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  1. Exactly, and if Big Grey wanted to pursue UCMJ actions again Crozier, they just became much harder. It’s almost as if the Navy is reliving their botching of their response to the string of collisions last year
  2. SECNAV just help create an Undue Command Influence defense that a first-year online-law school student could close
  3. Pitt4401


    Truth! I really should get off my ass and transfer everything to Vanguard, folks seem to have good things to say about that company.
  4. The BUFF guys in Guam had already been extended three months before this newest order came down. My knowledge of 36-2110 is rusty but I’m hoping those dudes/dudettes got short tour credit for that. might not help you when you are in an ops sq, but could prove useful down the road in your career
  5. I am honestly amazed to this day, that SECAF/CSAF weren't asked for their resignations on that awful day.
  6. I worked at AFPC and it is very possible. Your SR is given instructions on how to extend (or not extend) continuation. If a SR elects to deny continuation it's seen as an adverse action (no kidding). I forget what justifications need to be made, but I remember calling a passed over Major and pleading with him to do a mea culpa to his SR...the O-4 had stepped on his crank in a colossal manner and didn't fully realize how much he had poisoned the well.
  7. If the last look population is growing, do we think over time as these officers enter the mix it'll do anything to help temper expectations on how fast a career should progress? Wishful thinking I know, maybe I am hoping for an unintended positive consequence of this change
  8. "... I want them to have the opportunity to learn from them without being under public scrutiny..." With all due respect to the good Colonel. When you volunteer for a high-visibility position, you agree to become a public figure. Don't step on stage if you can't handle the lights. The non-disclosure of her removal raises more questions than anything else.
  9. So notification could come at any time or not at all. Allow me to explain, Mother Blue has done her best to let folks decline school without ill-will. But the thing is, lots of folks won't shit or get off the pot until March-May... As a result, they greatly reduce the time for folks downstream to make a decision. I am at ACSC as a student right now, I can tell you school leadership was having plenty of no-shows by RNLTD... As a result a small rush was on with AFPC to get folks headed to the school house.
  10. I have not gone through a special selection board but I did spend a stint as the assignments officer for my career field (not on the porch). Here's what I can tell you from my memory... If you are missing items, last I heard, the default answer is to allow the member to meet the supplemental board. What does the supplemental board look like? They essentially recreate the board that you met. Meaning, the records of folks that need to meet the supplemental board are intermingled with a controlled sample from the original board. This sample represents the cut-off that occurred at that board. If your record can beat the records that made it across the finish line...then you will be promoted. If not, then you do not promote. A word of advice. I had a member's put a crap-ton of hope into "Well my joint time was incorrect" on my record. But in the end, it didn't move the needle. Don't get me wrong, every inch counts (Al Pachino--Any Given Sunday)... but be mindful that you aren't creating false hope.
  11. Funny moment from SOS with the Commandant-in-question: It was Day 1 or 2 of the course and he was giving his intro speech. He said words to the effect of "Take a look around, for 80% of you this will be your last in-residence PME experience" Next to me was a SpecOps pilot who was silently shaking and pulling his fist in celebration... I don't think our esteemed leader thought his words would have that effect.
  12. I am skimming it now, what you learn is Gates was incredibly devoted to the young Americans fighting today's war. In his own words he did not see many senior officers share a sense of urgency in the middle of the fight -- which is why he took many of the actions he took. He was the right SECDEF for the time. By his own admission, we do a bad job at preparing for the next fight, so time will tell of reducing the Gen 5 fighter buy will come back to haunt us. But I will say this, as a lay person... The Air Force's initial reluctance to build up the RPA capability is dumbfounding. Consider this: -Wounded/Dead/Captured Aircrew are a political liability and can erode public support for a campaign -Cheaper cost comparisons to conventional aircraft (I fully admit a lot of talking heads leave out the support costs and other expenses) -Loiter capability How could a 3 or 4 star back in the 1990s not realize this was going to be the next incredibly popular weapon system with our elected leaders? I am not saying that we should consider the manned aircraft a relic of the past and that RPAs will solve all of our problems. What I am saying, is I wonder if someone had exercised foresight in the 1990s if we could have gotten ahead of this thing and prevented all the growing pains associated with the quick build up. For example, if the 11U AFSC had been crafted in the late 1990s could the forced RPA tours been mitigated to some extent? For a branch of the military that claims it was born from and embraced technology, our experience with RPAs would prove otherwise.
  13. Not to mention the impact on the sacrosanct PT test
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