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  1. A few questions: Are you looking at applying for Active Duty (AD) or Guard/Reserve? Also, what's your maximum PCSM score (+201 hours). Lastly, does airframe matter? (Fighter/Heavy) With that being said, you shouldn't have a problem getting a slot - you're scores are good in some areas, but can be worked on in others. Your GPA is low and verbal is low, but I didn't have stellar scores either (in the verbal section, at least). In the meantime just get applications made up (Resume, Cover letter, Letter's of Recommendation, etc.) and apply to various units. Best bet, if you haven't already, check out BogiDope.com and see the job listings and start applying/rushing the various units you wish to apply to. If you have any other specific questions, browse the forums and ask around, this place is a gold mine - use the search function. Good luck!
  2. Did you say "pretty please"? 60% of the time, it works every time.
  3. Typically GPA will be accounted for both schools and rolled up into a cumulative GPA (double check your transcript) - I went to ERAU and they had a "Campus GPA" and a "Cumulative GPA" for both my Community College and ERAU. As for your resume, it looks good that you have as much experience as you do, but it's not always a show stopper, depending on the unit, they may think it could be difficult to "unlearn" habits when going through UPT. Count on crushing the AFOQT and the TBAS -- like others have stated 90's on up, that's where you'll have a great opportunity to get your foot in the door. As for your Letters of Recommendation, the Viper driver letter is great, especially if your looking to go fighters. Lastly, rush units, have good manners and engage (don't over do it). Don't sweat not getting it your first or second or third go around.. it takes time and has taken people years to get picked up (after dozens of interviews too); the good thing, time is on your side so enjoy the experience. Good luck! šŸ¤™
  4. Reserve applicant here. I signed a DD Form 4/1 the day I swore in, which states an 8 year Enlistment (w/ 6 in the IRR) as a Pilot Trainee, along with submittal of an IAW AFRCI36-2102 (Attachment 2) form which outlines my commitment to 10 years in the Selected Reserves AFTER completion of UPT. Hopefully this helps.
  5. iRobot

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    God bless Texas! Best Country on the planet!
  6. Application deadline is April 2020. Hiring Board is June 2020.
  7. iRobot

    Gun Talk

    Snatch... such an epic movie... šŸ¤™šŸ¼ Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  8. This is information from a friend who knows guys out there (The Makos), but I believe they just had one in June. As for The Spads, they are having a hiring board in June 2020; information that can be found on Bogidope.com Job Listing page. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  9. Good to know. I was curious about IFT and if it had become mandatory regardless if one held a PPL (seems requirements change back and forth). As for times between schools, a couple of buddies of mine said the same. Thanks!
  10. Recently hired at the 76th FS board and yes, I did complete my PPL before I got hired by the Fighter Squadron; Iā€™d highly recommend seeing that through. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network mobile app
  11. Thought I'd recap and follow up with everyone. I've been super fortunate to have met some awesome people who have contributed to my success while I continued to pursue my passion for flying fighters. Not only did I finally get sworn in, but I also landed a fighter slot. Case and point, don't ever give up.
  12. Definitely a happy ending... šŸ¤™
  13. I still wouldn't worry too much. Unless you're quitting your job to make this opportunity come to life, then you have nothing to lose. If you give it an honest shot and don't get picked up for your criminal record, or low scores or *insert reason here*, then you can sleep at night knowing you did something about it i.e. tried to pursue your dreams. Keep applying and obviously highlight your strengths. No one is a saint and it may even show you are human if you don't have a perfect slate. I had a record for "disturbing the peace" (school fist fight), which happened to be an entertaining story for the studs I interviewed with. Don't sweat it too much. Just work hard and hope for the best. šŸ¤™
  14. Met them last year and everyone was a riot; super funny and down to earth guys. Would be a great unit to fly with for sure. Be sure to rush their unit, increasing your chances of getting hired and you can't go wrong with the area (absolutely beautiful - grew up in SoCal myself).
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