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  1. Sounds more like either A. The CC wants more control over the masses or B. He doesn't want the blame if someone does something stupid. Too bad he is willing to sacrifice other's ability to defend themselves for it...😡
  2. Get some 31-34NRR ear plugs (make sure you wear them correctly) and wear some electronic ear muffs.
  3. O-4 is down by about $30 at Malmstrom...which was already pretty weak on BAH.
  4. BRS still has a 40% pension after 20, last I heard.
  5. So, VOR, LOC, ILS, and LNAV...that's not a bad starting set. (I thought it could do TACAN as well?) Throw in a 15year old Garmin and you'd get LPV too, lol.
  6. 2! It gets really freaking frustrating when the ops unit runs more gradebooks than the schoolhouse, and it takes months to get people trained up on things that were taught during IQT previously. The past 5-10 years have seen too much "just make the ops units do it, so we can "graduate" more half-trained aircrew."
  7. It is one of the more impressive passive-aggressive ways to avoid fielding a fleet of aircraft that I've ever seen.
  8. RIP 🍺 "Unplanned parachute departure"...is that a chute opening in the aircraft or the harness failing on opening?
  9. If you think accused and convicted are the same thing, your legal understanding is lacking. House investigations and/or referrals are absolutely NOT the same as a Senate trial and removal from office
  10. Well, the SDF's PR campaign has definitely started: https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/10/13/kurds-assad-syria-russia-putin-turkey-genocide/?fbclid=IwAR2uZvM6YZieLFJAWJF7S5x0WvyB0NqnFKCIH3bMJR_NxLmkvsE2rwItJic
  11. Uneducated spitballing, but if it only carries shorter range weapons, push it forward of the manned flight lead...? Lots of options, with some limitations vs a voting enemy, of course.
  12. As for Del Rio, I recommend partying on base vs in town. (Easier, safer, less driving, and if things are like they were a few years ago, leadership is more understanding of on-base minor stupidity vs making the local news/blotter)
  13. raimius


    Good luck, man. I hope things get back toward a good kind of normal for you soon.
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