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  1. Congrats! It's wild seeing so many competitive applicants with crazy scores. When I interviewed with 2 heavies one had a cutoff of 90 Pilot and 90 PCSM and the other was 80s, even with those cutoffs there were still like 20-30 applicants in the running out of 100+. Then you tack on their work experience (prior enlisted, aerospace engineers...etc). I recall a kid from MIT at 23 with 1000+ hours and a guy with a PhD when I was rushing! I'm at the point where I can only apply for units open to an age waiver, but it really is about who you know. There's a loadmaster in the local squadron at my flying club and I didn't even know they were having a board (didn't see on BogiDope) until she told me, so I sent over my packet and was fortunate enough to get invited to rush. Were you part of the AW prior to getting the pilot slot? Congrats once again and hopefully it's a quick and smooth journey to UPT.
  2. I was invited to rush at a heavy guard squadron this year and the chief pilot said they invited applicants over the age limit, and they're willing to push the paperwork up to 35, so maybe it's possible.
  3. For those with experience being an older applicant or hiring a finalist needing an age waiver- I'm seeing 3 types of age limits on UPT postings: 1. 33 (some listing 30) 2. 33- Age Waivers case by case 3. 33- No Age Waivers For squadrons that listed 1 or 2, do you think it's worth it to fly out to their meet and greet or is it a hard rule? What if I was invited even though I'm over the age limit, should I say something? The reason I ask is because a squadron I interviewed with last year said they'll interview me for 2023 board and if chosen they'll push the paperwork for an age waiver. I remember last year they listed an age limit (I applied when I was below the age limit) which got me wondering how strict is the age limit? Also, should I be up front and list it on my resume and mention it at meet and greets? My mentor who is in a heavy squadron told me to NEVER mention it on my resume and if they want to find out my age they will figure it out. I had a bad experience doing this, I was chosen to interview for a slot and when they asked my age, I saw a few jaws dropped and they all scribbled furiously notes and I knew immediately I was out of consideration because of it. TIA
  4. This might be it. Granted I haven't been chosen as a finalist, but have rushed squadrons and got invited to interview. I've been to rush events with other candidates and could just see how some of them don't hit it off or are just pricks to other rushees. One guy stands out in mind, I would be having a conversation and the guy would just cut in and interrupt me, downplaying me because I'm off the street. "Yeah well I'm a blackhawk mechanic, so I understand service unlike off the street guys". One senior loadmaster saw what was going on and told the dude to go talk to a Colonel who was plastered and then he joined me to finish up our conversation. Didn't see the dude at interviews. Also be genuine and try to get to know them, I feel these guys can spot brownnosers well. I also saw it as trying to figure out if I would enjoy being around them for 10+ years. It works both ways, you're also in a way interviewing them too. I would look into bumping your scores. Last heavy unit I talked to, had a 90 pilot score cutoff. You mention issues with trying to take AFOQT and TBAS. I was 31 when I took my tests, I had to call every ROTC and AF recruiter down the coast to give me a chance to take the tests. I wasn't the only one, when I talked to other interview candidates they had the same experiences, think of it as a rite of passage 🙂
  5. Haha yeah, mostly lows but will keep trying! Somebody PM'ed me saying they got invited for a drill weekend and interviews, noting they were choosing local candidates. Congrats on the pilot slot!
  6. Props for not giving up on getting your wings. I've just been applying for the last year or so, I'll offer my input. From what I've been told from squadrons I've been rushing, it's been very competitive, esp after COVID. With the number of applications they get, a lot will do a hard cutoff for scores, specifically Pilot and PCSM. I don't know about the old/new scoring system, but try to get a printout of the higher version. The most recent heavy unit I applied to, the POC said they had so many applications they ended up only looking at people with both PCSM and Pilot over 90. Also keep all the paperwork and stuff from your LASIK just in case, I believe there's some sort of period after you get LASIK (6months to 12 months?) to make sure it's all good. You're still young and well below the age limit so just keep applying and building time.
  7. I didn't realize they had a board! Was it on Bogidope??
  8. Anybody heard back from the 327th? They were suppose to send out invites by this week.
  9. Sorry to hear that, you just got to keep applying and don't take it personally. They received over a hundred apps, so it's just competitive. When I was visiting a squadron, I asked what were things they looked for and one guy said most of the time it's razor thin, everybody has good scores, experience...etc they could pick a different group apps to interview depending on the day or mood. It's tough with the internet becaue they're casting a wide net, back in the day you'll just grab a drink and hang out with them and they'll think "MeekTiger is a cool cat, let's make him a pilot...etc" Also, update for the 327th, I received a phone screening, they're calling whoever made their score cutoffs, but they received well over 100 apps and only plan to invite a few for interviews since the board date is close and they don't want to waste people's time and money bringing in a bunch of people to interview. They expect to send interview invites this week.
  10. Also haven't heard back either, didn't realize the board was so close
  11. I'm in a similar situation, I'm turning 33 soon and have rushed and applied for the last year or so. I was able to land a few interviews with heavies. I'll be frank, it's really hard with the age limit. Most of the boards I applied for have an age limit much lower than 33 (esp fighters) and I'll apply anyways just to get rejected. You say you want to fly only fighters? That's a tough battle, there will be hundreds of applicants for 1-2 pilot slots. After a certain point I don't even think they care about all your flight hours and ratings, one board I was at picked a person who had 60 hours and there were airline pilots at the interviews. There will probably be more applicants in the future due to the Top Gun effect. From my experience with the age limit, I will most likely stop applying when I turn 33 or maybe keep applying to the ones I got interviews with and enjoyed their culture. I don't want to discourage you but it's going to be tough and you'll need an age waiver at this point. I say just take the AFOQT/TBAS, build up a good package and shoot it out. Go rush some squadrons and get to know the crew and their mission. Apply till the last no. Good luck.
  12. Man, those invites must had had super high scores or there were other factors, I thought my scores were competitive Pilot 99 and PCSM 96 and still got a TBNT, but my undergrad GPA was a 3.2. I feel you, I live in the SE too, a few hours from the 157th FS. It's a huge sacrifice to uproot your life to move closer to base, but it just depends on how bad you want it. It doesn't hurt to apply every where you can, you could get invited to rush and meet some really cool people that might sway your hesitation.
  13. I also got TBNT, I honestly was surprised they got back in less than a week given how many applications they got. Most squadrons get back to you in like a month, so I assume they had some quick filters or had a few people in mind already so don't take it personally. Every squadron wants something different. I've rushed squadrons where they ended up choosing somebody with 20 flight hours over somebody with a CFI and 500 hours. I talked to an F-16 guard pilot who applied and rushed for 4 years before he was selected as a finalist. You just have to keep applying and be persistent till the last ominous no. This will likely be my last year due to age but I'll keep applying till I no longer qualify. Go grab a drink and enjoy your birthday!
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