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  1. depends on the air frame i would think....but otherwise...the age is now 33 to start UPT so you're good
  2. An FC1 is an FC1 so it should be valid whether it comes from a guard unit or reserves. @stuckindayton should be able to confirm this. It's the same DD Form 2808 that the Army gives, just different tests. Refer to my post on the "recent FC1 experience" forum for a detailed description of the physical. The guard does take longer to access new pilot applicants than the reserves. so that may be a factor for the ETP. Start rushing units now and visit all the units you would like to be a part of. I applied to several units around the country, had four interviews, and two job offers. Some people it doesn't take as long, but i got a lot of "no's" to receive the perfect "yes" for my family and I. I couldn't be happier even if it meant waiting long to transfer from the Army Guard to Air Guard.
  3. I’ll be reaching out to the retention manager in my wing tomorrow and I’ll see what comes of that. No promises though
  4. Keep in mid that any full time opportunities today could be gone by the time you get back from school. My advice...if you have kids...stay near family so the grandparents can help your spouse when you are on trips or downrange.
  5. for folks in training does this add 4 years to the 10 year UPT commitment?
  6. Congrats! great to see another rotor head get through the gauntlet! I start this fall. If you are headed to Columbus, let's get together for a beer.
  7. are you wanting to stay on or off base? If you want to stay on base...avoid allen heights...
  8. the in between time...every unit operates differently. Idealy they will try to get class dates that all line up, but if NGB doesnt have that option available, you won't get it and will likely be sent back to your home unit. Whether your unit keeps you on orders during the time in between is up to them, but i would assume it would not be likely. My IFT and UPT dates were scheduled at the time, but were slotted months apart to where i would not be on continuous orders the whole time. Now i do not have to go to IFT so it's no big deal. I'm sorry i cant give a more definitive answer as ever situation is a bit different and what drug deals your unit is able to work with NGB to get everything to line up back to back. From what i have seen on the forums here, from UPT on, everything tends to be back to back, but everything prior is a crap shoot.
  9. I would say 6-7 months for school once you are gained in the unit. I was gained in late december, received IFT dates in Feb for a May date and UPT dates for October. Other guys in the pipeline with my squadron have closer timelines where they are all back to back. Make sure you also check with the security manager that they have started your TS paperwork as well or NGB wont let you swear in until your investigation is open (not complete or even started...but status of "open"). That was a big head ache for me towards the end that added some time to the whole process.
  10. do you have any ADSO remaining from mother rucker, or any track school?
  11. @FDNYOldGuy can help with the reserve timeline. He had a fairly quick turn around and is in OTS currently last I spoke to him. What hurdles are you hitting with your 368?
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