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  1. Pitt4401

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    "... I want them to have the opportunity to learn from them without being under public scrutiny..." With all due respect to the good Colonel. When you volunteer for a high-visibility position, you agree to become a public figure. Don't step on stage if you can't handle the lights. The non-disclosure of her removal raises more questions than anything else.
  2. Pitt4401

    School Alternate

    So notification could come at any time or not at all. Allow me to explain, Mother Blue has done her best to let folks decline school without ill-will. But the thing is, lots of folks won't shit or get off the pot until March-May... As a result, they greatly reduce the time for folks downstream to make a decision. I am at ACSC as a student right now, I can tell you school leadership was having plenty of no-shows by RNLTD... As a result a small rush was on with AFPC to get folks headed to the school house.
  3. Pitt4401

    Promotion and PRF Information

    ATC chatter doesn't count.
  4. Pitt4401

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I have not gone through a special selection board but I did spend a stint as the assignments officer for my career field (not on the porch). Here's what I can tell you from my memory... If you are missing items, last I heard, the default answer is to allow the member to meet the supplemental board. What does the supplemental board look like? They essentially recreate the board that you met. Meaning, the records of folks that need to meet the supplemental board are intermingled with a controlled sample from the original board. This sample represents the cut-off that occurred at that board. If your record can beat the records that made it across the finish line...then you will be promoted. If not, then you do not promote. A word of advice. I had a member's put a crap-ton of hope into "Well my joint time was incorrect" on my record. But in the end, it didn't move the needle. Don't get me wrong, every inch counts (Al Pachino--Any Given Sunday)... but be mindful that you aren't creating false hope.
  5. Pitt4401

    SOS/ACSC information

    Funny moment from SOS with the Commandant-in-question: It was Day 1 or 2 of the course and he was giving his intro speech. He said words to the effect of "Take a look around, for 80% of you this will be your last in-residence PME experience" Next to me was a SpecOps pilot who was silently shaking and pulling his fist in celebration... I don't think our esteemed leader thought his words would have that effect.
  6. Pitt4401

    Gates vs. the Air Force

    I am skimming it now, what you learn is Gates was incredibly devoted to the young Americans fighting today's war. In his own words he did not see many senior officers share a sense of urgency in the middle of the fight -- which is why he took many of the actions he took. He was the right SECDEF for the time. By his own admission, we do a bad job at preparing for the next fight, so time will tell of reducing the Gen 5 fighter buy will come back to haunt us. But I will say this, as a lay person... The Air Force's initial reluctance to build up the RPA capability is dumbfounding. Consider this: -Wounded/Dead/Captured Aircrew are a political liability and can erode public support for a campaign -Cheaper cost comparisons to conventional aircraft (I fully admit a lot of talking heads leave out the support costs and other expenses) -Loiter capability How could a 3 or 4 star back in the 1990s not realize this was going to be the next incredibly popular weapon system with our elected leaders? I am not saying that we should consider the manned aircraft a relic of the past and that RPAs will solve all of our problems. What I am saying, is I wonder if someone had exercised foresight in the 1990s if we could have gotten ahead of this thing and prevented all the growing pains associated with the quick build up. For example, if the 11U AFSC had been crafted in the late 1990s could the forced RPA tours been mitigated to some extent? For a branch of the military that claims it was born from and embraced technology, our experience with RPAs would prove otherwise.
  7. Not to mention the impact on the sacrosanct PT test
  8. Pitt4401

    Lt Col Wilkerson sexual assault case

    Anyone else wondering why Wilkerson's philandering as a Captain wasn't rewarded with enough administrative action to prevent his promotion to Major. Point being, had someone drawn the line at that point...we wouldn't even be having this conversation now?
  9. Why am I having visions of the Courtroom scene from The Boondock Saints?
  10. Pitt4401

    Masters information (MBA/GRE)

    J, Thanks for asking this question, looks like you found the answer. Only thing I can add is when I was at SOS last year, a rep from AU did their company pitch for the OLMP and I remember saying that at the completion of the Capt's version that you could do 4 more courses and knock out ACSC. I think it's already been covered here, but I'll give credit to Big Blue for offering a free, no-adsc option for those looking to check to box. On a side note, question for the crowd...Is the OK State MBA still seen as the best value for a distance learning AACSB-certified for .mil folks?
  11. Pitt4401

    Inside Combat Rescue

    The NatGeo crew did a good job of telling this story, and an even better job at staying out of the sensitive turf battles that took place during that period of time. In some episodes you can hear dialogue about which missions are "inside the box", I give a lot of credit to the camera crews not trying to turn that into an issue. My only gripe is that NatGeo only bought 6 episodes, it seems rare to see meaningful TV programming lately.
  12. Pitt4401

    War with Iran and your career

  13. I know there's no fooling the JFTR on this one...but it seems just like another sad story of Big Blue doing less for its people. It is easy to imagine scenarios where the dependent travel is a god-send for spouses stationed far from their extended family or hometown. (Having just wrapped a 36-month tour at Eielson...very easy to imagine) Probably another reason we need to make Finance Guy king of his domain, so he can correct this problem.
  14. Pitt4401

    F-22 Raptor info

    http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123302134 Panetta orders Air Force to take further steps on F-22 ... Finally, Panetta directed the Air Force to provide him with a monthly progress report as the service continues the search for the root cause of the problem. These steps are in addition to the measures the Air Force is already taking to determine the root causes of the hypoxia-like symptoms pilots have experienced. Panetta made this decision in part due to the reluctance of some pilots to fly the aircraft, Little said. ... I know the devil's advocate will say that Big Blue was arleady trying to work the issue. But I still say, the squadron should buy those two a couple of rounds for directing the proper attention to this. Big Blue only tends to move quickly when the heat is on (KC-767, Dover, etc...........)