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  1. If you are the only US guy at an isolated location, you could always open your own safety office, put yourself in charge, create your own safety course and issue yourself a current MSF card...problem solved and a great OPR bullet. If anyone ever calls you on it, you tell them of course there's a safety office, who do you think issued the card?
  2. It's funny only because I know I never have to set foot in that place ever again. (Former 429 ECS member) If you're looking for entertainment I'd suggest taking a rifle, finding a farmer's house and asking him if you can target practice on some whistle pigs. Don't forget a shotgun so you can do some dove hunting too.
  3. "Hey boss, I have to go over to CBPO." Commissary, BX, Post Office
  4. Very cool Rainman. Neat seeing airplanes I've actually worked on sitting in there.
  5. Wow, I've heard of "Take your daughter to work" day but that is crazy.
  6. She had to wait till she was 27....same as Robert Johnson, Brian Jones, Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin and Cobain.
  7. You are allowed to test earlier than the 42 days if you are in "exempt" status, you just have to request it. Generally speaking, you are in pretty good shape getting back from a deployment so might as well knock it out as soon as you can. 1.21.8. Ensures prior exempted members returning from deployment are assessed after the period of acclimatization (42 days from return to home station for RegAF and AGR; 90 days for other ARC members) unless member requests to assess earlier.
  8. Here's some advice...either have a dining in or a dining out, not a combination. Otherwise it's just a banquet. There's a reason they are separate, it's called Tradition.
  9. "Get inside her five times a day and take her to heaven and back." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e644WFD1rgM "Googles on, chocks away, last one backs a homo. Hurray!"
  10. Joined and 200 invitations sent out. Currently at 4,187 members.
  11. For those of us that were in elementary school in 1977, that's pretty much the way everyone looked....and we were cool dammit! I'm sure M2 and brick can speak to the terrycloth jumpsuits.
  12. Sky cops just posted their second DUI at the Rock inside of 6 months...way to go boys!
  13. They have one of those at the main gate at Little Rock. A few years ago I was driving onto base and had my 6 year old with me at the time. She looks up at it and with the straightest of faces says "Hey Dad, that's a Big Ass Fan!" Interesting few moments after that as she explained to me that that is what it said.
  14. I think the new research and development version is coming soon....the B-1RD. The Navy has a similar program called the C-GU11.
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