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  1. Chances for Fighter Units?

    You mean you wouldn't wanna fly with this dude?
  2. Upcoming Boards

    I think we all know the answer to that. It's pretty satisfying that the guy he was criticizing got the invite but he didn't.
  3. Upcoming Boards

    @hopeful good luck!
  4. Applying for UPT

    I would take any advice this chap gives you with a grain of salt. He has been known to be abusive around these forums.
  5. Chances for Fighter Units?

    @hopeful legacy now. Y'all took the Buckley right out of him.
  6. Chances for Fighter Units?

    You guys clearly have no idea how the internet works. If you delete something, it's gone forever. It never happened. Don't get all butt hurt about it.
  7. Chances for Fighter Units?

    He went back and deleted everything. Don't worry everyone, he didn't mean it. Now, if only you could get rid of those pesky quotes...
  8. Chances for Fighter Units?

    My dude here is just jealous. Entertaining as hell, though.
  9. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    There's plenty of 'em... http://www.guardreservejobs.com/newjobboard/
  10. 2018 Active Duty UFT Board

    I declined an AD UPT slot and was still picked up for a guard UPT slot. So that's not true. Just get out of AD and go Guard/Reserve if you want to fly.
  11. Chances for Fighter Units?

    I dunno if I'd retake the TBAS. Mine was a 98 but I had well over 201 hours during my interviews. I got calls from fighter, bomber, and heavy units. I think you're fine, my dude.
  12. Chances for Fighter Units?

    If your GPA were any higher, they might not want you either... dude you're competitive. What's your PCSM at 201+?
  13. I did, and I do. But that doesn't matter. The test is performed with best correction (20/20 in both eyes).
  14. Little background about me...I was an off the street hire last year for a Herc unit (guard). I attended my FCI last week and was unfortunately disqualified for defective stereopsis with no waiver recommendation. I have plenty of flying experience, but it doesn't seem as though my depth perception is good enough for manned AF aircraft. I was told by the flight surgeon that I was eligible only for RPAs at this point, but that I would need to find another unit to hire me. Any other strings I might be able to pull before I am forced to give up on my dream of flying Hercs? Any thoughts as to switching over to the RPA track for a guy who had his sights set on manned aircraft? My enlistment contract states that I enlisted as an E-3 solely for the purpose of commissioning as a pilot with my squadron. I've been gained at my unit, attending drill, getting paid, got my ID, submitted my SF-86 for SSBI, etc, etc, but now I'm guessing I can just get my DD-214 if I so chose. But what type of discharge would that be? Medical? General? OTH? What happens to my security clearance? Any words of wisdom or encouragement would be deeply appreciated. Thank you all.
  15. AFOQT Aviation Information

    I'd suggest getting a PPL test prep book or curriculum. Would help ya out on multiple fronts.
  16. I hit the dude up to see what slides come with the machine.
  17. Nice find. Seems absurd to think about getting one...but $400 is a small price to pay to keep a pilot slot!
  18. I hadn't heard that, I only knew that it cannot possibly be 1 or 5. I will keep that in mind. I love all the different advice and techniques there are out there! I wish I had my own machine on which to practice.
  19. Not that quickly. Maybe 10-12 seconds for some. I was in the same boat as you (failed the MEPS test at line C) last year. Bought Magic Eye books and utilized them every day for a month prior to my FCI. Then I got to the physical and actually did worse on the exam than I did at MEPS. So clearly I wasn't practicing enough. But what you're telling me is very hopeful. I was also told about an online vision performance program that supposedly helped a boom operator, so I'm gonna give that a go as well. I'm just going to keep being proactive and do what I can to get another shot. I'll see what my unit has to say this weekend. Also, with respect to visiting an AME, that is an excellent idea. I didn't realize they utilized those machines, I've always just had to stare at letters on the wall the old fashioned way. I'll call around and see if anyone's got one. Thank you so much for the suggestions, and thank you everyone for the words of encouragement.
  20. Do you hate your family?
  21. I was under the impression that Navy/Army/CG were more stringent. I wouldn't be opposed to checking out any of the other branches. As a last resort, I would take RPAs before giving up the privilege to commission, but I don't wanna give up on manned AC so easily. The only thing I tried was the Magic Eye books. Supposedly the best thing for stereopsis. I have no issue at all seeing the 3D images, so I don't know what gives! Glad to hear your week went well, I hope to see you around.
  22. We do, and luckily RSD is this weekend. I will plan to see him first thing. Thank you kindly for the advice.
  23. Thanks for the kind words. I was given alternate depth perception tests at WP and apparently didn't do very well on those either. The Howard Dolman DP apparatus seemed even harder than the donut one. But the folks at WP worked with me for two days, made me custom glasses, the whole 9 yards. That's why I am thinking my situation may be pretty hopeless at this point. I have been to two civilian Dr, both of which stated my DP was down to about 30 seconds of arc. Not sure if nerves really got the best of me at WP, or maybe it was all the blood they took. I am determined to exhaust every possible option. It seems like it might be something I could work on...At MEPS I was able to get to D on the OVT machine but not past it. At WP I was only able to get partway through B.
  24. PCSM averages

    90 or above is competitive
  25. I need some advice

    More than just "a grain of salt" on here.