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  1. Anyone want to go in together on this? https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/83383363/1980-lockheed-f16
  2. It's not common, and I encourage you to consider @EvilEagle's advice. You are fighting an uphill battle. Some squadrons may be more receptive than others, but if you are only putting your eggs in one basket you may find out that you could have gotten a job somewhere else in another airframe sooner.
  3. boom...and this is what people are looking for. Don't be a douche and be the best you that you can be when you meet these folks or they will see right through the BS. I've seen people get hired at a fighter squadron with lower scores, but it's the whole person concept that will get you hired.
  4. numbers look pretty good. Have you spent time visiting squadrons yet? If not, that will be the biggest thing you can do to stand out in a good way. Also, dont limit yourself...apply everywhere and visit as many as you can...and dont forget to bring copious amounts of whiskey to every visit 😉 Good luck brother!
  5. its not more difficult. you basically are the same as an off the street hire in terms of training required (minus a couple items), but with a more paperwork (same paperwork hiring a pilot from any other branch). i had four interviews and two job offers as an already commissioned guy and it's been an awesome change. i know plenty of other former army bros WO and RLO how have been hired from everything from fighters, heavies, and RW. Opportunities are out there for sure.
  6. How much time is left on your ADSO? you will need to knock out a few things before you can make a quick turn around like that. Are you applying to Guard/Reserve squadrons or going AD?
  7. To add some extra detail about those army programs (from a former army guy and also a DoD civ contractor who worked near one) those programs later transformed into what is now called an AWC. They are run by civilians and they contract allows them to see any uniformed members in any compo. So if you are near and army base that has one, stop by and they will put you through an assessment. It won't be geared towards your specific job necessarily, but think of them as case workers and they should be able to listen and tailor their recommendations appropriately. https://p3.amedd.army.mil/my-army-wellness-center/locations
  8. whichever unit has placed in a national ultimate frisbee match of some kind i would assume...
  9. Bonus is not for those going to UPT...and NGB cleared that up recently. Unfortunately for those who already applied and were given payment...they have to submit a waiver to not have the funds refunded back to DFAS
  10. This is where everyone should sew on their PT shirt one of those "fun meter" morale patches that is bottomed out
  11. another old dude here...you can make it happen if it's what you want. Like others have said, make the squadrons tell you know. Don't self eliminate before you even apply.
  12. CH47 is not wrong. It can take a while prepare for the long game until WPAFB and NGB hire additional staff to keep up with the work load.
  13. you likely wouldnt be able to get orders from their unit. However, you may see what Title 5 technician jobs are posted on USAJobs that you could apply for because those are non-dual status positions meaning you do not have to be a member of the unit to apply.
  14. use Dave Davies at MyFinishingTouch He has the fastest turn around time and super high quality products
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