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  1. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    FWIW, three seniority numbers would've reduced my 12 yr furlough by 5 yrs........
  2. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Pilot's bitchin'.....say it isn't so, Norm :-) One man's trash is another man's treasure. Some hate reserve, some love it (same thing with turns, all-nighters, you name it). Haven't met anyone yet who enjoys commuting to reserve. Some contracts allow reserve's to pick up open time on days off for extra bucks. Generally speaking, you don't get "travel days" to get to your reserve domicile, you're responsible for being in position when your block of reserve days start, and usually it'll burn into your days off getting there (which is one big reason why commuting to reserve sucks). I would think that the thousands of pilots at the "majors" who spent a significant chunk of the last decade "on the street" would tell you that a Plan B is never a bad idea. Hopefully the perfect storm of the last 10-12 yrs won't repeat itself again, but who knows.........
  3. C-130H Total Force Integration

    Probably means Backup Aircraft Inventory. BAI are aircraft in addition to the primary (funded) aircraft. In theory, backup aircraft inventory allow for DLM/UDLM, modifications, etc without reducing the number of aircraft available for the mission. If a sqdn has 14 primary and one backup; crew ratios, flying hours, etc are based on 14 aircraft. But the backup is flown just like a primary aircraft, all transparent to the crew dogs.
  4. Retired 12 years. Don't live near a miltary base. Had Prime for the first couple of years. From my perspective, it seems the further you are from a military town, the fewer doc's there seem to be in the Prime network (especially specialists). Depending on how far you settle from a mil base, might be OBE anyway. I believe Prime is being phased out this fall for persons living further than xx miles from a mil base (40??). Don't take my word for it, please check. Tricare Standard/Extra has worked well for me ("free" broken promise notwithstanding). Only in one semi-big ticket year did I come close to the annual cat cap. There are commercial Tricare supplemental insurances available as well (MOAA, VFW, etc), should you be interested. Haven't had a problem w/docs not taking Standard/Extra. I believe the rule is if they are taking new Medicare patients, they will take new Tricare patients as well. Again, don't take my word on this. Prescription program is good. Especially mail-order, especially generics. YMMV. Good luck on your retirement, thank you for your service. Cheers!
  5. Damn, knew Rich at Pope....RIP :beer:
  6. TRICARE Changes

    I would suggest Standard/Extra are only "free" in the sense that there are no premiums to pay. There are still annual deductibles to meet and, after the deductibles are met, still a 20-25% cost share. I've had better luck with Standard/Extra. Prime seems to get a little more problematic the further away from military towns you get (at least that's been my experience, ymmv).