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  1. So where do we go from here? If POTUS feels he has a valid claim of voter fraud that'll overturn the election results he should pursue every legal option available to him. The problem is we have yet to see concrete evidence of this and unfortunately the burden of proof is on him/his legal team. If the fight is kept up till inauguration day we end up with 2 options as a nation. A. Half the nation believes Trump was cheated out of a fair election by the democrats and the democrats have organized well enough to take any Republicans out of office when they need to B. Trump stays in office and confidence that a peaceful transfer of power can ever occur again goes out the window. No one now believes in the election process Either way the real losers are you and I. The American people, because no matter what happens faith in the election system has been damaged and our faith in both political parties has been depleted. At the end of the day I like to think everyone on this forum puts country before any political party which have both failed us in their pursuit for power. At this point I am just disappointed
  2. END 20-24/20-25 - T1s only KC-135 MacDill x2 C-17 Hickam C-17 Charleston x2 KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 MacDill (guard) MC-130 Kirtland E-3 Tinker C-21 Scott T-6 Vance C-17 McCord KC-135 Fairchild E-8 Robins KC-135 Key Field (guard) HC-130 DM C-17 C-21 Scott T-1 Vance C-5 Dover C-130 Youngstown (reserve) C-17 Stewart (guard)
  3. Very interested about trying to get into the 35 if I can make it work (ie. Not suck and fly airplanes good). Any idea if this is going to be a gradual shift or if it'll suddenly be like it is now where you get a viper and you get a viper, everyone gets a viper out of UPT? Ended T-6s with 90 hours and no ride repeats or extra rides. Also contrary to popular opinion you can still be kicked out of UPT and/or pursued to DOR. Probably not as much as the past but still happens
  4. PTN v3 U-28 x2 F-16 x2 T-45 x3 (USN) Typhoon (RAF) C-5 x2 RC-135 KC-135 (ANG) B-2 x2
  5. I'm just going to say you need to do a bit more research. I can understand your frustration with the guard/reserve side but if fighters/CAS is your dream then probably your best shot. For example a UPT class has about 20 or so active duty people. Each class gets about 2-5 T-38s on average. We are talking about a 10-25% chance you even make it to phase 3 on the right track. Then you have to simply not suck to get a fighter now a days and that may sound easy but it may not be. All I'm trying to say you really need to look at yourself in the mirror like so many others and decide if you went heavies would it make it all worth it. If not then honestly the Air Force might not be the best place for you because you will get screwed almost every step of your career. Other people with more experience please keep chiming in because I think our buddy is about to make a rash decision he may not be happy with in the end
  6. @Splash95 word is all new classes starting in June are going to the Banzai syllabus at Vance. Again that's just a rumor at this point as far as I know. Basically the big difference is there is more emphasis on VR and building good aviators not just getting to the next checkpoint in training. I'm under the old syllabus but my friends really like doing more solos, more advanced flying and being pushed harder. From what I've seen as an outsider, is those that "Got what it takes" do really well and are at least as good, if not better than their "traditional syllabus" peers. Those that struggle fall behind and seem to get left in the dust quicker. PM me if you have any questions about housing or Vance in general
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