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  1. So heavies then. Got it.
  2. Lack of empathy, then in the same breathe you tell someone else to go choke themselves. OK. It is literally sad that the left is using the mentally ill like they are.
  3. I don't want to get DQ'd for bad hearing, but with little ones running around the house screaming in my ears I'm getting a little worried. I'm starting to wear earplugs more around the house and especially during diaper changes when they start screaming like banshees. Has anyone had any significant hearing loss from kids screaming?
  4. Sad that they use the mentally ill like that.
  5. Madison Wisconsin does allow rushing. Just got word that applicants can visit the u starting on the weekend of Dec. 7-8. You might want to confirm with the unit though. But it is not like last year where you can't visit.
  6. iPhone with the selfie stick will undoubtedly give you the most style points. If you're feeling ballsy, you can do the selfie style with an iPad and that could land you even more style points, given the execution is good. If you are able to pull it off, hold a laptop with a camera selfie style. This will be the hardest to pull off but if you do it correctly and well, you are almost guaranteed an interview.
  7. No disrespect but I didn't know he was still alive
  8. Sounds like you've got a straight up BONER for enlisting. Looks like you've got your mind made up, why keep asking the question on here?
  9. Looks like you have a pilot slot in AD with your name written all over it. It's up to you after that point whether you get heavies or fighters. For the ANG? It depends on what you want to fly. Heavies are definitely in reach. Fighters seem like a super long shot unless you rush specific units multiple times and mesh well with the group. Also, read through the FC1 physical thread, apparently a FC1 pending MFS completion is useless.
  10. Idaho said no rushing but who gonna do the storm area 51 but instead of Nevada, Idaho?
  11. Why'd you tell him about bogidope? Now we have 1 more person to compete against...
  12. So can we visit them or not? I thought people already visited them so that is why I assumed they allowed rushing this year.
  13. So we can't rush anything as of yet. Doesn't stop us from grabbing a beer with fellow rush-ee's though.
  14. Who will be rushing the F-16 Texas and Wisconsin boards coming up early next year? Maybe we can get a group going to meet up and hang out while there.
  15. So if you got at 69 PCSM score, you are screwed and SOL for UPT?
  16. Bro you calling dudes studs? I could of swore it is the shortened version of "Stud-ent", but you straight up out here calling other dudes studs. Pause.
  17. Reddit is filled with the scum of the earth. Absolute bottom feeders. Anyone with a sense of dignity knows that Reddit is trash and a disgusting place to spend your free time.
  18. The only thing that is funny is that you think I am joking.
  19. Ok they said they are going to need a credit card # and your home address and zip code. You can post it here or PM me if you want.
  20. You think senators will care about this? Your email/phone call is just another stick in the mud to them, pal.
  21. Okay..... so you are giving him access to PCSM materials? I'm going to report you to head surgeon general of the Air Force because you just violated that rule that disallows this exact type of behavior.
  22. Keep posting because I want to see another success story.
  23. *Thailand, and those definitely aren't babies growing inside of those "ladies"
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