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  1. I thought he had his own thread, but turns out he just turns up in What’s Wrong with the AF most often.
  2. They’re pushing for new uniforms.
  3. So what you’re saying is, we’re actually not very good at it because of bureaucracy. Doesn’t sound like it will be effective for war fighting.
  4. Bingo. And network/connectivity denial is relatively easy.
  5. TACP/RCO side of training drops.
  6. Also just watched it the other day; the emotional aspect was interesting due to his almost irrational approach. But that’s also what makes him able to do it.
  7. My favorite is when it flags European phone numbers and won’t let you send things to people in the state department or NATO countries.
  8. I wouldn’t say the Navy is doing fine, Bob. Talk to the dudes at Lemoore...I think you’ll find a lot of them trying to jump ship instead of get tx’d to F-35.
  9. Are you sure it isn’t for the special ops fighter pilots?
  10. Maybe, it's largely symbolic still in the sense that his ruling didn't include an order to stop the status quo. It's a double edge sword for any advocacy group that wants to raise a challenge to this by appealing it, though. His argument that things have changed was because women now serve in combat roles and do the same things as men, unlike the last time there was such a ruling on the selective service. Any counter will run very close to saying women aren't equal.
  11. Grounded in reality, not political feel goodism. I’ve had two siblings make major career changes as adults so far. Let politicians spew BS. That’s just apocalyptic speculation at best, like a Malthusian catastrophe for the workforce.
  12. You can sink or swim. Your choice.
  13. Unless the autonomy is developing itself, there will be jobs; the real question is will people be willing to adapt?
  14. “Feel better” and get hooked on being paid for doing nothing, beholden to the government. Great.
  15. At least it’s nice to know the ridiculous supplements upon supplements hasn’t changed.
  16. Cert flight was about that two weeks ago up at Langley for COMACC.
  17. Because it is a show against an idea, not what is actually happening or not.
  18. This also sounds different from my experience, no way I could have “taught myself” to fly. However, chair flying and mental rehearsals are always going to be a part of flying training, be it basic stick and rudder or tactical execution. No one sorts 6-9 targets efficiently without getting some instrucor led training, reading on their own, and going through it over and over...on their own before the training event and again after debrief. You kind of id’d it yourself in your second paragraph, FLEA, at its current implementation the UPT Next is mostly just a different way to chair fly with shiny equipment.
  19. Can we baseline against UPT from 6-9 years ago before the fix-to-fix was taken out of the syllabus?
  20. I’ll log you thinking wearing ABUs is required as “What’s Wrong with the AF.” Or maybe it’s what’s wrong with you, if you’re only a real officer in ABUs, I can’t be sure.
  21. Shack. In contrast to those who stay AD to try and keep their salary while getting hours; three years later, guys who went regionals are at year two with a major and guys who stayed AD are not at 1,500 still.
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