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  1. I think you need to clarify ANYTHING. I’m all for not shooting yourself in the foot, but I had a good friend of mine who took this advice a little to literally and didn’t disclose a couple sports surgeries he probably could have simply gotten a waiver for and the docs found the scars on the body examination and he got DQ’d and barred from service.
  2. Haha both of these are spot on. Don't go overboard and slather it on, but be genuine and carry a quick convo with them or ask how they are doing and I do agree it helps to at least somewhat alleviate the salt most of them seem to carry. However, you can't fault them 100% because they deal with a lot of recruits (a lot of which are fresh out of high school) and some of the stuff I saw would drive anyone crazy. We were told about 20 times to make sure we showered and put on clean clothes and deodorant. In spite of this some of them showed up smelling like dead animals saying they forgot deodoran
  3. No I have seen multiple friends of mine who were regional pilots get hired by heavies and fighters. Just stay humble through the process even if you go into a interview with 1000’s of flight hours. The unit just wants to see that your A. A good due that meshes with the squad and B. That you can pass training/Are trainable
  4. What's up ya'll. Blessed to have been somewhat recently picked up and wanted to share my experiences in the interviews with hopes that this can benefit others as this site was a huge help to me. I was selected on my 8th interview so for those of you all out there that don't get your first one keep pushing! Below are some of the questions I received in the interviews to the best I can remember. The questions with an exclamation after them I was asked in multiple interviews. These were all fighter squadrons. Tell me about yourself and what got you here today (!) What is your biggest st
  5. Post it here, good luck! http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/forum/8-what-are-my-chances/
  6. KC-135's in Nebraska Apps. are due in 2 weeks. http://www.guardreservejobs.com/newjobboard/jobs/kc-135-pilot-12/
  7. https://www.okiepilothiring.com/ KC-135's in OK. UPT board in February if anyone hasn't seen this one.
  8. Think he means 121st FS at DC and no Blueskyz they are still in a holding pattern.
  9. A lot of things you will see in the AZ application instructions are worded directly too prior service. Reason for this is they used to only hire prior service and have only recently opened up the board to off the street. Because of this I assume they just haven’t updated some of the wording.
  10. All the previous boards I have applied too that require the 369 simply want you to attach the filled out DD 369 with your info and then the squadron itself will submit it for a record check if they so choose.
  11. Haha I can relate. Your official TBAS score the AF never releases. I pulled this from the AF TBAS site, "There is no such thing as a "TBAS score", per se. The TBAS actually produces a number of individual scores, all of which are combined with the AFOQT Pilot and flight hours values to yield the PCSM score. So yes you are correct they are the same thing. Not sure why some units ask for both.
  12. Hawaii sent out invites early this week. DC still delayed after being activated, going to reach out to them soon and try and get an update. Jax said initial phone interviews late August so probably a week or so. Long Island was never involved with that process so can’t help you there. If you got an interview with them though and it’s been that long I would reach out to the POC.
  13. What units are you waiting on? Might be able to help put your mind at ease on a few of them.
  14. Affirmative and to the best of my knowledge the application simply wants you to attach the filled out DD 369 with your info and then the squadron itself will submit it for a record check if they so choose.
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