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  1. Why would an active duty Naval Air Station be slated to receive Air Force jets (unless the CA Guard is pondering relocating their jets there)?
  2. I mean to be fair what is your 201+ hour projected? Its got to be like 97-98+ right? At your point you've essentially maxed out the score.
  3. Yeah its starting to look like everyone who takes a second time just murders it
  4. The guy who said that realizes the Marine Corps also has a fighter community right? But ok getting (sorta) serious to second what Desk Jobs said just shoot for what makes you happy and develop some thicker skin.
  5. Sounds like you're doing all the right things. You should keep applying everywhere in the interim but I'd say don't be annoying (if their needs change they'll contact you). Once the pandemic passes maybe go back to a UTA weekend or two. Most places I've applied have said verbatim selection as an alternate means you have to recompete at the next board same as everyone else.
  6. 100% agree but I think I can speak for most people here has been extremely challenging for applicants the last few months. I got one virtual, one in person interview, and couple of phone screeners with units this year I had met in person before the Covid-19 lockdown but I can't recall anywhere I was taken seriously that I didn't go to a UTA weekend at least once in person. I've met plenty of other applicants during past visits who had way better scores, way younger, way more flight hours but were insufferable to be around. Visit as many places as possible and don't be a douche/be yourself once this pandemic passes.
  7. Gotcha no idea then. They offered you an invite but didn't provide a POC to reach out to? I'm sure there's someone lurking from the squadron around here who can help. I've had some success in the application process just calling the ops desk at places of interest. You'll have to be creative and get around some gatekeepers but I'm sure if you were already offered an interview they'll be more receptive about getting a pilot on the phone for you.
  8. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but Ft. Worth sent their interview invites out almost 3 months ago. I don't think they typically send out the "thanks but no thanks" email so maybe that's where the confusion arose.
  9. Having done a Zoom interview relatively recently just have a clean wall with nothing super distracting behind you (I had an old family American flag behind me) and make sure the lighting it good. Just give it a test run first with your camera and where you intend to do it.
  10. The recruiter is feeding you complete and utter bullshit. From someone who went through the AD process just do yourself a favor and find a different recruiter. You need to go before a rated board (i.e. flying job officer selection) and put pilot only. If they ask you to put ANY job other than pilot walk away and find a different recruiter. You don't have to work with someone who is in the same geographic location either FYI. Good luck.
  11. No idea. I'd just call different recruiters until you find one who's amicable to your cause.
  12. Was shown something similar and found someone who would work with me anyway. Everything can be bypassed.
  13. Second all this but I really do encourage phoning ANY squadron that interests you whether they have an open board or not. I actually got an interview at a place that had no job listing on Bogidope or this forum just by calling the squadron directly and asking. Not every place widely advertises their boards and emails are easy to ignore or just forget about. Now the caveat here is you are often going to have to get past the gatekeepers at the front door and actually speak with some pilots. Be persistent but not annoying.
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