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  1. It's kind of a gray area. CCW laws are written more towards either you being a "state resident" or a "out of state" resident. As a military member you're kind of neither. For my career I was a FL resident, but I never once laid my head to rest in FL (aside from TDY) in FL; however, I owned property in FL, maintained a FL address, and "paid taxes" in FL. As a result I carried with a FL resident permit, regardless of where I was stationed at. I'm no lawyer, so don't take this any kind of legal advice, BUT I would say that this is one of those gray areas that you can exploit. I would advise you to get a "resident" permit in the state that is the most advantageous to you. You can make a case either way for a resident permit in either your home of record state, or whatever state your're stationed in. I would base the decision on whichever permit has the greatest reciprocity with other states. So if you're an IL resident for example I'd advise getting an IL permit since it's good in IL as well as a LOT of other states; however, IL doesn't recognize any other state's permit. That's just one example, it's going to take a bit of homework on your part to figure out what works best for you. EDIT: Also, I would suggest getting a passport card and using that as your primary source of ID, especially if your CCW resident permit is different from your drivers license state, and keep a set of orders on hand (glove box) as well. When you really boil it down to a practical sense, it doesn't matter. The key word here is CONCEALED, so if you do it right, nobody knows you are armed anyway and if you are placed in the unfortunate circumstance where you need to reveal yourself as armed nobody will care what state your permit (if you have one) is in. The only point that becomes a problem is in states that have a "duty to inform". Edit 2: I always assume that whatever state I'm in is a "duty to inform" state. Where this comes into play is traffic stops. In practice if I'm pulled over and I'm armed (pretty much always) I start the traffic stop with both hands either out the window or on the wheel and start the interaction with "Sir, for everyone's safety I want to you to know that I am lawfully armed and my weapon is located ____". Usually this results in the cops wanting to shoot the shit about what kind of gun I have, perhaps some good natured shit slinging about brand preference, and a warning regarding the traffic violation.
  2. Regionals are a grind for sure, but if you end up at a decent one it's bearable. Beats flying droids from a shipping container in the middle of nowhere.
  3. Definitely didn't mean that in a screw-my-bros sort of way, if that's how it came across. I've been chasing this job aggressively for going on two years now and would be glad if those who lacked tenacity to deal with inconveniences like a temporarily broken app system or maybe saw FDX as a hedge for another job elsewhere would step aside and give others the opportunity.
  4. I hope they all bail. Fewer people standing between me and my dream job. I would do unspeakable things for a job at FDX.
  5. PIREP from a current applicant (me). Yes, MOST of your pilot credentials info will transfer, but there are many transposition errors necessitating a complete scrub of your app. Do not assume that just because you have and up to date PC profile that your app in the new system will be good.
  6. Unofficially we would try to make it work, but no way would a top 3rd kid get bumped for a bottom 3rd kid just for Join Spouse consideration. Maybe up or down a spot or two tops to massage it, since assignments do come down to Flt/CC discretion, but beyond those one or two spots it gets really hard to defend. As with all things the most important thing the student can do is be successful and take control of their destiny.
  7. AFI specifically prohibits Join Spouse as a consideration for initial assignment selection out of UPT. With that said, grabbing something that is not as competitive to a base with a wide mission set is your best bet to unofficially get stationed together or at least close. Edit: It has been three years since I was a Flt/CC and worked assignments. Perhaps the AFI changed, but if I were you I would get smart on it, specifically the 36-2205v4 (or whatever replaced it).
  8. https://www.foxnews.com/us/jet-crashes-on-texas-air-force-base Fox reporting 1 dead/1 injured.
  9. If wearing the bag is a make/break thing you may have some serious life prioritization issues
  10. Just released-- second crewmember (Navy dude) didn't make it.
  11. Seeing word on Facebook that Holloman is reporting a mishap with a "manned aircraft". No words on type, nationality, or condition of crew. https://www.alamogordonews.com/story/news/local/community/2018/06/22/holloman-aircraft-crashed-wsmr-cancelling-military-exercise/726450002/ Edit: looks like an A-29, see below.
