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  1. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    I was speaking to a Major from Buckley at a fly in recently and he said they had close to 500 applicants last year (or the year before, can't remember) for 1 open slot.
  2. Exactly. Strange that your recruiter is already mentioning age at 26. There was a guy who applied to 17OT04 through my recruiter and got picked up for pilot, and he's 28. It's a tight squeeze but he'll be considered age critical and should get thrown into OTS sooner than most.
  3. Professional pilot kill recreation?

    My dad flew F-4J's during Vietnam for the Navy, and was big into flying little Cessna's around after he got out. Eventually the passion faded. He would keep current with his PPL but that was about it. It wasn't until my siblings and I were old enough to tag along that he really started getting into it again. I think just being able to share the the joys of aviation with us, seeing the looks on our faces, really lit the fire in him again and reminded him of how much he loved doing it.