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  1. Yup. Because I had a concurrent running ADSC because AFPC incorrectly dated my GI bill transfer and refused to fix it. Regardless, having seen behind the curtain now, I can speak with authority when I say "don't take the bonus". ...and I did. I got out as soon as I could...right in the middle of a global pandemic, at 17 years of service, while non-current in an airplane, and I haven't regretted that decision even once. So I say again: don't take the bonus.
  2. All true words. I personally believe that senior USAF officials who want to maximize retention intentionally (if not consciously) hope to keep service members from understanding the real power of that word: "no" by trying to keep us focused on the money aspect, instead of the quality of life as a civilian, TR, or guardsman. But even there they fail. The 25k bonus from the 1990s should be a bare minimum of 37-40k to account for based on inflation alone. It's a barehanded slap to our intelligence.
  3. Any "renegotiation" will come with a longer commitment. For example in 2015 I took a 5 year $25k bonus. The next year I was offered a "renegotiation" option where the only option was up 20 YAS...which I flatly rejected. Weight all options heavily. When you are committed, you lose all power of "no". In the current environment, recognize that pilots are about to start abandoning ship again with airline hiring, leaving a massive hole in the population that is eligible for 180, 365, and non-desirable taskings to all AFSCs...and if you're committed, you have no say in the matter. Make su
  4. So, for frame of reference, I'd imagine that most universities and colleges instituted some version of this "safe space" silliness years ago with little or no fanfare. While I strongly disagree with the concept, it's not surprising to find that USAFA had this instituted on them (I highly doubt some cadet was whining for a safe space so loud that they made on for him). This sounds like something done TO the institution, not BY the institution. Don't believe me? How many USAF members here wanted to create an annual SAPR training in the format it currently takes (critiquing the for
  5. Concur. The one avenue they haven't tried (an aggressive bonus) is the one that would work most efficiently and effectively...just read the Rand study. I don't understand why they didn't try a super bonus for a year or two just to see what the take rate would be. Instead, budget dust in turning directly into airplane dust and dead pilots, and it's heartbreaking. But hey, none of those pilots were related to Senators...so like you said: acceptable losses. In other news, retention in my AFRC unit is excellent, and we're not even getting a bonus this year...yet we're happy to stay. Wh
  6. As I haven't said it a minute, and now I have even more perspective after separating. DO NOT TAKE THE BONUS AFRC and ANG have bonuses too, and they aren't underhanded or insulting.
  7. Where is Robert Heinlein when we need him?!
  8. Go troll somewhere else. This is actually a serious topic for adults.
  9. Honestly, I'm stuck in a hotel and I have nothing better to do and this is kinda fun.
  10. What you just said equates to "My own feelings are too loud to allow the introduction and analysis of facts. Look someone else understands some other facts that sound like they support me. By the way someone who has nothing to do with any of this died, so I'm right." If you were physically present, I'd slap you in the face, hard. Ask anyone here who knows me, they'll affirm that fact. Sometimes that's the only response to upset and end hysteria. I'm guessing you've never experienced such physical violence in your life. Perhaps you should seek is out. Like fight club, it might turn
  11. Setting aside the rampant ignorance that leads people to not want this vaccine, I can't pass on the necessity to clarify some science here: working with students has all of ZERO impact on someone's risk level. Age, health habits, and genetics directly impact someone's risk with this virus. Having a higher than normal interaction with multiple subjects may POSSIBLY (still not proven by the data we've seen) increase the likelihood of getting infected. However if an individual is young and healthy (i.e. doesn't smoke and isn't morbidly obese for starters) their level of risk is low, by th
  12. What I can't understand is why everyone is so up in arms about some old, old wooden ship!
  13. How can the Bobulinski story be a hoax with so many verifiable hard facts? Just finished watching the interview. Seems legit.
  14. Spoken like a stereotypical (thankfully it's a stereotype that the vast majority don't fall into) strat airlift pilot. You are ready for TACC.
  15. Yes, this is what's right with the Air Force. In the midst of a political, social, and military stupidity, a C-17 crew landed an emergency airplane in the combat zone and NO ONE noticed. Dear crew: well done.
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