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  1. I’ll echo what trapped said. We were both picked up for that 2 years ago along with 10 other selects. My honest advice would be to think long and hard (sts) before retesting. You’ve got an AFRC UPT slot which is a lot more than what your buddies in ROTC can say. Last result is the one that counts and it would be a shame if you lost this golden ticket. Honestly, I’d broaden your scope to heavies which isn’t an insult, trapped and I are both going Heavies and there was only one guy in our board who got hired for fighters. As for the gender question, nobody cares. Be yourself, be a good pilot, and take a genuine interest in the unit and your friends in the unit. Treat them like family and they’ll do the same. But definitely have a keen ear when you start visiting units, you’ll know which units are a good fit and the units that fall short will leave you with some perturbation. Trust your sixth sense.
  2. Huggy started one. Pretty neat to see the different subsections of GA that people take up.
  3. Your unit has good taste. Took a lesson with your old flight doc and he pointed this one out
  4. Googled “Phoenix penis”. That’s enough internet for today.
  5. Whatchu talkin bout Willis. That movie is a classic. And Chris Farley’s a legend, keep the profile picture.
  6. I was told GS-11 after seasoning. That being said, none of us who have been told GS-11, have it in writing.
  7. For someone still in training, can you explain this? How do the longer deployments affect their job security as ARTs? Also, aren’t you guys shifting to AGRs?
  8. Not sure, but he mentioned the forums in the article so it wouldn’t surprise me. “Since then, the video [has] been referenced in multiple military and aviation forums around the net.”
  9. Yep. It’s viral. I wonder if rogoway got it here
  10. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/02/01/c-5-conducts-nose-gear-up-emergency-landing-at-travis/?fbclid=IwAR3iVEW3tjhcENGdyijKWWSyz6vYdSLQLGQGS_Bot16BHmY-yrAD5_pKE7o came early this year!
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