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  1. Music to my 29 year old, decrepit ears. Thanks for the share @Patch
  2. I reached out to Blitz cause I'm pretty close to the cut-off as well and he said the age waiver is unlikely... But I can't agree more with @Tommy Boy just throw your application out there!
  3. @DesperateApplicant I doubt it, unless folks really bomb the initial interview screening. If most folks got invited, it was probably due to a great application and having a great attitude/fit in the unit. Remember, this is just speculation... so I can very well be proven wrong. Either way, great group of folks and best of wishes for those folks that got interviewed! Still plenty of other slots and I'm definitely going to gun for those A-10 slots! (Pun intended)
  4. @gatsby I'm getting closer to the age cut-off (28 now) and let me tell you, don't stop until they tell you NO, cause guys get waivers for just about anything short of missing a brain (kidding of course). This is not coming from me, but from POC's and chief hiring members (various fighter squadrons), so to their advice, I'm not letting a number stop me. If you've got the aptitude and attitude, then go for it. Like I've learned and been told... If there's a will, there's a waiver and where there was a waiver, there was a will.
  5. @Nash2018 Safest bet (just my $0.02) is to give a full address (i.e. Lieutenant Colonel) without any abbreviation. I always address by full title and name unless told otherwise, shows some level of respect and discernment.
  6. Hey all, I tried to memorize the questions as best as possible from my interview. Not exactly verbatim, but very close. Here are the questions I was asked: Tell us about yourself, personal and professional; also, tell us about your flying experience. What do you know about the KC-135? What does it mean to you to be an Officer in the military? How have you handled leadership roles (if any applies to you)? How have you handled disagreements between you and co-workers, including superiors and subordinates. Tell us about your coolest/craziest flying experience. Can you pass the physical portion of OTS? (funny story with that 😅) What are your personal/professional goals? What are your goals for flying with the Air Force Reserves? (Full time AGR/ART or TR) How do you plan on supplementing your income as a Reservist, especially in CA? Are you ok with deployments? How do you plan on committing your time (outside of your career) to the Reserves? Tell us about your most proud moment(s)/achievement(s). Tell us about your least proud moment(s)/failure(s). Are you applying to any other units? Is your family/spouse on board for what you plan on committing to? This question was something they really emphasized. I believe a lot of folks (especially younger) don't realize the extent of how committed you have to be, especially with a family on board. I interviewed with the amazing pilots and aircrew from the 336th ARS, and they mentioned I did well. Awesome experience and quite frankly, ANY chance you can interview, do it, regardless of the base, airframe, etc. (just my $0.02). Being a civilian showing up to an air base for the first time with a panel of 7+ Officers and NCO's can be intimidating for some. (I've been fortunate enough to be around a lot of military personnel, so I've grown used to it). Side note: I know I really shouldn't have to say this but... just be completely open and honest in your answers. Some of the answers I gave were very personal, but hey, if I am to be with these folks for the next 20+ years of my life, then we better lay a solid foundation of trust right out of the gates.
  7. @Stoker The old "hot girl playing hard to get" trick... Noted.
  8. Thanks for the advice, been rushing a few fighter squadrons and one heavy squadron, but in any case, I'll definitely stick to my guns and crank out the PPL -- a personal achievement at this point. @Stoker
  9. Are you my doppelganger? @DifferentViper As for my leave in AF ROTC, I was competing for the pilot slot and didn't get picked up (suuuper competitive then in 2009), afterward I tried to get a STEM scholarship (full-ride) but I'd be selected for an engineering position only. Tried my hand at that, but I wasn't picked for that either (only about 4 slots for the whole detachment -- again, competitive). So I opted out and figured I'd finish my degree and try out at a later date (AD, Reserves or Guard).
  10. @KingKid Don't know if its my place to say anything, but I'll do it anyway... Worrying is not going to add anything more than grey hair to you (if you don't already have some 😅). As far as personalities are concerned, from the fighter pilots (and pilots I've met in general) there is no cookie cutter type out there... just a bunch that loves flying and worked their tails off to make their dreams come true (again just from my experience). Just be yourself and really if it's meant to be, you'll find a home, even if it's not with a fighter squadron... life isn't over if you fly heavies (you're still flying AND serving your country ), they love what they fly as much as the fighter guys. **Steps off soapbox**
  11. Hey all, Figured I'd at least give a brief introduction and leave my information open for feedback, as well as, an opportunity for others to get a sense of their chances if I get picked up. Resume breakdown: Age: 28 (Turning 29 at the end of the year) B.S. Electrical Engineering (at a Cal State), starting Grad school (M.S.E.E.) in Spring 2019 3.09 GPA AFOQT - 97 Pilot, 85 Nav., 76 AA, 63 Verb., 81 Quant. PCSM - 76 (w/ 27.9 hrs.), *max 95 w/ 201+hrs. Current Student Pilot License (working toward PPL, should be complete by end of October, early November) 3 LOR's - 1. Current AF Reserve Pilot/Ops Commander, Current Supervisor (retired SMSgt. - AF), Current CFI 5 years of work experience as an engineer Aside from loving planes (having grown up in Palmdale and watching them fly out of AF Plant 42 all the time), I am a competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, surfer (when I was living in CA) and musician. Outside of work, I'm all about being a family man (wife and two puppies), church and volunteering. I have no prior military experience, with the exception of AFROTC -- "AIR POWER!!"; tried for a pilot slot then, but didn't get picked up. Focused on engineering to become an avionics expert (hoped to become a Test Pilot for NASA like my college mentor), and got picked up to work for Northrop Grumman. After a few years working in the Manufacturing world, I began working in materials and analysis (working in sustainment and survivability -- cool stuff!). Recently, I got an opportunity to work in Lockheed Martin (January 2018 in DFW); Now I'm trying my hand at getting a pilot slot (another mentor and family friend said I shouldn't give up), since I couldn't do it as a young chap; was too expensive for my folks, and I could barely pay my tuition in college (student loans suck by the way). Hoping to get picked up for fighters, but regardless of the airframe, I'm totally in it to finally serve and fly! Since I'm on the older side, taking the time to retake my tests (AFOQT/TBAS) might be out of the question, so I'm trying to rack up hours and finish my PPL as fast as possible. I am open to any suggestions, especially when it comes to people's previous experiences with rushing squadrons and what the logistics were for the guys getting picked up. Lastly, I'm open to networking and getting to know other folks going through the process currently (and helping them as well), seeing that it's not always what you know, but who you know. In any event, I'll keep everyone posted with my journey so it gives other folks hope!
  12. With over 100 applicants, figures they would've been bogged down. @BadgersUPT In any event, thanks for the heads up, always appreciated! Best wishes to all of us who applied!
  13. @Guy Sanchez Nope. Wisconsin stated tomorrow (September 25th) is when they would announce the interview invites. Michigan... Well, I haven't heard anything at all (although I did email the POC earlier today at work). Good luck! I'm hoping to hear from either one!
  14. @UPTapplicant2017 I'll be heading out there. Bringing another applicant along as well (he's coming in from CA, but he'll be crashing at my place since I live 4 hours away). Shoot me a PM if you'd like so we can exchange information and meet after the drill; grab some food and hang out with us.
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