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  1. I was brought into student flight but attached to the squadron...if that’s a thing...I’m not sure if that’s what they were supposed to do and I know that my packet was kicked back once because if it. I don’t think NGB normally did what my unit did.
  2. Thanks for the update. I’ve got UPT dates coming up in a few months and won’t be able to go until my ARB is done
  3. interesting....my swear in date was the day i raised my hand...my gain happened about a month later....at the end of the day, the only date that matters in relation to your DD368 expiring is the day you swore in because that is what will show on your records for the "day you joined the Air Force"...but if your unit is squared away and can knock them out that close together that's awesome!
  4. Your gaining date will be the date on your oath so you should be good already
  5. Can anyone provide clarification on whether the newest changes (additional AFSC that were added to the eligibility list) to this bonus apply for the whole FY19 or if eligibility for those newest additions are only eligible 01Jan19 and end at the end of the FY19?
  6. Also be sure to connect with the state VA where you live. Some states offer education benefits that are separate from the federal benefits like the GI Bill.
  7. depends on the air frame i would think....but otherwise...the age is now 33 to start UPT so you're good
  8. An FC1 is an FC1 so it should be valid whether it comes from a guard unit or reserves. @stuckindayton should be able to confirm this. It's the same DD Form 2808 that the Army gives, just different tests. Refer to my post on the "recent FC1 experience" forum for a detailed description of the physical. The guard does take longer to access new pilot applicants than the reserves. so that may be a factor for the ETP. Start rushing units now and visit all the units you would like to be a part of. I applied to several units around the country, had four interviews, and two job offers. Some people it doesn't take as long, but i got a lot of "no's" to receive the perfect "yes" for my family and I. I couldn't be happier even if it meant waiting long to transfer from the Army Guard to Air Guard.
  9. I’ll be reaching out to the retention manager in my wing tomorrow and I’ll see what comes of that. No promises though
  10. Keep in mid that any full time opportunities today could be gone by the time you get back from school. My advice...if you have kids...stay near family so the grandparents can help your spouse when you are on trips or downrange.
  11. for folks in training does this add 4 years to the 10 year UPT commitment?
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