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  1. JustHangingOut

    Bogi Dope

    I am also a satisfied customer of the interview prep service
  2. JustHangingOut

    Turned 28... Keep Trying? Or GO ARMY?

    keep trying, don't go Army...speaking from experience -Army Officers fly a decent amount as LT's, but that drops off drastically once you hit CPT and go to staff. If you go Army, go Warrant Officer and find a guard unit that you like. Rush them like you would the AF or you could end up with a community that sucks bad. -Age waivers are a real thing. For fighters they are less common. -I wont speak to your scores, i'll let someone who has sat on a board comment on that. @FlyArmy would you like to chime in as well?
  3. JustHangingOut

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

  4. JustHangingOut


  5. JustHangingOut

    Ditching your Active Duty Service Obligation

    read DoDI 1205.05, DoDI 1300.04, and DoDI 1304.25 Key words to search for... MSO, Inter-service transfer, service obligation
  6. I’m doing one but I am doing it after I swear in with the new unit
  7. JustHangingOut

    USMC Helo pilot to USAF Fixed Wing

    1- Yes, it has been done multiple times. I will be one of those once my transfer from Army Guard to Air Guard goes through. 2- Yes especially if you are AD. If you are Guard/Reserve, it could be different. It would be best to talk about this offline as there is no "one size fits all" 3- Check out Dodi 1205.05, 1300.04, and 1304.25 4-Yes and easier as you would not need to go through UPT. you would go through a qualification course on the RW airframe. PM me if you would like to chat offline sometime.
  8. JustHangingOut

    Upcoming Boards

    These boards are typically for weekend warrior stuff. You can be offered full time status when you complete all your training but it differs unit to unit and what their needs are. again, depends on the unit. Some want your first point of contact to be with a recruiter they advertise, while others want you to talk to one of the pilots whose additional duties is being the POC for hiring boards.
  9. JustHangingOut

    HH-60 ANG/ Reserve commuters

    Are you not interested in going through UPT to get a FW slot? which units have you already reached out to out of curiosity?
  10. Messaging, and thanks for the quote.
  11. The way my recruiter told me is that the paperwork passes through multiple offices during the approval process. It is reasonable to assume that each office only reviews the information in their lane, instead of one office doing a full top to bottom scrub. What verbiage do I need to tell my recruiter when this time comes so we can get this going? Do you have this in writing so I could show this to my recruiter? I would love to get dates in line as soon as my packet approval is done (fingers crossed for a first time go).
  12. I'll second this. I have been issued this light and it works well...even after your crew chief leans out the window and drops it on the pavement from a 150 ft hover...
  13. JustHangingOut

    Throw up some shots

    I had the honor to give a WWII fighter pilot his final send off today and hand the flag off to his family. if you are at your squadron bar tonight, throw up some shots for 1LT William Brown. Blue skies and strong tail winds https://obittree.com/obituary/us/indiana/knightstown/heritage-funeral-care/william-brown/3503869/
  14. JustHangingOut

    Leaving family behind for UPT?

    What he said...I stand corrected
  15. JustHangingOut

    Leaving family behind for UPT?

    Yes BAH is the same across all Compos. It is based off of your home of record and rank When I went through Army Flight school my wife was 7 months pregnant. No family around and I managed. It was nice having family around and plenty of other guys were there with kids so we were able to develop our own support network for the family to be taken care of when I was busy. Others had families that stayed back for employment reasons like the OP. It was awesome having my family there. When I go to UPT, my wife and two kids will be with me.