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  1. for what its worth, depth perception is a common issue in our modern screen driven lives. a tip is to practice using the magic eyes books, they are called stereograms and they can help you train up that binocular depth perception that staring at your phone all day kills ;)
  2. All the cool kids are using mongoDB bruh [emoji41][emoji481]
  3. ' lol maybe because they did it with the F-111 too? ;)
  4. Stop worrying and be a good bro of you are looking to go reserve. Your scores are not bad but not the best. Blow away the competition by being you and that will show through
  5. Not saying you don't know anything just felt like saying logistics aren't a huge issue was glossing over a potential snake pit. You're never going to convince me that unmanned ISR is anything more then the governments wet dream of being able to kill/spy without officially sending in American personnel. Which I don't have a problem with. But call a spade a spade. The saves money argument is garbage
  6. http://www.businessinsider.com/bloomberg-study-shows-drones-most-accident-prone-in-air-force-2012-6 This was compiled information and lumps the drones together vs manned aircraft.
  7. 50 + the rate of manned. I guess I was wrong. Currently they crash at a rate of 300%+ the rate of manned crashes. I believe it's about 9 per 100000 hours to 3 Don't need to cite the sources. They are it there and readily google able
  8. Logistics debateAble? Ok I'm not one to throw stones but that shit dude. If you don't know the numbers look them up. bandwidth, maint, 50+ percent crash rate. The cadre of dudes task with control and retrieval. If manned assets fell out of the sky and required so much shit and were so vulnerable and only were slightly better in very certain situations the Air Force would be part of the army again so fast your head would spin
  9. honestly i see it as this way, a way to spin up and draw down for positions such as pilots that allow them to retain talent when they need it and not have to pay it... i mean whats better then getting a traditional guard bro out of UPT hungry for hours and giving him all the flight time he can muster. then later in his career hes more fo a part time dude (leaving space for new blood) while retaining his skills for use in emergencies
  10. This. Airlines are one thing but coming from corporate you will effectively be blackballed unless you jump ship.
  11. Good god so the stories from my childhood about Mather were true? Haha
  12. The prob with the agcat are the landing gear interfering with the sensor sweep.
  13. True. I guess compared to the other options it was the only one non costal so I was confused.
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