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  1. If only there was a function whereby you could query the website...http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/search/?q="Short tour"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=or And THEN, a whole discussion solely based on the topic you desire to learn about. http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/topic/15974-short-tour-info/
  2. When you load up the tapes, you just have to plug this in first.
  3. And the empire is significant.
  4. What? We don’t have one, everything is just great.
  5. Along the lines of Lawman’s thoughts: -Before you strike you have to hold the upper hand on the public narrative, and right now we simply do not in the international eye -They have proxy forces and military elements that don’t play normal rules that will be in play; they’re not as weak as Iraq during NW/SW -If your long term goal is the fall of the regime, you could very easily strengthen the gov’ts standing amongst the people via common enemy by attacking There are a lot of things the US administration may actually be considering on this one. The Iranians probably want us to attack because it benefits them in many ways...so maybe you wait it out until they mess up very obviously on the international stage. Or not, I’m just a dude.
  6. I did, because he’s in the wrong thread and clearly didn’t UTFSF. Your chaff is more harmful to Base Ops.
  7. Doesn’t your airplane have to be there to get the tax free?
  8. That’s it? Please tell me you have something better.
  9. Tale of the tape says...that’s a lie. You make up crazy shit for a while, then one of your 8 personalities can’t handle that other people aren’t as smart as you and that they could possibly disagree, and you go berserk and post an incoherent profanity laden rant. Wait a few months, come back because you care so little about internet opinions, repeat.
  10. Could be whatever it wants to identify as today!
  11. Checks. It’s not a can-it-go-secure problem, it’s that if you go secure and click anything on the site, it points you to non-secure.
  12. If you’re trying to replace F-15s with F-35, then I would think so.
  13. There is at least one fan of these forums who would 100% do that.
  14. Not claiming to be an expert in something based on an undergraduate degree and watching it once or twice, then lording that experience over others. Cool story, though, Hansel.
  15. No, because you fraudulently claimed expertise.
  16. The difference is you misrepresented yourself as an expert. In other words, a fraud.
  17. Nah, but good try. You’re like a UPT student claiming to be an expert in Air Force aviation. Spelling voir dire doesn’t make you special; set foot in the court room for real before you put people down.
  18. I haven’t, but I recognize an overinflated self importance based on surface level knowledge when I see it. Let me know when you’ve passed the bar and actually argued something in a criminal court, I’ll take your boasting more seriously.
  19. No, I was more referring to your vast knowledge of the courtroom. Or, more likely, lack thereof.
  20. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/read-full-letter-white-house-counsel-emmet-flood-ag-barr-n1001286 I think this is worth reading; don’t remember it being brought into the discussion.
  21. Don’t put words in my mouth. I’m not arguing about whose MWS is welcome to the party. I’m specifically talking about this crew in this incident.
  22. Yeah man, I get that, but your premier helicopter gunner KNOWS his system can’t see IR markers...whereas these dudes were sure the pax in view were not FF because they didn’t see markers. They were convinced it was a capability they did have. Sure, JTAC SA and SMM with the aircrew are RC, but I don’t give these dudes a pass on the TGP capes they didn’t know I am not arguing the rest of the post, I agree about the lack of actual detailed integration usually given to Coin-CAS.
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