  12. Ya, I had about 3 months left, so I flew my ass off and banked about 100hrs. It was actually the good life-- I only showed up to work when I was on the flying schedule, what were they going to do? Fire me?
  13. It is indeed RNLTD. My story concluded with me getting an assignment with a June '16 RNLTD, I dropped the 7 day option, enjoyed the good life for a year, caught a non-flying "gee i can't understand why all the pilots are leaving" 6 month going away tour in CENTCOM, and now I'm a free man.
  14. Without Gp/CCs and NAFs, the AF would struggle to "groom" HPOs to join the club. The AF is a jobs program first and foremost.
  15. Seems like a good idea until you realize that all it will do is concentrate even more power upward. WG/CC will become the new GP/CC. The AF as a whole already doesn't trust SQ/CCs and sees them as just baby leaders on probation being closely babysat by GP/CCs who themselves are on O-6 probation. So now the O-6 probation job will be the WG/CC who babysits the SQ/CCs, and no real decision making power will exist at the base level anymore, it will just further fuel the "mother may I" bullshit where every little decision needs to be run through NAF or MAJCOM staff.
  16. CP was a recent student of mine at CBM. Really solid dude, and a disproportionate loss to the flying community.
  17. I'm just hoping JPRC has a quiet night. One of these days we as a country will learn what "not our fight" means.
  18. I can't speak with certainty about how the other regionals handle the big bonuses that they're offering, but I imagine it is a similar setup. I'd still recommend taking the money, but treat it like when finance overpays you. By that I mean take it, invest it, keep the interest, but be prepared to cough up the principle at any time. AWA does give you the option to defer the bonus until you reach the "earned" thresholds. This takes away your opportunity to earn interest off the money, but shields you from the tax liability. I'm no financial adviser, but I would say that it's really going to depend on what you can do with the money whether it is beneficial to take it.
  19. For those considering a gig in the regionals, here's some info on Air Wisconsin's "up to $57k" bonus. It doesn't incur any contractual time obligation; however, there are points at which the money is considered "earned" and no longer subject to payback, as detailed below. $5k paid on first paycheck. Earned following IOE. $26k paid upon completion of IOE, with a potential additional $8k to be paid as detailed below. If you leave the company less than one year prior to date of hire you owe the entire amount back. If it's paid back in the current tax rate you repay the net, BUT if it's repaid in the next tax year, you owe the gross. This can be a BIG deal. at 13-24 months you would owe back a pro-rated amount based on the months with the company to 24 months, after which it's considered earned. $10k paid on first anniversary, earned on a pro-rated monthly basis. Remaining $8k paid quarterly after year 3 if you haven't upgraded to Captain yet (unlikely, as upgrade times are 18-24 months, probably less) The additional $8k on the post-IOE bonus is tricky for military guys. Everything published says you need to have an ATP when hired and come from a part 121, 135, or 91K job, with a type in a CREW aircraft >12.5k MGTOW. For military guys you just need the ATP and type rating in the crew airplane >12.5, no requirement for 121/135/91K experience. That means if you flew the T-1 (and got the type) and have an ATP in hand, you get the money subject to the payback schedule detailed above.
  20. Average of 1 or 2 per year from the T-1 side at CBM. It happens, but it's rare.
  21. https://inmilitary.com/nascar-military-sponsorships/ Article is from a few years ago, but with NASCAR's declining attendance and viewship I doubt anything has improved. And keep in mind I'm a HUGE NASCAR fan. It pains me to see the sport declining like it is, but when I hear the Air Force cry poor and then see them spending money on NASCAR sponsorship it really blows my mind. I've seen the Air Force booth at several NASCAR races and it's a ghost town every time, including Talladega which continues to be one of the few venues that is sold out (or nearly so) for every race.
  22. You're right, it's advertising, BUT I remember a big stink a few years back when they found out that actual recruiting production from NASCAR sponsorship was exactly zero.
  23. https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2017/12/18/richard-petty-bubba-wallace-sponsor-air-force/ "Different pots of money" and all. Gee, I wonder why all the pilots are getting out?
  24. Didn't see it posted yet, but just a friendly reminder that SWA hiring window opens on Dec 20th
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