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  1. The process takes forever either way. Go for both. And they should already assume you're dumb. You joined the Army to fly.
  2. Do you want to be a SEAT pilot? Fly the heavies? Air attack is more of an entry level pilot gig. SEAT guys make good money once they're federally carded but are gone all season. Change is afoot in the industry though. You've got plenty of time. SEAT guys need Ag time though. Just go to a fire conference sometime and network. Carding requirements are public and set by OAS. You'll probably see companies post on JSFirm and the like as they are having a lot of trouble filling seats.
  3. 60G course is around 5 months. Without UPT you'll be restricted to helo only, but not necessarily 60s only. QOL, duty locations and flying opportunities will be better on team blue than on team green so you could fail and still fail up.
  4. Read the FARs, specifically 61 and 91. Mil medical = 3rd class. No need for biannual if you're getting annual mil eval. It's all there.
  5. Interesting. My process so far has been medical, then ARB, then IST packet proper. Currently waiting on the ARB. I'll be helo only, already rated and prior commissioned. Haven't heard about the TS issue, but I'll query my recruiter. I'm about 3 months in. Supposed to be another 3-5 months.
  6. you'll need a conditional release signed by your command or a resignation.
  7. I said it that way because an active duty service obligation doesn't really apply to part-timers, but it'd be nice if an ADSO cut both ways. Looking at AFI 36-2005, table 10.2 covers time in service, but the wording of paragraph 10.1, which covers grade determination, is a little weird, so I was asking to see if anyone else had transferred as a warrant having been an O grade previously.
  8. I wouldn't be looking to transfer if they owed me active duty, but I don't have an obligation of any kind, including ready reserve.
  9. Anyone know the AFI that would cover a prior O grade that reverted to warrant officer that is doing a transfer to the ANG from the ARNG? Been doing a little research while I wait for the office response and I think it's covered by AFI 36-2005 10.1, but not really sure. Has anyone else been in this boat before? From the DoDIs I gather that I have to transfer over as a warrant, so then the Air Force would have to make me a commissioned officer again. The rules on the Army side are that they'd have to recalculate my DOR, and if the AF rules are the same I should be good to go. Interestingly I found a post I made on here 15 years ago. Life has it's own plans sometimes I guess.
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