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  1. Need to be able to refuel gear down around the boat. e.g. The boat is blue water ops (no land divert), you have an emergency or gear problem that forces you to put the gear down, and the deck won't be cleared for recovery before you flame out.
  2. Haven't heard any discussion about it as a T-6 & T-45 stud nor in the F-35.
  3. Outside of taxing in the C, it's the best variant. More gas and bigger wings make such a large difference. Biggest issue is having three variants with multiple services and partner nations all pushing for different things.
  4. Our squadron has guys living everywhere from on base to Cal City, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, Tehachapi, & LA. It depends on what you and your spouse want for yourself and your kids. I lived in Lancaster in for 8 months and despised it as a single dude while other guys were content there for 3 years. I would personally avoid Cal City and Rosamond and either live on base or live closer to civilization but have a commute. Plenty of outdoor activities to do depending on your interests. Living on base you’re about 1.5 hours from LA and 3:15 from Vegas. If you have any specific questions, shoot me a PM.
  5. You can just flip the visor up and it would be the same. We flew no-HUD FCLPs in the Rhino and same for the C. One issue with this mishap is at 202 knots your E bracket is gonna be pegged, it should be obvious in an A that’s it’s not there.
  6. AD at Edwards and commuting about 85 miles from LA. As a single dude it's well worth the trade off of having a 90 minute drive. What made life infinitely better was finding someone to carpool with at least part of the way.
  7. Just when I think the Navy can't get anymore screwed up, they go and prove me wrong.
  8. Sounds like the solution is move to Key West and get a bicycle. Can’t get a DUI riding back from Duval St. drunk.
  9. It’s 7.5 and depressing the paddle switch will get you 10.
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