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  1. Good point, thank you. Point taken. I know of some guys who signed up for a regional before joining the ANG and came back four years later with a great seniority number waiting for them. I'm wondering whether that's my best option or if there are alternative strategies that the search function didn't turn up. As a contract pilot I can rush units whenever I want. One concern I have is being stuck on a regional schedule and not having the time to rush units; is this a valid concern?
  2. I finish my Bachelor's May 2020 and will be rushing units beginning then. I currently pay the bills with single-pilot corporate flying and contract gigs, but I wonder if I should sign on with an established company after I graduate but before I'm hired by the military to make the most of my USERRA rights. I could continue to be a contract pilot which would give me the option to rush units on my own schedule (but my job wouldn't be protected through USERRA). Or try to join a regional with a flow program to one of the majors. Or join a large charter op such as XOJet, which also seems to have flow to the majors now. What are your suggestions/experiences?
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