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  1. Waiver guide is here. https://www.wpafb.af.mil/Portals/60/documents/711/usafsam/USAF-Waiver-Guide-200513.pdf I don't have a public URL for the current MSD.
  2. I haven't heard if they've changed the max height restriction, but there are certainly limits for sitting height and butt to knee (with some wiggle room with waivers). The latter limit being related to lower leg injuries in the event of ejection from certain aircraft.
  3. Fair enough. My point is that when used properly gloves can be a benefit. It's like a seat belt. Just because you are wearing it doesn't make you immune to injury. You still have to use common sense.
  4. It can't hurt. Why are you so passionate against it?
  5. Here at Wright-Patt, we've been told that IFCs are cancelled with no timeline on when they will restart. I realize you've already done your IFC, but in case others were wondering....
  6. Holy crap. Who keeps copies of those things from 100+ years ago.
  7. Thanks. I guess I just need to shut up and color. I didn't agree with the policy, but it sound like we're keeping in step with Big Blue so I just need to accept it and move on. Strange days indeed!
  8. Thanks for the response. I believe they are saying the policy applies to AD, civilians and contractors. It's not that I'm personally opposed to the policy as I'm not leaving my house except to go to work and do the essential trips to stay alive (food, gas, alcohol). I just thought it a bit draconian.
  9. Question for the group. I work at Wright-Patt where they fly people in from all over the country for IFC exams, tech training, flight doc training, etc. So our exposure to Corona is a bit high. Now they are telling us if we leave the local area (defined as the area between our home and work) we have to quarantine for 14 days before we're allowed back to work. I've never experienced this before and it seems a bit illogical given that my highest risk for exposure is at work. Has anyone else experienced this? I understand the DoD can pretty much do what they want, but is this really legal?
  10. ROTC has decided to cancel all travel until mid-May. Plus the DoD just came out with a travel hold for 60 days as well. So everyone has been cancelled. It's going to be a bit of a CF when things start up again as the whole system which was already booked to capacity tries to catch up.
  11. Nope, as long as there are no complications.
  12. Happens all the time. Not as often since the passing score for the "standard" test was lowered, but still very common. If you passed with the circles projected on the wall, you will get a waiver. Don't sweat it.
  13. If it heals normally, it's a non-issue.
  14. Unless you have some condition that needs further evaluation, your medical records should not be required. In the vast majority of cases, MFS is just a formality. Show up, get a few things done and get out. There are rare exceptions, of course, but unless you've been specifically instructed to bring something additional, you just need to show up in person.
  15. If you were to seek an enhancement now, your IFC I exam would be invalidated and you'd have to re-accomplish the eye portion after a six month mandatory wait. You also are not allowed to get refractive surgery during pilot training. If you don't have the six months to spare, my recommendation is to simply wear glasses and when you hit a point in your career when time allows, do the enhancement then. Note that as a trained aircrew member the six months is no longer required to return to fly. You can begin flying after refractive surgery when your eyes have healed and the vision is stable. Typically a couple months after PRK and one or two after LASIK. If you get it done in the AF, the enhancement is free.
  16. Meh, who wants to fly F-15's anyway. Obviously kidding. Great job for taking the initiative and getting through this hurdle. Best of luck moving forward.
  17. -3.00 is the limit for pilot applicants. Trained pilots have no limits as long as you are correctable to 20/20.
  18. I don't know the answers to those questions. I've actually never seen a waiver from MEPS. In my experience, MEPS just does their thing and then Big Blue decides whether to send you on to compete the FC I. In regards to the FC I, nothing is done ahead of time as far as waivers go. The folks at Wright-Patt will review your case and decide if it makes sense to bring you. If it does, then any required waivers get processed after your eval.
  19. First off, disclaimer. I'm not a pulmonologist. But, I know a little about AF policy. If you had documented asthma after age 12 or 13, I don't believe it's waiverable. Before that age, you're likely going to have to pass either a PFT or MCT or both. I don't know the MEPS process, but for FC I, they are going to want the breathing tests done at Wright-Patt. I know that doesn't directly answer your question, but maybe it helps a little?
  20. I don't see this as being a problem. Get it take out. As long as it heals with no complications, you should be fine. No waiver needed.
  21. Some units will buy contacts for their flyers if they choose to, but it's obviously not required. As an active flyer once you've completed UPT, the AF docs should update your contact lens Rx so you can fill it without having to pay for the exam. Current approved lenses are attached. There is actually a newer list, but it hasn't been released. I doubt there will be many deletions, just adding some additional lenses. APPROVED_SCL_2018.pdf
  22. BB, You may be right, I don't work at a UPT base, but I'm of the understanding that if you show up at UPT wearing an approved contact lens and meet all of the vision standards you can use them while flying. They won't fit you with contacts at UPT; only after you complete training. I'll reach out to my colleagues at a UPT base and get the the full story.
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