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  1. JustHangingOut

    Can one get paid...

    To quote Lloyd Christmas...”so you’re telling me there’s a chance!”
  2. JustHangingOut

    Can one get paid...

    Thanks! Getting on orders would put me in a better place financially than my civilian work.
  3. JustHangingOut

    Can one get paid...

    Edited for clarity. Basically I’m asking can I get days or orders outside of the standard drill days to come in and get some work.
  4. JustHangingOut

    Can one get paid...

    ...and put on orders if you are already commissioned and waiting for UPT on other than drill status? I’m trying to find regs that say if some one can or cannot be put on temp AGR, or ADOS, or other types of pay status for full time orders or tech work at the unit while waiting for school. (Air Guard context)
  5. Mine has not been sent up yet, but im almost done with the packet. I've been trying to gather records from different offices...you know how it is. The HARM office is who will send it up to the A3 office at NGB
  6. that's better than the 6+ months it used to take. Mine was one of the first ones through when they switched up to the new checklist. It took 34 days.
  7. Am i reading correctly that ARBs for NGB are now down to 2-3 months? Last I heard they took 6 months to complete.
  8. Haha! It’s like clue! It was Col Mustard in the briefing room with a briefing stick...and in your case, you followed it up by rolling up the body in an ornamental rug
  9. yeah your process may be different since I am going through the UPT pipeline.
  10. For sure man. I’m not the first by a long shot. If you ever have questions, feel free to PM me and we can chat offline in a bit more detail.
  11. Yes, Rated officer flying blackhawks
  12. JustHangingOut

    Age Waivers

    Great post Evil! I have that article up and look forward to the read. A little humility goes a long way in any profession and I agree with you that if the applicant is worth the investment then they are worth the work. Thanks for sharing your insights.
  13. 02 Dec 2017: Interview 03 Dec 2017: Hired 06 May 2018: DD Form 368 signed by State J1 in April and submitted to NGB 24 July 2018: Transfer Packet kicked back from NGB for wording and resubmitted 06-07 Aug 2018: Flight Physical Completed 10-14 Sep 2018: Flight Physical Results returned week of I was also informed that NGB changed their accessions process to require ETPs to be completed and approved before swearing in.....fortunately I already had my flight physical done so I could push that up as soon as the policy dropped. Transfer packet at NGB paused New policy came with change in ETP checklist and shortened timeline (approx 30 days) 21 Sep 2018: ETP pushed up 25 Oct 2018: Age Waiver Approved at NGB (34 day turn around) 19 Nov 2018: I was notified that the squadron needed to initiate a TS Clearance before I could swear in. The unit security manager sent me a link to fill out the SF86 digitally. After that it went up to OPM to begin the investigation process. Once the investigation was "open" and reflected that status is JPAS, the unit could send a specific memo to NGB to let me swear in 14 Dec 2018: TS Investigation opens and memo sent to NGB 17 Dec 2018: NGB sends the temporary Fed Rec that allows me to swear in 28 Dec 2018: Fini Flight in the Blackhawk, and swear in with the my new ANG squadron. Separation orders are cut by the Army Guard to release me 5/6 Jan 2019: First official drill weekend with squadron, gaining process begins, and I begin working on my ARB packet More to follow
  14. JustHangingOut

    Can anyone give recent FC1/MFS Experience?

    It’s a pretty painless process. You sit in an office with the reviewer and they go over the paperwork you filled out, ask more details about things you disclosed, ask if you have tattoos or scars, weird fetishes...JK... thing major. Key advice, don’t sweat the small stuff, but don’t lie either. If it’s not worth mentioning, then don’t mention it. I’ve heard people get disqualified for mentioning they had a migraine when they really probably only had a headache. Words mean things in the military. I hope that helped. I’m sure some other guys might have some thoughts on the matter.