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  1. For someone still in training, can you explain this? How do the longer deployments affect their job security as ARTs? Also, aren’t you guys shifting to AGRs?
  2. Not sure, but he mentioned the forums in the article so it wouldn’t surprise me. “Since then, the video [has] been referenced in multiple military and aviation forums around the net.”
  3. Yep. It’s viral. I wonder if rogoway got it here
  4. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/02/01/c-5-conducts-nose-gear-up-emergency-landing-at-travis/?fbclid=IwAR3iVEW3tjhcENGdyijKWWSyz6vYdSLQLGQGS_Bot16BHmY-yrAD5_pKE7o came early this year!
  5. Haven’t signed the contract yet, it’s a choice made after UPT whether you want to go Traditional or take the TDART. I’m definitely leaning towards it though. Like you said, job security. I’m not a huge fan of the feast or famine thing. Also I got my dream location up in NorCal.
  6. It’s seasoning followed by a 5 year GS contract.
  7. For off the street TDARTs in AFRC, we’re all starting at GS-11. Can someone walk me through typical progression? -12 comes after AC, and -13 after IP?
  8. I don't think the pulling out of Syria thing is the big issue Vertigo is referring to. Perhaps it's more the fact that Trump has a track record of disregarding opinions of people who are generally considered logical and highly skilled in their fields...
  9. I vote Plattsburgh. Make Champlain Great again.
  10. I have no dog in this fight because I opted for reserves out of ROTC, but had I known about this, I would've been on it like a fat kid on a cupcake... Just go faip and save it for the people who know they want it
  11. https://www.beale.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1606071/a-matter-of-fact-growing-the-u-2-pilot-selection-process-with-first-ever-program/
  12. They hire off the street but they can't tell you much about the mission. You've got to trust that it's an insanely cool gig... the most they told me was "we do a regular mission with sprinkles on top" sounded awesome but they also said once they have you they have you. You'll be at Duke for the long haul if you get in.
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