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  1. dmginc

    Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    I wrapped up my FC1 at Peterson at the end of March. Received word that it was stamped approved towards the end of June.
  2. Not to mention the high number of RPA selects in the last few civilian/AD OTS boards.
  3. I agree. Apologies all around. I don't want to derail this thread anymore than I have already.
  4. No, you're right. I'll own it. I should have put down the beer and google'd it before posting. For some reason I thought AMC was only C-17's, C-5's, C-21's, and a few others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Thought tankers were their own thing.
  5. Lol my bad, I should have clarified (though I've now looked it up and realized how retarded it was). I was thinking 1-2 fighters per drop for 38's, and the rest being 130's, FAIPs, or U-28's, and then no AMC for the T1 guys, but I didn't realize tankers were part of AMC.
  6. That for 38s only? Or T1's too?
  7. Great to know. Thanks!
  8. Will do, thanks again. Appreciate it.
  9. This is great, thank you! Do ANG guys have the option to live on base? I'd do that in a heartbeat.
  10. I did my best to search the forums, but didn't come up with much. Unfortunately, the HIANG site doesn't have much information either. From a financial standpoint, I'm just curious how one lives on Oahu with a Guard salary. I'm not too clear on who is eligible to receive BAH, or if you're allowed to live on base or not. If anyone here has experience with this, I'd be most appreciative of any insight you can provide.
  11. dmginc

    The new airline thread

    Or United just has the worst flight attendants and customer service agents in the industry..
  12. dmginc

    Chances for Fighter Units?

    Heh, I sent screenshots (with his intro post) to a Maj I know here at Buckley, and his cousin who flies over at the Portland F15 unit.
  13. dmginc

    The Next President is...

    Sucks because this is exactly what they wanted. They have to be pissing themselves with excitement watching this whole thing unravel.
  14. dmginc

    The Next President is...

    Apparently it's already been given the kibosh. He's far too busy with all his morale boosting visits to the troops his golf course.