takes. The USAF and the FAA do not like each other. Get over it right now. FAA says you need FCC Radio permit. Go get it. (seriously it took 2 minutes of googling and something like 65 bucks, online don't be that guy) FAA says you need FC1. Go get it. The worst thing you can do is foster the mental habit of "but in the air force I..." Just don't. The background you came from has remarkably thin impact on your aviation future beyond how well it prepared you to be evaluated on your ability to fly airplanes...which will rapidly become self evident if you get hired. Seriously. PM me. I've current on the hiring world right now. We'll get you sorted.
  13. This will not end well.
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