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  1. How Do You Let Go?

    Being a pilot isn't all banging chicks and pulling g's. Your career path is just as solid, reconcile with yourself and move on.
  2. Thanks for being such a great resource for the community.
  3. @stuckindayton is the expert on this topic, but I do not believe there exists a waiver for refractive error outside of -4.50 for FCIA. Check out the USAFSAM Waiver Guide for more details. I would suggest getting a second opinion regarding refractive surgery.
  4. Guard / non prior Interview/hired Sep 2017 Swear in Oct 2017 FC1 Feb 2018
  5. I guess I'm doing all the legwork, but I finally got a hold of my recruiter and got my MEPS paperwork to send the USAFSAM. Thanks for the words!
  6. The e-mail for my FC1 appointment says I need to send them a copy of my military entrance physical within 5 days of receiving the notification. Has anyone else had to acquire their copy of their MEPS physical and e-mail it to Wright Patt? I am having a hard time getting a copy of it, haven't heard anything from my recruiter or my training manager.
  7. One Kidney

    Did you just create an account on an Air Force flying forum, pose some medically obscure scenario in reply to a post from 2006, and ask how it affects your chances with the Army? ...sounds like you're mentally qualified.
  8. Again, you need to finish your PPL and actually STUDY AFOQT prep books. Then retake the test. I'm not bashing on AD, it's all about lifestyle choices. But the general consensus is that ANG/AFRES > AD. You need to ask yourself what you want out of life. Would you like to have a full time commitment of 10 years in AD taking whatever is thrown at you (could be awesome, could be...not), or would you rather keep some semblance of a normal life and fly for the guard/reserve? The only catch is that you will need to be employable in the civilian world for most guard/reserve jobs, since they are typically part time after seasoning.
  9. GPA is competitive + STEM degree. You're good there, just don't let it fall. No, your volunteer stats are sufficient. You should aim to get a PPL at the very least and as many hours as financially possible. If you can afford to keep flying after PPL, get your instrument rating. So that's the good. Your AFOQT is sub par. Find a highly rated AFOQT study book on Amazon. Shouldn't be too hard, you're a data scientist, no? Formulate a study plan, take the test over and over again. Timed. However, I wouldn't take the AFOQT until after you take your PPL written. It will help your pilot score tremendously. And then take the TBAS. I'm not even going to comment as to why you'd consider active duty over ANG / AFRES. To each their own, but who wouldn't want to be able to pick their airframe and their base?
  10. TBAS Information

    Let me google that for you.
  11. No worries. I'm just another dude in your same situation. I have a 2.5 hour drive and I show up every drill. You should swear in ASAP and then you'll get paid to show up to drill (probably as an E3) and get free lodging. Just make sure you're on the Student Flight Roster before you make the drive. PM me if you have any questions.
  12. Dude...you got hired. Friggin' show up to drill and get your shit done. The guys hired in on my board who aren't willing to commute aren't nearly as far along in the process because they don't show up to drill. It's all about face time with the right people.
  13. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    I personally think enlisting with the specific intent of getting a UPT slot is a waste of time. Either enlist because you believe in the mission, or broaden your application scope. Don't let your dead-set fighter attitude cause you to miss the boat altogether.
  14. Texas Church Shooting

    ...the hell?
  15. Should I test again?

    Scores are low. Retake both tests ASAP after executing a better study plan. Apply in the mean time and don't get discouraged.
  16. Viper down in DC

    You never know, that's the scary part. Just saw an engine come back into the shop with a sheared HP shaft because someone put a seal in backwards. Was fielded for about 250 hours. We couldn't believe it made it past the first run to takeoff power.
  17. I recall the first portion of the test (orientation questions) gives you instant feedback for each question. All of those questions are (or should be) freebies. I don't have specific feedback for your question since I didn't retake any tests, but I think you should retake the TBAS after studying the online flash cards.
  18. Did you get all the orientation questions correct?
  19. I hope everything comes together very soon for you and your family.
  20. Unsponsored Board

    Very good. Just to give you a rundown, I got accepted for a guard unit after accepting an active duty slot. I then had to submit a declination form to my AD recruiter. She ran that up the chain and it took about 2 weeks before they released my MEPS records. She was incredibly surprised that it was released that quickly. I've heard it can take months.
  21. Just out of curiosity...what are you doing in the mean time? Just showing up to drill once a month?
  22. Well there's nothing you can do about the numbers, so don't worry about it. Sounds like you've got a good all around package. I was recently interviewed along with a guy in your position. So there's definitely a chance for ya. Just apply to all the units you can!