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  1. +1 for NBoKC and Dave Devine. 3.375% on a 30 year fixed VA on a new construction. Dave was incredibly easy to work with and I got responses within a couple hours at the most. Highly recommend and will definitely use NBoKC again.
  2. $450 for O-2, $600 for O-3 at Minot
  3. I heard they'd be gone by January
  4. I've been wearing mine at Minot since I got here and some bros have them as well. I know some paperwork was moving up to get them AFGSC approved (no idea what the progress is), but I've never been told I can't wear them.
  5. New projections are saying 1566' and enlarging the evacuation zones. Also rumor has it the dam in Canada broke.
  6. It's not affecting the base directly (besides there being a small lake off the approach end of 29) but in town is pretty bad. Flood Mapping 1562' That shows where the water is expected at 1562' but the city is expecting between 1563-1565' from what I've heard.
  7. I know two on the crew. Glad everyone walked away.
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    I'm putting in an offer on a house tomorrow morning and from everything I've heard here and locally from my realtor and squadron bros who used USAA, I'm getting financing elsewhere.
  9. rugger7

    Gun Talk

    I agree. I didn't like the feel of the glocks and ended up getting an XD9 subcompact and an XD45 service. Both are great guns, but I'd get whatever feels good in your hands (STS).
  10. Yea it's not that great of an area, but it's a quick drive to base. You'll probably have deal with renting furniture. I stayed at Broadstone High Desert and I think I had a 42" tv.
  11. Yes, they are fully furnished and include utilities. I didn't have a non-A during my TDY, so I split an apartment at Broadstone High Desert with a buddy. It was $80/day, so we paid $1/day out of pocket, which was well worth it. If you get a non-A, your per diem ($81/day) should cover it. If the price is a bit higher, you might be able to negotiate with Luella to get it down to whatever per diem will cover.
  12. Check out Brick Light District with Southwest Suites. It's downtown by UNM with plenty of bars and restaurants around.
  13. Rucker 10-09 CV-22 - Kirtland HH-60G - Moody UH-1N - Minot FAIP - pretty sure it's a 60 follow on Congrats guys!
  14. I lived in Enterprise which was a 20 minute drive. I'd say a good majority of people live on Rucker (if you can get your own place). There's nice townhomes at the 84/85 intersection right outside Cairns and also Asbury Oaks (not the nicest, but cheap) which are quick 5 minute drives.
  15. Rucker 10-08 HH-60G - Nellis HH-60G - Kadena HH-60G - Moody HH-60G - NY Guard UH-1N - Andrews Congrats guys!
  16. Rucker 10-07 CV-22 Kirtland HH-60G Nellis HH-60G DM HH-60G Moody UH-1N Malmstrom UH-1N FE Warren Congrats guys!
  17. Rucker 10-06 UH-1 - Andrews UH-1 - Fairchild HH-60 - Moody HH-60 - Nellis HH-60 - Lakenheath HH-60 - Kadena Congrats guys!
  18. Ft. Rucker 10-03 UH-1N - 1 HS, Andrews AFB MD UH-1N - 54 HS, Minot AFB ND UH-1N - 36 RQS, Fairchild AFB WA HH-60G - 210 RQS, Kulis ANGB AK (Guard) HH-60G - 41 RQS, Moody AFB GA HH-60G - 55 RQS, Davis-Monthan AFB AZ HH-60G - 66 RQS, Nellis AFB NV Congrats guys!
  19. XL 10-10 Track Select 2 x UH-1s 8 x T-38s (5 AD, 2 International, 1 FWQ) 4 x T-44s (2 AD, 2 Guard) 12-13 x T-1s (Not sure the exact number)
  20. Fort Rucker drop for Class 10-01 1x HH-60 Nellis 1x HH-60 Davis-Monthan 1x HH-60 Moody 1x HH-60 Moffet CA ANG 1x HH-60 Westhampton Beach NY ANG 1x HH-60 Kulis AK ANG 1x UH-1 Yokota 1x FAIP Congrats!
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