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  1. Just want to give a shout out to Jon and the team at Trident. They gave me a great interest rate and their service was top notch. Unfortunately, the closing was canceled because of shenanigans and not being forthcoming with information on the seller's side, but Jon offered to cover the cost of the appraisal so I would not have to pony up more cash on the failed endeavor. If you have an opportunity to work with the Trident team give them a call and they'll treat you like a bro.
  2. The plan right now is we start sending aircraft to the boneyard starting next year but continue to fly the JSTARS until 2025+, not sure on the number per year that will be retired though. As for the RECAP, it is yet again in limbo. Air Force wants to kill it but Congress was fighting to keep it going. Last RUMINT I heard though was a lot of the support RECAP was getting from Congress was lost when they announced ABMS would be put at Robins.
  3. Anyone here have experience with the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card. They advertise 100,000 bonus points if you spend $4000 in the first 3 months, 3x points on travel and restaurants, and $300 annual travel credit. The annual fee is $495 but I was wondering if anyone knew if they offered a similar deal to AMEX by waiving fees to Active Duty individuals?
  4. With the TDY unit out to RODN, thanks to the 18th Wing for all the support they have provided us and a big thanks to the 33rd Rescue Sq and their help in bringing our brothers home.
  5. Saw this on John Q Public's fb this morning, anyone out there more important than me that can vouch for this?
  6. Just started getting the message today on my Mac using Safari.
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    Surprised to say that Kick Ass 2 was pretty good and pretty damn funny. Never seen (or even heard of the original) Kick Ass but they did a good filling in the gaps I might have missed not seeing the first one.
  8. Just closed yesterday with Dave Devine, all the reviews above about him and NBOKC are spot on. He always returned my calls/emails and got answers to my questions when they popped up. Dave got me a great deal of 30 years for 3.25%. Couldn't be more impressed with the customer service offered by him and NBOKC. Highly recommend him to anyone looking at getting a mortgage.
  9. http://m.us.wsj.com/articles/a/SB10001424127887324874204578441003214496888?mg=reno64-wsj Article on Bagram Batman, reminding everyone to wear your reflective belt "lest you be hit by an MRAP"
  10. I'm sure no one here has ever let a female stranger spend the night in their house. /sarcasm
  11. 2, had my TMO brief yesterday and they said the movers had salvage rights and if you got rid of it, it was their out to not have to pay you. You will pry now have to see if the government will pay you the depreciated value.
  12. It's official TIB has been cancelled... At least for this year. One upside to sequestration. http://www.airforcetimes.com/article/20130409/NEWS/304090021
  13. Thanks for all the insight, I'll have to have my realtor add Bonaire to list of prospective places to look. I did see one house I liked that was halfway between Warner-Robins and Macon, a couple miles NW of Middle Georgia Regional Airport; I was wondering if that area was any better for crime and traffic problems or would I still face those problems there? Thanks again for the help.
  14. Just found out my next assignment is to Robins, does anyone have any current gouge on the area or good places to live (I'm looking to buy) for a single guy?
  15. When you log on click on the "Account Balance by Contribution" tab, this will break out how much you have in each fund and how much of it is in the Traditional vs Roth TSP. This will at least let you know if any money has gone into the Roth since you set it up in November.
  16. Was looking at opening an IRA and saw some of you mention going with Vanguard instead of USAA, any reasons why Vanguard is the better choice?
  17. Cowboys/Giants game starts at 7PM Central, if we pick players from one of those teams are we SOL for week 1 or do you want to move the draft up?
  18. I want pictures of the girls who took this, preferably together... in bed.
  19. http://www.foxnews.c...-for-us-troops/ Fellow law professor currently deployed quit his job at the college cause the of asshole's rant.
  20. Hope all involved on the ground and air can enjoy a well deserved beer soon.
  21. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/10/23/air-force-veteran-angry-over-plan-for-daughters-schools-to-recite-pledge/ Maybe I'm the only one confused why she is against the pledge in the first place?
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