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  1. That sucks, but you were the AC and the aircraft was damaged due to an error of the crew. I don't know the AETC culture on student initiated mishaps, so I don't know if that is within the realm of ordinary. Legally speaking, that sounds like a valid Q3...even if it's really lacking in bromanship or understanding.
  2. Unless it's some sort of retaliation/IG type issue, I think it's pretty much at their discretion... Safety/Judgement issues are kind of hard to disprove.
  3. Good to know. I was running on info from about 7 years ago. Thanks.
  4. Not unless you are accepted for OTS or AMS (the guard version of OTS), or do ROTC while in college.
  5. Read up young Padawan... Google is your friend. https://www.airforce.com/careers/detail/pilot?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQjwrpLoBRD_ARIsAJd0BIX2lifOeozi3FzMQ1yMsQzp6O6Ilj7-LLJ_ocM61PrqWaIuvhfHchMaAlrtEALw_wcB Further, I'd recommend brushing up on your written communication skills. Asking for career advice while sounding like a middle school student texting their friends makes you look poorly prepared and not serious.
  6. Being a pilot-centric forum, airline hiring is an outsized factor for our retention, but this is a broader issue than just pilot retention.
  7. To give them some credit, the Italian Army CSAR detachment actually had some pretty good organic capabilities (but not great range, since their attack helos can't AR). MV-22s are interesting and have great range/speed once they get rolling, but I'm not sold on them being a great solution (MX in particular).
  8. Against a high-end adversary, be prepared for a truly robust CSAR task force or get ready to go non-conventional. If you can't bring a HH-60 in, I doubt you'll want to fly a C-130 overhead to drop the flying Uber out the back.
  9. It may actually be the system working correctly. Leadership sits down and discusses who deserves awards based on what their people did over the quarter/year, then documents it on paper. That's got to be better than doling out awards based on who can write the most polished bullets ("you don't get awards, your 1206s get awards"). In units that did that, I usually saw the ADOs draft the 1206s for flt/ccs, and the DO or CC did the FGO 1206s.
  10. Mypers shows the last update point on their timeline was at the USecAF office in late January. ... government efficiency at it's finest.
  11. Quite the cvr in the links.
  12. raimius

    Gun Talk

    Not sure I follow. You have a M&P 15-22 that you want to convert?...to what? For cheap optics, I'd probably look at Primary Arms or Holosun. They seem to get decent reviews.
  13. True, but I think whoever was looking at it from HAF (if anyone) probably bit off on the flattening of the bonus vs takers chart at the $30-40k mark. That would indicate that above that amount, the bonus will sway fewer people per dollar added. It would still keep getting more takers through $100k, but the "efficiency" of bonus money goes down above that $30-40k mark. The AF is calling it a crisis, but still wants to pay as little as possible, even if that means prolonging the crisis and losing more experience along the way. Based on the ACTF Reddit AMA, it's because the AF is too afraid to ask Congress to up the bonus to the RAND results. (Left unsaid is that they won't even pay people the full flight-pay amount because reasons...?)
  14. To be fair, the RAND study did show a drop off in added retention above $30-40k. You get the most people to stay by giving $100k, but you still get a bunch of those at $30-40k. That said, if this was really a "crisis" to Big Blue, HAF would still ask for the $100k to keep the most people--that they don't have the guts/desire to even ask says something.
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