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  1. I did something similar. I paid for it myself and then a month or two later when everything was established, I drove over to the hotel with one of the comptroller girls, she swiped the unit card, and the hotel refunded me.
  2. I once worked for a contract outfit that had a training bond of 1 year for initial qual and 6 months for a refresher. The reason was because the owner (retired Army) was tired of his employees going to work for his competition. In theory, one could be under a perpetual bond. The only escape was to refuse or have an excuse to delay training, to avoid acquiring a new training bond. It seems this is now the setup with regular AF.
  3. Chida

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    Healthcare costs depend on the airline. At the airlines I’ve been, healthcare premiums ranged from 0 to 80 per month. One paid my Tricare Reserve Select premiums. One has retiree health insurance which pretty much torpedoes the whole “stay in for the healthcare!” argument. So to sum up: depends on the company.
  4. Chida


    There’s confusion on this subject because there are two disability ratings that one might receive. One is post-AD from the VA. The other is an in-service disability rating given by the DOD as a result of the Medical Review Board, which may or may not lead to a disability retirement. The two are totally separate processes.
  5. Chida

    ANG to AFRES Questions

    Disregard what I said above: I was thinking about the reverse transfer, ie AFRES to ANG. What the reg says is in AFI 36-2005, 6.2. Practically speaking, you'll need only a 1288, but then the medical folks will want you to have some kind of statement saying you're fit for further service. Traditionally, this was on a Form 422, but you'll have to ask the gaining medical people what they want or need, plus consult with the gaining recruiter. The gaining recruiter is who will help you with initiating the 1288, so after you have a promise of hire from the squadron, your next stop should be the recruiter that services that squadron's area. After that, you'll work with your losing and gaining MPF to help the 1288 along the way. No doubt they'll want all manner of documents from you.
  6. Chida

    ANG to AFRES Questions

    Get a DD368 from your losing mpf. Initiate 1288. Do a form 24. Process takes about 2 months.
  7. Just got my final LES for CY17 and still have old flight pay rates.
  8. We are now over 2 months into the new FY and still no comms about this. Any DSG or TR see the increase in flight pay on their LES, yet?
  9. Question for medical folks. I have been told and I have read (in newsletters from ARPC and the medical community) an unattributed saying which is repeated quite regularly such that no one questions it. That saying is "You must be in a military status to use the MTF." I do not believe this is correct nowadays. The reason is because I have Tricare Reserve Select regardless of my military status, something that was not possible before around 2005 or so. TRS is basically Tricare Standard and people on Tricare *can* use the MTF on a space-available basis. How is it determined if space is available? No one can tell me that either. Their go-to is that space is unavailable. Easier to say "no" than to actually have to do something. So any docs or clinicians that can help me out with this and give me AFI references to support these two aphorisms, I'll appreciate it.
  10. Just got my first LES for FY18 (in which I did FY18 duty) and no increase to flight pay. Also no communication about this from anyone. Just one more thing for me to have to track down and take care of. ANG btw.
  11. Chida

    PRF Recommendations

    Write a pretty darn good PRF based on their Navy records. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Chida

    Flying around Kunsan

    Osan has an Aero club. That's the only thing in ROK I am aware of. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Chida

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Unless the guy was a criminal and given a dismissal thru a cm, given that we are supposedly in crisis, he should have been offered continuation. If he was not a criminal and not offered continuation, there's your evidence that the AF doesn't truly believe they're in crisis. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Not possible to retire from IRR unless you picked up at least 35 points from point-earning activity from IMA, AD, or SELRES (includes ANG and PIRR). USAF has two PIRR programs that are technically IRR, but AFRES treats them like SELRES in that they're on the same promotion board as SELRES and they get a CAC. The two PIRR programs are Admissions Liaison Officer and CAP-RAP. Straight IRR does not get a CAC, thus cannot do PME courses. The only points possible are 15 membership points for a straight IRR guy, so you'd need to get the other 35 prior to going IRR in that RR year for that RR year to be good. In addition, AFRES only let's you stay IRR for two bad years, then you're transferred to the inactive status list. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Meanwhile.... Where is the voluntary rated recall program? That's another tool they could use right now, but are not, as far as I know? True that most would not be interested, but some would be, and every body counts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk