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  1. If anyone else is in the same boat as WeatherLion and myself in the future, I spent a ton of time this week calling different recruiters around the country. The whole threat of blackballing is not true and you CAN apply again. Now unfortunately there appears to be a 180 wait period between being a non-select or declining another rated offer (CSO, ABM, RPA) before you can reapply for pilot but there is no rule that says you cannot or that you'll be barred from consideration again. If your recruiter refuses to work with you just politely end the conversation and find a recruiter who will. Also don't work with any recruiter who says you have to put down alternate jobs other than pilot. There is not any rule that says this is required. I made this mistake and it complicated my efforts when I was offered an alternate (non-pilot) rated job.
  2. I know one of the pilots in the C40 squadron at Andrews. He actually used to fly Vipers for the 121st and then switched over to the bigger jet so he could balance other responsibilities outside the guard. He mentioned that they haven't had a UPT board and typically just hire rated aviators (I know they tend to fly around a bunch of very powerful government officials which probably has something to do with it). If you're looking to fly heavies I'd probably focus your efforts elsewhere.
  3. So this would indicate the rumors about the backlog at UPT have some truth to them? A contact at Vance said they just don't have enough planes and instructors to get everyone through. Seems unlikely they'll meet the goal of producing 1480 pilots if that's the case.
  4. I'm currently making phone calls and trying to get through the gatekeepers for the bomb squadrons. Have you had any luck? I'm sure the B2 squadron in Missouri probably recruits pretty heavily from the AD rated in that aircraft but I've heard (poorly supported) rumors the Dyess AFB Reserve B1 squadron has sponsored people in the past for UPT.
  5. Hi all, Thought I'd create a separate thread from the AD UFT one. Anyone else reapplying/applying to the active duty civilian boards for active duty Air Force (not Reserve)? Curious if anyone else has had any success getting a UPT slot this route. As a quick lesson learned from the last board don't let your recruiter force you to put any job on your sheet other than pilot. My recruiter(s) made me believe it was required to put alternate jobs beside pilot (put CSO as the 2nd choice just to get pushed through). Turns out that is not true and is absolutely not required. If your recruiter tells you this is required just move on and call a different one don't make my mistake.
  6. Yeah think it'll be worth the risk to take the TBAS again I'll get it arranged. Last time I took it it was after a friend's wedding weekend in NOLA. Needless to say having almost zero sleep and imbibing too much right before taking the TBAS the next morning was not the smartest move (protip: don't do that).
  7. Not going to this one but I got some folks on the phone a few days ago asking about the next one (call the POCs phone and if nobody is there ask for someone else). Apparently just show up and somebody will get you on base is the feedback I received.
  8. The Reserves and UFT boards for AD are a separate process. WeatherLion is talking about the civilian OTS boards. It seems that some recruiters are pushing for folks who got selected for jobs other than pilot to be able to decline their offer and reapply to the next one. Unfortunately my recruiter is claiming the active duty Air Force will "blackball" you (their words not mine) from reapplying to future civilian to OTS active duty boards. As a background I'm in a similar situation to WeatherLion where I was selected for backseater and I asked about declining the offer and trying again for pilot. Did not get good feedback but I have not found any concrete AFI or memo that states an applicant cannot apply again. Think it may be the recruiters just trying to intimidate people into taking whatever offer they give you.
  9. Beside the flash cards what did you do to prepare? My reserve recruiter is encouraging me NOT to retake the TBAS because he is concerned I'll do worse. Current scores for the audience: AFOQT Pilot: 98 Hours: 103 PCSM: 88 (hypothetical 91 with hours maxed out) I've just seen people with much higher PCSM scores while having lower hours and similar AFOQTs. Makes me think I bombed it when I took it 3 years ago.
  10. Hate to resurrect an older topic but I'm in the same boat formatting a resume for a few Reserve units. One even requested a single page PDF resume with nothing else. I've made plenty of these for civilian jobs and Guard boards but given we only have one page and can't include anything else not sure what's essential and what can be left off. I'm assuming you want to fit your flying hours/quals, PCSM and AFOQT on there at minimum correct?
  11. Yeah but the guy I spoke with on the phone said verbatim it was only for applicants selected for interviews. Getting conflicting info.
  12. Anyone shooting for the 101st Rescue Squadron board in NY or know if they are having an open house? I tried to see if they were having a visit day during their drill weekend but couldn't get past the gatekeepers this morning.
  13. By AD you mean UFT board for active duty personnel or the civilian OTS boards? Just want to be 100% sure because I've heard mixed information.
  14. Are you sure you can do that? I've been told it could hurt your chances if you turn down a rated offer and then reapply for the next board. Of course if this was an active duty board he is declining and then he applies to the Reserves that is a separate process with different recruiters (correct me if I'm wrong).
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