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  1. Was shown something similar and found someone who would work with me anyway. Everything can be bypassed.
  2. Second all this but I really do encourage phoning ANY squadron that interests you whether they have an open board or not. I actually got an interview at a place that had no job listing on Bogidope or this forum just by calling the squadron directly and asking. Not every place widely advertises their boards and emails are easy to ignore or just forget about. Now the caveat here is you are often going to have to get past the gatekeepers at the front door and actually speak with some pilots. Be persistent but not annoying.
  3. The pilot shortage in the AF and Navy won't exist much longer if there are no options on the backend for pilots nearing the end of their ADSC other than staying in. I suspect it is going to get much harder but I wouldn't worry about it. Focus on what you can control, get your scores up, get more hours in, more work experience, stay physically fit, etc. Not worth stressing on factors you can't control.
  4. To illustrate how freaking incomprehensible the boards' selection criteria is there is someone bragging on the FB group about being picked up for pilot with a PCSM of 32, AFOQT pilot of 73 and 0 flying hours. Granted they are saying their undergrad GPA was 3.5 but that's still ing nuts. Is this how these boards decide on pilot candidates?
  5. Spoke with the person in charge of the board. Said they would reach out again "no later than mid-June" so I wouldn't expect an immediate yes/no on a formal interview yet.
  6. I can 100% confirm they will see it as a positive. I was in a similar situation to him and turned down a CSO offer last year. Everyone I've mentioned it to during squadron visits, Zoom meetings and phone calls from Guard/Reserve squadrons saw it as dedication to being a pilot and said they would have done the same thing.
  7. Wait you are a professional pilot (commercial?) and they offered you CSO? God who the on these boards actually has any common sense?
  8. DM'd you but again always consider the motivation of the person telling you something. Their job is to get you to go to OTS not to get you to become a pilot. It sounds like a scare tactic to me.
  9. Yes I'll be reapplying for 20OT04 (couldn't do 20OT2 because you have to wait 6 months after being nonselected or declining a previous offer). Keep your physical fitness up and do well at OTS and maybe you can throw in a package to ENJJPT (look that up in the forums there is some gouge on people doing that here).
  10. He is assuming but his assumption isn't off. I think part of the reason the board I applied to had so few slots was it towards the end of the fiscal year and Congress failed to pass the NDAA on time for the first time in 50 years much less a complete Federal budget. Still made me mad as there were people with garbage scores and almost no hours getting picked up that time (like AFOQT pilot and PCSM < 70).
  11. Solid For everyone else I was at PCSM 92, AFOQT Pilot 98, 99 Nav, 91 ACAD, 93 Verbal, 80 quant and still not pilot select for 19OT3. Guess there were more pilot slots this board and it does seem to vary wildly depending on the time of year. Everything is timing in the military ugh.
  12. Congrats! If you don't mind us asking what were your AFOQT/PCSM scores? Just trying to set expectation management for 20OT4 this summer.
  13. Those of you who applied 20OT2 apparently results are starting to trickle out. Any (hopefully good) news?
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