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  1. I needed an anthropomorphic waiver. FC1 was mid may, it didn't get approved until late September
  2. No one gives a shit where the degree comes from, as long as it's accredited. I went to 4 different schools, has an abysmal GPA, graduated from an online school and still got hired. Your credentials are exceptional so start rushing now.
  3. Started as an enlisted Traditional Reservist. Guard CSO Board: May 2018 Notified: May 2018 Gained By Guard: September 2018 Reserve UPT board: September 2018 (good timing right?) Notified: September 2018 FC1 Scheduled: January 2019 AFRC UFT Board: January 2019 Notified: January 2019 FC1: May 2019 (Need anthropomorphic waiver for exceeding 40' sitting height, was told I'd be track limited but I was hired by a C-130 unit so no big deal) FC1 pulled by AETC for certification: June 2019 Radio Silence: Now Does AETC pulling my FC1 mean that a waiver was written by WP and it's just waiting on the SG to sign? Anyone have any recent experience with the timeline here?
  4. I feel like someone got away with that once and the airline smartened up. More power to you if it's possible though. Yes, it is a valid concern, I had units call me a week in advance to come out for an interview.. not much notice. Fortunately my other career allows me to work remotely so I kind of just disappeared for a week, but obviously you cant do that when you're flying.
  5. Rush now, some units will interview if you're a year away from graduating. If not, you'll make contacts. What do you mean "make the most of my USERRA rights?" There's only one "right." it's that your employer has to hold your position. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the second part but you are in no way protected under USERRA when rushing units.
  6. How the hell are we supposed to quantify that?
  7. The 302nd got some MAFFS last year to help out with the colorado fires. Not sure how common that is though.
  8. You could always preemptively obtain a norse shaving waiver and slam it down in front of the board. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/07/18/meet-the-first-norse-heathen-airman-to-grow-a-beard-in-the-air-force/
  9. we didn't do that a few months ago, you must have been the special winner
  10. https://www.tricare.mil/Resources/MedicalRecords If it's in there they will definitely know about it. If not, I have no idea
  11. Unfortunately AFRC requires a stamped FC1 before they'll gain you and give dates. And yeah, I took a nice 2 day tour of the museum 🙂
  12. Same here, I'm that giraffe that needs the height waiver to tell me I can't fly the T38 even though I was hired by a C130 unit 🤷‍♂️
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