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  1. GDAL

    All in for Fighters!

    Explain away your GPA by being a stand-up guy and you'll go anywhere you want, my dude. Best of luck. P.S. Did I mention not being a douche?
  2. STEM degrees are what's most competitive, and your GPA is low. So you don't have much going for you there. Good news is that's not the end of the world. But those are the only stats you've given, so you had better work hard to stand out in other areas. 1. No one gives a shit about your student loans. They might come up when you get your clearance, but it won't be a big deal if you don't owe exorbitant amounts of money. 2. Get your PPL ASAP. You want to fly F-22s but you have 0 flight hours? I'm seeing a pretty big disconnect here. And no, I wouldn't consider a 2.8 GPA in information systems competitive for a fighter guard unit. But again, GPA isn't the end all be all. If you're a good bro with a well rounded application in other areas, you can still be competitive. 3. Build flight hours, study/take your PPL written, study for AFOQT/TBAS, and then take AFOQT/TBAS. Then come back and ask to be rated and you'll get a better answer.
  3. GDAL

    OTS Chances...

    Don't sweat the awards man (over-rated anyway). It's all about being well rounded. You've clearly made up for it in other categories. Stellar numbers.
  4. GDAL

    Honest feedback

    Thanks for your input. Very valuable.
  5. I'd say retake if your goal is ENJJPT and you are confident you can do better. If you do decide to retake, double down on your timed studying.
  6. Look at heavy units. I got picked up at 28.
  7. GDAL

    Bogi Dope

    I'll review your packet for free.
  8. GDAL

    Corneal Degeneration - ANG

    I can't help with your specific question, but I recommend getting your AFOQT/TBAS done and start applying to units. Let them decide at the flight physical.
  9. It was my understanding that there is no depth perception requirement for RPA, but you still need a waiver to get through school if you do not meet the standard. Could be wrong, but something to do with the limited amount of flying you do with the UPT studs?
  10. GDAL

    Change to Air Force Color Vision Policy

    So now all those poor bastards only have to get through line B on the OVT?
  11. Sounds like the typical case 😉
  12. I must have removed the sentence stating it would be more difficult to transfer components after swearing it. For reference, how long did it take for all your paperwork to transfer over? My case happened relatively quickly (3 weeks), but I had not sworn in.
  13. Sounds like my advice was incorrect as I assume you had already sworn in and done your FCI to get that far.
  14. You can apply for AD/guard/reserve simultaneously. The caveat is that only one component can "own" your MEPS records at a time. So if you get hired by a guard/reserve unit, you may have to submit a "notice of declination" or something similar to your AD recruiter. It can then take them quite some time to release your paperwork to another component. My suggestion would be to get your application rolling with the AD rated board (if you haven't already) while you continue to search for a guard/reserve unit. If you land an interview, just mention that you're also exploring the AD route. It's no big deal and will probably bode well for you, it's an indicator that you're dedicated. EDIT: I should add that if you get apply for, receive, and subsequently decline an offer from an AD rated board, you will not be considered again for another AD rated board.
  15. GDAL

    TBAS and AFOQT Studying

    I recommend studying.
  16. I agree that your first priority should definitely be to serve, but I think it's somewhat typical (at least in the Guard) to setup your contract such that it explicitly states you are enlisting/commissioning for the sole purpose of becoming a pilot with that particular squadron. I've seen guys wash out of UPT and given the option to take a non-rated job or just give up their commission entirely and move on with life.
  17. GDAL

    What are my chances

    I'd say you're SOL as far as the Air Force is concerned.
  18. GDAL

    Leaving family behind for UPT?

    It doesn't hurt to apply while you contemplate your life choices.
  19. GDAL

    Upcoming Boards

    You'd be surprised at what legacy connections can do for an applicant.
  20. GDAL

    Upcoming Boards

    "You're very right that the hiring board isn't going to be at all impressed with his package. Just because you visit a unit doesn't mean anything either. 500 applicants, his scores aren't good and just because he visited doesn't mean he will get an interview. He can try but he just does not have a package to be competitive for fighters. I'm just saying he shouldn't waste his time pursuing that exclusively when he has a slight chance with heavies. Sometimes guys also need to realize that they aren't competitive for UPT and might need to pursue CSO or ABM, there is absolutely no shame in that and that might be his only chance to get picked up as a nav or ABM." -Buckley Viper Hopeful
  21. GDAL

    Upcoming Boards

    I was making it up because I'm fairly certain @Vipgle Driver Future is a troll.
  22. GDAL

    Upcoming Boards

    Buckley is having another board next month.
  23. GDAL

    PRK and LASIK Information

    Most recent form substantiated by the Air Force Waiver Guide. Google is your friend.
  24. Definitely keep trying guard as well. I have seen plenty of units pick up dudes who needed age waivers. You have good stats. Keep at it!