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  1. AFRC funds everything up through graduation at UPT. Only B-Course and SERE are at the units expense.
  2. Siegzy

    GA Aircraft Flown

    My buddy I and just got hired at Beale (tankers) and were looking at going 50/50 on a PA-20 Pacer with fat tires. Trent Palmer is up in Reno, and Kevin Quinn does his HSF thing up at Dead Cow every year. Pseudo bush flying sounds like an awesome time.
  3. Siegzy

    Upcoming Boards

    I didn't even apply and I got one. I must really suck!
  4. Which of these are commonly available to new hires? Working in the maintenance shop seems like a sweet gig IMO. I know scheduling is common.
  5. Siegzy

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    C Three dudes I know got pilot slots with <20 PCSM scores this go round. I don't think it's even a factor in selection at this point.
  6. Siegzy

    Upcoming Boards

    Is anyone coming up to MA on 2 March? Meet and greet ends at 5. Prime time for bar hopping afterwards 😜
  7. Siegzy

    Upcoming Boards

    A friend of mine got invited yesterday. Still ongoing.
  8. AFROTC holds a non-sponsored AFRC board every October. It's not advertised, so you have to get your det staff to fill you in and get an application. Even without it, nothing is keeping you from rushing guard or reserve units. If you get hired by a unit, AFROTC will change your status and allow you to pursue that option. I got picked up in this year's AFROTC/AFRC board, so message me if you have any questions man. Best of luck.
  9. Siegzy

    Upcoming Boards

    Any notifications from the DC C-40 squadron?