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  1. RIP Doc

  2. More Uniform Changes!

    Yeah, if you've got the budget, Massif is about as close to magic as I've seen in clothing. Shell jacket that keeps you comfy from 55-15F...or -20 if you wear their base layers as well.
  3. Leadership at the 'Deid

    ...and mandatory brown t-shirts and Coyote boots. More stuff to buy for people. Those text job patches all got canned except for first responders, battlefield airmen...and one exception. (I wonder who wrote that...). Not that I care a ton, but wouldn't having people's jobs on their sleeves make things easier? Why are we restricting that?
  4. Flight Pay increases

    So, those looking at leaving get a 0.5% pay raise? Yeah, that'll make the difference. I won't say "no" to $50 more a month, but the AF is kidding themselves if they think that would sway people's decision.
  5. Professional pilot kill recreation?

    Mil flying has met my needs, so far. That said, if I don't get to fly on duty for a while, I definitely start to miss it. Sadly, helicopters are stupid expensive... I'm definitely thinking about saving up for an RV-7/8 in the future, though. The .gov won't pay me to fly forever.
  6. Multiple stories of that happening in Vietnam.
  7. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Was that to add to the point, or did you miss the pegged-out sarcasm meter?
  8. Well, there wasn't a lot of "wow" to it, IMO. They didn't even correct for inflation from the last time the bonus changed.
  9. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    We won't be operating in uncontested skies. The war in Iraq is over. Afghanistan is winding down. There are very few failed states anymore. Also glad we won that darn war on drugs a couple decades ago!
  10. Latest Movies

    Dunkirk is good. Character development and dialogue are pretty lacking, but the tension is amazingly well done. Definitely worth watching on a big screen.
  11. Gun Talk

    The Mossberg 930 Miculek edition has been working pretty well for me, at half the price of some others. That said, I don't mess with it. The only thing I've done is add a side saddle. If you tinker, results may vary. I think I've only had one failure to fire. Not sure if it was a light strike or bad round, to be honest.
  12. The Next President is...

    It doesn't say much good about CNN that after seeing the President tweet a rude meme, they decide the best course of action is to do some open source intel gathering in order to go after the guy who photoshopped their logo into a years old wrestling video, have him apologize, delete his account, and imply they will publicly ID him if he ever posts things they don't like in the future. Legally, it's probably a stretch to go for a criminal blackmail charge...but seriously, this is what an international news organization thinks is a good idea?!
  13. Non-vol to T-38s. How screwed is the AF if a bunch of UPT studs don't even want to be fighter pilots?
  14. Fix the QoL issues and people will not demand massive pay increases (so long as people have a "comfortable" upper-middle class base pay). You'll still lose people looking for better pay, but probably not at an unsustainable level. OR Compete with the airlines for pay. You'll still lose people looking for QoL, but maybe you'll get sustainable numbers. OR Fix both and actually have a surplus of pilots (...and unicorns might shower you with pots of gold...)