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  1. Quick update: we submitted the independent knee evaluation and MEPS came back saying they wanted to see the exam that the VA ordered which resulted in 10% disability for my knee (C&P exam). Has anyone gone through this and do you have any advice on getting this paperwork? They wouldn't give it to me on the day of the exam and getting it through the VA seems like it could take forever through the Privacy Act. Thanks
  2. He didn’t guarantee anything, but said to do an independent evaluation and he would submit that along with my other mil documents to MEPS. From there they make a decision on whether they will even see you. If they say no, you have to go through an Accessions Waiver. If they say Yes, but you fail MEPS, same process w the waiver. That’s how I understood it at least. He said it would be an uphill battle. Not sure if we can just turn off the disability payments, I haven’t heard of that option.
  3. That’s good to hear that I’d be treated as a trained asset most likely. I’ll try to research this in the regs too and see what I come up with. Thanks!
  4. I got out at ADSC after flying for 12 years and have been out completely for 1.5 years now (not in IRR). I just got hired for a flying position at a ANG unit and have just begun the process with their recruiter. I'm looking for advice on navigating the process smoothly, especially the medical part. Since I have 10% VA Disability for Tinnitus and 10% for knee pain the recruiter asked me to get an independent evaluation by my current doctor. I plan to submit those findings and hopefully will be approved to go to MEPS. I'd appreciate any gotchas specific or general that come to mind with medical and navigating the break in service. Thanks in advance!
  5. Is "ecosystem" the new "synergy"? YGBSM USAF Problem statement as written by career execs: "The Air Force's damaged aircrew ecosystem must be healed through stable and predictable funding along with incorpartion of advanced technologies to enable long-term systemic recovery required to FLY, FIGHT & WIN!" If it were written by Pilots: "Increase our budget so we can pay our pilots more and improve technology that will make our pilots' lives easier; both initiatives will increase our combat capability".
  6. See if you can get an intent to hire letter from the unit and go ahead and submit your package. Mine took 6 months for a decision so the sooner you can pull the trigger the better. Definitely talk to the unit and let’s them know what you’re trying to do. Just because they give you a letter doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind after an interview so they shouldn’t mind helping you.
  7. Just surprised my dad with a FedEx leather jacket handmade at Pop's Leather (on base store) in Turkey. Extremely high quality and he is very happy. Went with the built in holster option and the lamb wool liner. http://www.popsleather.com/prod_v2.php3?prod=192
  8. Post a pic of your Dodge Viper. To the OP: I own an exotic v10 and also an RV-4. Know which one I'm selling if I find myself suddenly jobless? There simply is no replacing the value and peace of mind of knowing you can open up the hangar, strap on your airplane (that nobody else flew or left a switch out of place in) and go fly. Most importantly, people in GA are second to none. RV owners particularly but I may be a bit biased.
  9. $50 increase for the senior pilots/IP/EPs that have been flying their asses off in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and HOA? That's like tipping your barber $1 after she spends 30-45 min cutting your hair. Might as well keep your $1 and go down to the BX barber if you can't afford the quality haircut. Also, CSAF needs to take the reigns on communicating anything related to pilot retention. He does much better than the others. This is a PR nightmare and casts a negative perception to the pilot retention crisis, as HAF is calling it. CSAF needs to communicate pilots that this is not in any way a measure of retention for the guys punching at initial UPT ADSC completion. Be honest and tell us that this is to incentivize the 14yr officer to stay 20 to retirement (because that's the only thing it does).
  10. Him Him Mr. Hoover was the best pilot there ever was and also a true class act. What was memorable to me was when Chuck Yeager was speaking at Oshkosh a couple years ago and said that Bob Hoover is a better pilot, and that he (Yeager) just had good timing and an engineering degree so got to break the speed of sound first. A rare humble moment from Yeager from someone who had flown with him as a test pilot.
  11. Thanks for the help! No T-6's for me unfortunately. Seems like a great time and I imagine seeing students progress from barely soloing to formation/instrument pilots is very rewarding.
  12. I have 3 years left on my ADSC and have an opportunity to fly T-6s. I flew T-34's in UPT. Is there an ADSC associated with the new aircraft or just the 2yr PCS ADSC. I've read the reg and the thread and am still thoroughly confused. Anyone in my situation?
  13. 370 IDE Selects, 2067 Selected Major LAF: 17.9% selects. My Pers shows March clearing out the 2005 Majors. Is 200/month safe to assume for the 2006 Maj Selects pinning on starting April?
  14. Huggy, I'm disregarding your last sentence as a youthful display of defiance. U-2 pressure suit for the win!
  15. The Zuca Pro is actually very legit. I've had mine for almost 7 years and have only had to replace the wheels once. http://www.amazon.com/Zuca-Pro-Travel-matching-cover/dp/B00DHI062O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1447775647&sr=8-1&keywords=zuca+sport+pro You can have a seat anywhere you are with this thing (flat top made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy). Also you'll always have something flat to step onto if you need it for a ladder. Best of all, you can roll it between the aisles of a commercial aircraft and it'll fit in the overhead bin. I find it's best for 5-7 day trips.
  16. I'm sure you will be ok. You may even be the only person on this Maj's board to get a school slot without a DP. That's a bizarre situation you guys are in at your base. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. We had a 62% rate at my base which sounds about right. For some reason I was thinking historically it was 75% DP. Wasn't sure if the lower rate was indicative of a lower overall rate that we should expect this year as well.
  18. What was the DP rate this year for Majors board?
  19. Glad the pilot is safe! Those comments are proof that not even a good deal assignment to Germany can change a miserable person.
  20. I'm talking about MKS pattern. They will dedonflict IFR traffic but do not monitor 123.05 UNICOM unless that's changed.
  21. If the C-150 only has one radio, then switching to CHS approach at 1400ft and only monitoring is absolutely the worst thing to do. Then the Cessna misses out on the majority of traffic making their 10min out and traffic pattern calls on Unicom frequency, but doesn't get the help of Flight Following either. How many radios in the Viper, just curious? We have a lot more tools at our disposal as AF pilots than the guy on departure climb out, in uncontrolled airspace in a 15K airplane.
  22. I hope it didn't come across that I'm advocating away from flight following here, it's a great tool. It's hard to tell if the Cessna would've attempted flight following later. Maybe the radio will be recovered and the preset or current freq will be revealing. Personally, between climbing out, switching freqs, and clearing for birds/planes, I probably wouldn't have had flight following established at only 1400ft. I see no reason to attempt two way on the ground either and if I remember right the reception is not good enough. This is a one and a million situation and there's no need for even more regulation as far as I can tell.
  23. Good stuff man, I agree with you on the education point and it's something we should all contribute to when we get the chance. IE: Air show engagement, Non formal hangar flys, Mid-Air Collision Avoidance meetings, Taking GA pilots to base. Quick favor though: Please go to skyvector.com or Foreflight and throw in KMKS direct KCRE and tell me how high ATC would be on your priority list. I've flown this route several times and the terrain is pretty remote. My main concern was lack of engine out landing options because of the dense forests river valleys. It's a terrible tragedy but hopefully we can all learn from it and rally support from both sides to continue to share the airspace in a safe manner. I can tell you, the default response of offended GA pilots to more regulation or criticism from better trained pilots is to squawk STBY and barely skirt the airspace. None of us want that for reasons you've stated Brabus. Going full circle back to the MOA discussion, I think mandating flight following in MOAs or a common freq to monitor is an excellent suggestion and now is the perfect time to advocate.
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