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  1. Siegzy

    Hurricane Michael

    I vote Plattsburgh. Make Champlain Great again.
  2. Siegzy

    U-2 Dragonlady info

    I have no dog in this fight because I opted for reserves out of ROTC, but had I known about this, I would've been on it like a fat kid on a cupcake... Just go faip and save it for the people who know they want it
  3. Siegzy

    U-2 Dragonlady info

  4. Siegzy

    C146 Wolfhound Info

    They hire off the street but they can't tell you much about the mission. You've got to trust that it's an insanely cool gig... the most they told me was "we do a regular mission with sprinkles on top" sounded awesome but they also said once they have you they have you. You'll be at Duke for the long haul if you get in.
  5. Siegzy

    Unsponsored Board

    If your app package is already looking good then send it off, but I wouldn't sweat it yet. And having a paid slot in hand is a huge bonus. Mainly because units won't only talk to you only when they're holding a board; rather, you can talk to a unit any time and they'll be willing to set something up then and there if they're interested. That's been my experience. I was seeking heavies though so it's a bit different
  6. Does anyone have any updated info on this? About a year ago I started hearing about a plan to introduce more AGR positions in Reserve squadrons. From what I heard the majority of full timers would still be ARTs but there would be a few AGRs sprinkled in.
  7. Siegzy

    Unsponsored Board

    If you want fighters, i'd discourage you from going this route. There aren't too many fighter units in AFRC, and once you have the AFRC slot, they wont let you switch over to guard. So think this one through. I was hired for last year's board and mainly went for heavies. Average scores for last year's board were in the mid to high 80s for PCSM and AFOQT-P. 80 hours, 3.2 GPA. Not terribly competitive. To answer your questions, no these are not unit slots, they are AFRC slots. You'd be knocking on doors with a paid pilot slot in hand. And no you don't need to be sponsored. Of the 8 cadets who got it last year none were sponsored beforehand. You can stay unsponsored until drop night at UPT, at which point you'll be thrown where AFRC needs you, not RegAF. So you could go to ENJJPT unsponsored in hopes of getting sponsorship from an FS but I wouldn't put everything down on it. With that said my buddy who was also one of the eight got hired by fort worth. Anything's possible but If I wanted fighters I wouldn't have done this board because it crosses off the vast majority of options since you can't go guard.
  8. AFRC funds everything up through graduation at UPT. Only B-Course and SERE are at the units expense.
  9. Siegzy

    GA Aircraft Flown

    My buddy I and just got hired at Beale (tankers) and were looking at going 50/50 on a PA-20 Pacer with fat tires. Trent Palmer is up in Reno, and Kevin Quinn does his HSF thing up at Dead Cow every year. Pseudo bush flying sounds like an awesome time.
  10. Siegzy

    Upcoming Boards

    I didn't even apply and I got one. I must really suck!
  11. Siegzy

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    C Three dudes I know got pilot slots with <20 PCSM scores this go round. I don't think it's even a factor in selection at this point.
  12. Siegzy

    Upcoming Boards

    Is anyone coming up to MA on 2 March? Meet and greet ends at 5. Prime time for bar hopping afterwards 😜
  13. Siegzy

    Upcoming Boards

    A friend of mine got invited yesterday. Still ongoing.
  14. AFROTC holds a non-sponsored AFRC board every October. It's not advertised, so you have to get your det staff to fill you in and get an application. Even without it, nothing is keeping you from rushing guard or reserve units. If you get hired by a unit, AFROTC will change your status and allow you to pursue that option. I got picked up in this year's AFROTC/AFRC board, so message me if you have any questions man. Best of luck.
  15. Siegzy

    Upcoming Boards

    Any notifications from the DC C-40 squadron?