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  1. Great start! You're young and have plenty of time. Recommend retaking AFOQT and TBAS. I had similar scores on my AFOQT (3 30s) and it worked out in the end. Focus on which mission/location you are interested in and Rush those squadrons. Meeting the guys/gals is very important, if allowed.
  2. Don't have any idea of when or where I'll end up for UPT. Assuming there is a lake nearby with the right season, would we have time on the weekends to use the wakeboat? Dumb idea? Fun? Thoughts?
  3. Any bro have knowledge on how/who/what the process is to skip T-6s for the helo track? Sponsored 60 slot, trying to find ways to trim down the waiting - assuming T-6s is backed up. Thanks!
  4. They run quarterly, so I'd guess JUL and OCT but that is just me guessing based off of the past Boards for FY21. Stay in the loop with your recruiter. He/She will know all of that. Hit or miss if it's accurate though lol
  5. I believe so. My recruiter told me the package cannot be submitted w/o the FC1 approved
  6. Nice job! 31 Mar is the deadline for your package to be submitted for the April Board
  7. Good stuff. You got any tricks/tips for the Reserves route?
  8. Anyone know of/know where to find the AFRC FY21 Pilot Boards schedule? No luck on google. Thanks!
  9. First flying you do in UPT is in the T-6. However, you still have a chance man. There's rumor/articles mentioning that civ pilots with certain certificates/ratings and experience can skip T-6s and go straight to T-1s. I might have some of the details incorrect but try to research those articles if that applies to you. I'm still on the waiting pain train for UPT dates so I'm sure other guys in here who are in can give more accurate info. Also, there's talk that if you want to go the Helo route, you may be able to skip T-6s. Sponsoring squadron personally told me that. Not a definitive statement. Keep trying man, good luck
  10. I'd recommend not retaking the test man. Your scores are good. I got picked up with 3 out of the 5 AFOQT scores in the 30s. Focus your effort on rushing squadrons
  11. Okay that makes sense, thanks! Yeah i'm a guy OTS bound with a Reserve sponsored slot
  12. Any idea why it takes the Surgeon General many months to approve of a medical waiver? Going on 4 months. Can my sponsoring unit make a call?
  13. Hey LJ, Could you clarify how the UPT Helicopter track works? All i know so far is that we go T-6 then head to Rucker for Huey. How long is the Huey training? And do the UPT students that track helos, do we immediately head to Rucker or is there a long wait? I have a 60 slot. Thanks!
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