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  1. KEND 19-23/24 Drop T-1 U-28 Hurlburt C-17 Charleston (AFRC) C-17 McGuire KC-135 Tinker (AFRC) KC-135 Seymour Johnson C-17 Dover AC-130J Hurlburt (I think?) E-3 AWACS Tinker RC-135 RJ Omaha C-17 McChord C-130H MSP (AFRC) C-130J Little Rock KC-135 MacDill T-38 A-10 DM B-1 Dyess T-6 FAIP B-52 Barksdale F-15E Seymour Johnson F-16 Kelly F-16 Kelly F-15C Fresno (ANG) F-16 Kelly F-16 Kelly Fairly certain I got everyone..🍺
  2. KEND 19-19 38's: B-52 Barksdale F-16 Luke F-22 Eglin T-1's: C-17 McGuire C-17 McChord C-130J Little Rock C-5 Travis B-52 Barksdale KC-10 McGuire KC-135 Mildenhall T-6 FAIP T-1 FAIP 19-20 38's: B-52 Barksdale F-15 Seymour Johnson A-10 DM T-1's: C-17 McChord C-17 Travis KC-135 Fairchild KC-135 Kadena RC-135 Offutt C-130J Little Rock
  3. Rated applicant GPA minimum was 2.5 when I was applying/selected in 2017.
  4. Quit putting your foot in your mouth. To break it down for you... once you are offered the AD commission, meaning you are selected by the board, your recruiter is correct. If you say 'no' at that point, you are essentially barred from receiving a commission. Up until that point, you haven't committed to anything. Don't waste an AD recruiters time if that's not 100% the path you want to take....they're already stretched thin enough.
  5. No. There's an AD training unit there.
  6. KEND 19-17/19-18 (tried to filter out ANG/AFRC) T-1 KC-135 Kadena KC-135 Fairfield x2 KC-135 McConnell KC-135 MacDill C-21 Scott T-6 FAIP x2 T-1 FAIP C-17 Charleston C-17 JBLM C-17 Elmo x2 C-17 McGuire x2 C-17 Dover RC-135 Rivet Joint Offutt T-38 F-16 Luke x3 F-15E Seymour Johnson T-6 FAIP B-52 Barksdale F-15C Kingsley Field
  7. Quick thread revival. Any update on the -17's? Better/worse these days? Any changes to the tempo at TCM and CHS (if at all)? Any word on 135's and KC-10's these days?
  8. AMS doesn't exist anymore, it merged with OTS (or TFOT as they like to call it now) about 4 years ago.
  9. I wrapped up my FC1 at Peterson at the end of March. Received word that it was stamped approved towards the end of June.
  10. Not to mention the high number of RPA selects in the last few civilian/AD OTS boards.
  11. This is great, thank you! Do ANG guys have the option to live on base? I'd do that in a heartbeat.
  12. I did my best to search the forums, but didn't come up with much. Unfortunately, the HIANG site doesn't have much information either. From a financial standpoint, I'm just curious how one lives on Oahu with a Guard salary. I'm not too clear on who is eligible to receive BAH, or if you're allowed to live on base or not. If anyone here has experience with this, I'd be most appreciative of any insight you can provide.
  13. Or United just has the worst flight attendants and customer service agents in the industry..
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