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  1. I asked the question to ARPC. They said that the earliest to request transfer is when the members knows he will have 20 good years. IOW when he gets 35 points in that final year. But you gotta make damn sure you have 20 good years before exercising this option bc the 20 yr letter will be published after you’re out.
  2. PT uniform change. Will start sometime in 2022 and be phased-in over 4 years. New PT uniform
  3. Is it possible to voluntarily transfer to retired reserve at 20 yrs? I have a guy in my sq who has prior enlisted time (so it’s not a msd retirement). ARPC is telling him he can’t req retirement until he gets 20 yrs, possibly not until his 20 yr letter. If that’s true the earliest he can retire is after attaining 20 yrs: +120 days to receive 20 yr letter +180 days notice =20 yrs & 10 months! Anyone have anecdotal experience with this situation?
  4. Yes, ISR. I typically did this: 3 months in Afg ~1 month vacation 3 months ADOS with squadron (Mon-Fri [and Sat, Sun once per month]) Repeat. If your sq can't get you ADOS like that, then you can use IDT/AT and you would probably not be at the squadron as much. IOW you'd have fewer months at a time in the sq.
  5. I let my Flying Class II physical lapse (I'm in a non-flying/no fly pay job, currently). How many years can I go without a Class II exam before I have to do a Class I or initial to get back to flight status? IOW how many years beyond expiration before I have to jump thru hoops?
  6. Talk it over with management and come to the meeting with a detailed plan. One of my past squadrons allowed a block of time once per quarter. Another past squadron I'd show up every 3-4 months and did duty for 2-3 months (I was a contractor overseas at the time). These block deals include your yearly minimums: 15 days active duty, and 48 UTAs (or an equivalent chunk of active duty), although I tended to significantly exceed that just to maintain semi-annual/annual currencies. Maintaining all currencies except for monthly t/o & land was expected, so you'll have to massage your schedule to
  7. It is not the same. It's ~$50 less per month or ~$600 less per year, but yes it's similar. As for the rank question if you are recalled from Retirement: Commentary from the Rand Corp: 10 U.S. Code § 689: Officers are ordered to active duty in their retired grade.... ...Officers who served in a grade higher than their retired grade may be ordered to active duty in that higher grade.... They are treated as if they were promoted to that higher grade while on that tour of duty, and may retire at that higher grade if they satisfactorily serve a total of 36 months. Officers who are promote
  8. For the Reserve Retiree: hypothetical. Assumptions: reached age 60 in Dec 2020 (so using pay charts from 2018-2020 to calculate high-36). Served age 23 to age 43 and transferred to grey area in 2003. Had 20 good years and 5000 points. Note that since grey area time counts for pay chart purposes, the years will be 37, 36, and 35 or put simply the max pay on the chart) $8088: high36 for Maj (didn't serve 3 yrs TIG to make O-5 stick). $2808 per mo retired pay $9539: high36 for LtCol (served at least 3 yrs TIG so takes O-5 into the retired rsv). $3312 per mo retired pay So the diffe
  9. For the Reg Retiree: I just ran the numbers for a hypothetical. Assumption: reached 20 years of active duty service in Dec 2020 (so using pay charts from 2018-2020 to calculate high-36). $9097: high36 for 2.5 years as O-5 and .5 yrs as O-4 gives $4614 per month retired pay $9206: high36 for 3 yrs as O-5 gives $4670 per month retired pay
  10. If he is a reserve retiree: if he doesn’t get his 3 yrs TIG before transfer to the grey area then his rank will be Maj and his pay will be based on top Maj pay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Yeah, but time in the grey area counts for pay chart purposes, so your clock keeps running until age ~60. So the rank you take with you into the grey area is what counts. So for me, assuming I get my 3 yrs tig before I go to the grey area, will be O-5 with 37 years so the high 36 will all be top of the chart O-5 pay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Are you regular retiring? If so then your pay is slightly affected since it’s high-36, which is the average of your highest 36 months of pay. If you’re a reserve retiree it is hugely affected since your pay will be based on top of the chart major’s pay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The above info is for retired reserve. If you’re regular retired then you get Select/Prime for ~$25/ mo from the time you retire until age 65 at which point TFL/Medicare starts. I know select/prime have different costs but they’re both currently very cheap and that info is on their website.
  14. Since Tricare Reserve Retired is so expensive: I get insurance thru my employer, but if I were ever laid off and had to get insurance on my own I would do the VA for myself and for the wife I’d get Obamacare for ~$400/mo. If your wife works then I’d see about getting it for both of you from her employer.
  15. All information is on the Tricare website. Brief big picture: -Tricare Reserve Select: available to SelRes (drilling reserve or guard) for ~$300 /mo family -Tricare Retired Reserve for under age 60 retired reserve for ~$1000 /mo family -Tricare select/prime for retired reserve age 60-65 for ~$25/mo family -Tricare For Life for 65+ as a supplement to Medicare Part B (you have to pay Medicare premiums, but currently TFL is free) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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