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  1. If no ETP success... Get PRK/LASIK. It’s a 6 months waiver wait and you’ll be good to go. As long as you are within pre-op specs.
  2. AD to ANG

    1) Not crucial. But it could only help. 2) 85+ PCSM/AFOQT will get you in the envelope for interviews with fighter units. Not sure what the competitive mark is for other A/C. 70+ I imagine. 3) Can’t speak for this one. 1-2 years from board to UPT for an off the street hire. Unsure for someone from AD. 4) Critically important, but probably some leeway if you are OCONUS.
  3. Not that it’s pertinent to MEPS, but the Wright Pat Waiver Guide for flight physicals will have hearing waiver info for reference
  4. Swore in Jan 30, My squadron requested my FC1 Feb 9, got a date same day for May 21. 3.5 month wait.
  5. What's keeping me from a job?

    Applied to 50 boards and did 7 interviews before I got picked up. Continue to press.
  6. PPL for Fighters

    Apply regardless. A missed application is a wasted opportunity, regardless of whether you think you’ll be competitive without a PPL. Most of the folks I’ve seen hired at fighter units had one but not all. In any case, having applied to a unit prior will be good optics when you apply the following year.
  7. Buckley 2018 UPT Board Difficulty?

    Apply to any and all units, Reserve and ANG. Took me 40+ apps before a successful result. If anything else it's good interview practice. Retake the AFOQT/TBAS and rage through a PPL ASAP. I think that'd get you in good fighter unit territory.
  8. Chances at an ANG Fighter Squadron

    Don't get LASIK. You don't need it. As long as you are better than -3.0 diopters either eye it's no factor. 20/40 is good to go. Apply to more than one place. Especially if you are intent on fighters. Most folks I know applied to 20+ who got picked up. If I were you I'd take the AFOQT and start putting applications out.
  9. Upcoming Boards

    I got hired at a Gaurd unit 10 months ago, still waiting on dates. Most guys I know wait 1-2 years till they step to OTS for guard units. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Upcoming Boards

    Echo all the above. I applied to 50 fighter boards and did 7 interviews before I got hired. Keep applying if you want it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I wouldn't put the cart in front of the horse. But you can do it and it's been done, not common however. Also, don't hang up on an absolute need to be a TPS graduate to get into flight test. It can be done otherwise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk