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  1. JustHangingOut

    Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    It’s a pretty painless process. You sit in an office with the reviewer and they go over the paperwork you filled out, ask more details about things you disclosed, ask if you have tattoos or scars, weird fetishes...JK... thing major. Key advice, don’t sweat the small stuff, but don’t lie either. If it’s not worth mentioning, then don’t mention it. I’ve heard people get disqualified for mentioning they had a migraine when they really probably only had a headache. Words mean things in the military. I hope that helped. I’m sure some other guys might have some thoughts on the matter.
  2. JustHangingOut

    Army Guard to Air Guard

    yes, that is my exact scenario. Like has already been said, it will require you to get a DD Form 368 (conditional release)....do not mention anything to your CoC until after you have a job lined up.
  3. Refer to my timeline post. You will need to complete ETPs prior to swearing in. You are not released from you current army unit until you swear in with the new squadron, then outprocess your old unit. I had my 368 signed back in May and still haven’t sworn in because of the backlog at NGB. Also, you need to have the squadron security manager initiate a TS clearance for you. This is the last thing I’m waiting on and I should be swearing in within the next week hopefully. For reference I attached an ETP checklist to a post a little while ago. Start knocking out those requirements and get them to your recruiter.
  4. JustHangingOut

    New NGB ETP Checklist

    @stuckindayton is our subject matter expert for medical
  5. JustHangingOut

    Army to AF Transfer (Green to Blue)

    Gotcha I read though a few of those blocks in chapter 10 last night and you are right...there is some verbiage that makes it confusing. Shoot me a pm and i'll hook you up with some info that might help you out.
  6. JustHangingOut

    Army to AF Transfer (Green to Blue)

    I’m not sure where the “if they owed me active duty” concept came from as I was only asking about any commitment you might have....but you answered that. In regards to your previous commission, my understanding is yes they would recognize your previous commission. Whether they back date your DOR, I don’t know, but your flight pay will back date after the ARB is complete and you have more than 400 hours showing on the bottom right block of your 759. I am almost positive they would not count any of your WO time for time in grade of your previous commission grade.
  7. JustHangingOut

    Army to AF Transfer (Green to Blue)

    Do you have any ADSO currently with the Army Guard?
  8. Another Update 02 Dec 2017: Interview 03 Dec 2017: Hired 06 May 2018: DD Form 368 signed by State J1 in April and submitted to NGB 24 July 2018: Transfer Packet kicked back from NGB for wording and resubmitted 06-07 Aug 2018: Flight Physical Completed 10-14 Sep 2018: Flight Physical Results returned week of I was also informed that NGB changed their accessions process to require ETPs to be completed and approved before swearing in.....fortunately I already had my flight physical done so I could push that up as soon as the policy dropped. Transfer packet at NGB paused New policy came with change in ETP checklist and shortened timeline (approx 30 days) 21 Sep 2018: ETP pushed up 25 Oct 2018: Age Waiver Approved at NGB (34 day turn around)
  9. Fellow Air National Guard Hopefuls who are of the elderly variety.... Attached is the newest NGB ETP Checklist. I couldnt upload the fill-able form, but this will allow you to see that the ETP checklist has been drastically cut back from the previous. My last conversation with my recruiter indicated that NGB has changed their accessions process and now requires ETPs to be complete before swearing in just like the reserves. They also indicated that Age Waivers are now to only take 30 Days as opposed to 6+ months. I received this information early September and my packet was pushed up at the end of the second week of September. I was told that my packet is now on the CC and CF desk and should be approved this week. Fingers crossed! Hope this helps! NGB ETP Checklist.pdf edit: ETP signed off today! (34 days in new policy)
  10. has anyone else's hiring recruiter for the air guard told you that NGB changed up their process now? They are processing age waivers before swearing in after i have been waiting for 133 days to swear in to begin my age waiver process.
  11. here is all i know. My recruiter uploads documents through a "portal" that is specific to the recruiting office. so the commander does not have visibility on this. This is where he uploads documents and if the records are pulled they can show the status as being reviewed or something. When they kicked mine back, they also left a note in the system for the reason so corrections could be made. I'm sorry if this is vague. I'll ask him what the system is next time i speak with him. edit: HQ is different because that is internal within their state. Those documents are probably floating around different peoples email inboxes at state headquarters before they go up to NGB
  12. Update Interview: 02 Dec 2017 Hired: 03 Dec 2017 DD Form 368 signed by State J1 in April and submitted to NGB: 06 May 2018 Transfer Packet kicked back from NGB for wording and resubmitted: 24 July 2018 Flight Physical Completed 06-07 Aug 2018 Flight Physical Results returned week of Sept 10-14 still waiting for NGB to process transfer at 135 days in process....now they changed their mind and want to ETP to process before letting me swear in
  13. JustHangingOut

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    Thanks! I’ve already been hired and the unit is working an ETP. I’m just hoping to not have a 6 month wait for it to process
  14. JustHangingOut

    2019 Air Force Active Duty UPT Board

    I just saw that as well. Do you know if the Guard will be following suit?
  15. JustHangingOut

    Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    Glad I could help out